How to fix a failed interview the most inopportune moment of the interview may abruptly stop being good. Sometimes you are lucky and you notice it right away — then there is a chance to fix it, and sometimes you and in a whisker does not blow and you realize your failure, just up and headed for the door. Most likely a bad interview can sometimes be, if you didn’t know or forgot how to leave a good impression during the interview. But, regardless of the situation, we know how to fix it.

How to turn the tide and save the interview

If you sit in the interview and notice that HR’s sleep, so, things you have not. The time has come to return the situation and try to save the interview to the best of your capabilities. Here are a few of the troubles that are easily corrected.

To restore the reputation after a horrible answer

We’ve all had moments of deepest failure in the middle of the interview, when he gave the wrong answer and was too late. If this happened to you, take a deep breath, and rephrase your answer. You could even say: «Let me repeat the same thing in other words?» Most important to stay alert and not to show excitement.

Unless you have rehearsed everything down to the smallest details, you will fill one or two questions. The lesson is this: it is important not to avoid mistakes, and fix them on the go. The same applies to other small problems: you spilled something on the interviewer or called someone by the wrong name. Sense of humor will save you in any situation, and from the awkward situations you get out with dignity and grace.

Ask questions, if the person is bored

Let’s say you look up at the interviewer and see what thoughts he there right now. It’s time to bring him back down to earth and drawn into the conversation. When the source becomes inattentive, is a sign of danger — most likely, he does not consider you as a worthy candidate for this position. It is therefore important to bring him back to reality as soon as possible. Shut up, breathe and smile. Make her feel important type of question: «What do you like to work here?» People love to talk about themselves — and the need to answer the question the interviewer will return to you.

While he will talk, analyze its role in the company and try to formulate the idea of the role that could play you. If you make the person to miss you, he thinks you’re worth it, then it’s time to get the information from him, based on which you can build a conversation. When it’s your turn to speak, be concise and tell a short story that will interest the interlocutor.

If you accidentally said that too or not good enough or educated for this position, refute it. To tell the interviewer the reasons why you want to get this job. The best way to show interest in her. If you can say something like «I am very interested in this job, I want to work here for at least two years».

If the interviewer people thought you were inadequate, you need to change the approach. First, see if it’s true? If intuition tells you that it is so, ask if there are any other vacancies, where you could do better to show themselves. Can also ask what skills you lack and you can get them in the process.

If you have enough knowledge, but the problem is that you can’t convince the interviewer rephrase your answer. Calmly look at him and say, «I understand how it looks from the outside, but I’m not sure I correctly described his experience. Do you mind if I try again?»

You want to fit in and to do my work. If desired, this can be done with a lack of education.

To save the interview when it is already over

There’s a chance that you realize his failure just after leaving the office. But that’s not the end! You can fix it even out of the house.

A letter with explanations

It should convey to your potential employer that you appreciate his time, and at the same time to correct global errors that you made in the interview. Explain what went wrong. If you know what happened to call the interlocutor by the wrong name (let’s say), write an apology by email. Can offer an explanation («that’s the name of my best friend») or does not offer them, restricting a decent apology («I’m Usually much more attentive to details»).

If your life was an important event (the death of a family member or something like that), also mention this in the letter. Don’t get into the details and don’t apologize too much. If you have forgotten to remember important information, can you tell us about it in the letter.

Re-arrange the interview

If the interview went terribly, you can always ask to give you a second chance. This is the last salvation, it should be used only as a last resort — when you realize that a very good fit for this position.

Your only chance to restore the reputation after a bad job interview is to call the potential employer and ask them to give you a second chance. However, avoid to write him an e-mail. Usually more difficult to refuse a man whose voice I hear in the tube.

As in the letter describe your circumstances and tell me for a second interview to clearly explain the reasons for his behavior. If you failed the interview because they are too nervous or not prepared, do not try again. Extract a lesson from it and move on. Next time will be better.

A bad interview is always unpleasant, but if you can’t fix the situation, we can only learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them again. Analyze their behavior and draw conclusions — and this interview will be much better.

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