How to fix a broken iPhone

slamani iPhoneThe more technology develops, the more we trust her. The owners of iPhones, in particular, show that trust more often: too convenient, cattle, and status. Compared to other smartphones, it gives users more confidence because there is an elephant a lot of applications, it is unnecessary to hold various other gadgets. On the one hand, very convenient because saves us from a lot of things. On the other hand — and what to do if your phone something happens? If it breaks or gets lost?

If you are in a situation when you need to restore your iPhone, don’t immediately panic. Instead, squeeze your butt, as they say, just fucking google! By the way, this is what we took and collected for you a good bunch of tips for different cases of incapacity of your iPhone.

Of course, there is no guarantee that these tips will be miraculous and will raise your favorite device, but it’s worth a try to apply them in any case, it’s better than throwing myself on the bed and sobbing in inconsolable grief.

Dry your iPhone

Most often iPhones turn into nothing because of contact with water. To our great (to the center of the Earth) unfortunately, this damage guarantee does not cover, and the iPhones have built-in water sensors, so you will not be able to cheat masters and to come up with another reason for failure, so you can’t replace him, money cannot be reimbursed. If you managed (unfortunate!) soak your iPhone, don’t need to give up and accept the fact that all is lost. The main thing — do not try immediately to switch it on again after getting wet, because the chip is likely to deteriorate and to recover one will be almost impossible.

IPhone recovery begins with towel drying it and then it should be placed in a container of dry rice in a warm dry room to prevent the spread of moisture inside the phone. Then it would be nice to get hold of the bags with moisture absorbers are often found in boxes of shoes, and all in a row, usually there still is a scary mark «DO NOT EAT». It is usually these silicone beads: dump them out of the bags and put it in a zip Lok, and next to them put that same iPhone, seal and leave it for a few days. This should suck out of the phone remained moisture, and if you’re lucky, your iPhone will come back to life.

No luck? The last method is to wrap the iPhone in a towel and turn the oven on 60 degrees, if there is such option. Put the iPhone in a towel to the edge of the oven shelf and leave the door open and let him do it for two hours. This is a very risky move, but someone helped — and in the end, does it really matter if a broken iPhone is still sent to landfill?

How to find your lost phone and protect your personal data at a distance

MobileMe is a useful thing, in case you lose your iPhone. To the option «Find my iPhone» to work, you need to enable it in the MobileMe settings on the phone — of course, in advance. And then every time an iPhone is lost, just zalogina on and see on the map the location of your Telefonia. To further help the process of recovery iPhone, users can also give it a (remote!) the command that he gave a sound signal, and so indicated his whereabouts only if they are nearby. If you are not physically able to hear the sound of your lost phone it can find some good Samaritan, and the iPhone will show a message to him from you so he could get the phone back in your good, with a trembling hand. Who gets the found iPhones? I’d like to meet this lovely man…

Another useful feature available through MobileMe is the ability to remotely set a password to lock your machine. This setting is activated on in your account immediately after setting up Find My Phone. Also available as secure a thing as remote wipe of information: MobileMe can erase any personal information stored on the device as well as revert settings to factory. If you want to restore your iPhone after erasing all personal information, all your data can be transferred to the phone using the backups that are stored on your computer. Just for this it is necessary to have a backup. Have a backup, dude!

Cracked or broken screen

If you broke the screen of your iPhone, you first need to check that responds to touch. If the screen works, you have now one concern — not whether the glass stuck in your fingers. To avoid this, you can buy a special protector, and broken glass can be glued with transparent tape — not very elegant, but the new phone do not need to buy.

If the screen is damaged so using the phone has become impossible, we have some bad news: replacing the glass will cost you 3-3,5 thousand rubles. Next time, be careful, man!


Developed and special stuff to fix scratches on iPhones, for example, the thing called Ice Creme Advanced Scratch Remover that removes damage from acrylic, polycarbonate and metal surfaces. I Google, worth 23 bucks, the kit includes two bottles and some more applicators, cloths and special thing for metal.

Another solution to the problem — iDrops. The more common trick resorted to by the owners of iPhones is woolen cloth or other abrasives that can defeat a small roughness of metal parts. But it is so so, not very efficient. Anyone worried about scratches, for those there are manifold covers and a special plastic film for iPhones.

The speaker paused

Often the owner of the iPhone did not hear what he tells the person on the other end… uh… wire, not because the speaker broke. For example, this could be a problem with the audio output: phone may seem to be connected to the headphone because the connector got some mud — it happens sometimes. The iPhone thinks you’re in the headphones, and continues to send the audio connector for them. So you can start to clean up there, for example, with a cotton swab.

Apple’s official solution is to insert and pull out headphones five times in a row with maximum speed. This will switch the sound to normal and the phone will speak again. At least it should.

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