How to finish your summer relationship

how to break up with a girl

Summer is the best time for frivolous fleeting relationships. It is very likely that you don’t want to continue this relationship further: the vacation is over, began a serious life. It’s such a sensitive topic that I will try to speak as softly as possible.

It so happens that you’re not ready for a serious relationship. Will hold the following analogy. Do you love homemade soup. Your mother cooks it deliciously, you’re happy with the recipe and everything with this soup perfectly. However, when you move out from your parents, you don’t eat soup. That is, you eat it somewhere in the dining room, and it also suits you. However, sometimes you want soup and something else. For example, at a party you need something quick and at once: for example, pizza. And you can eat pizza several times a week.

You know what I mean? There are so many girls, and if you’re not ready to seriously associate themselves with one of them, no need to push yourself.

1.Be honest, but a little lie

You could come up with excuses that you need more time on yourself and you need to be alone to practice meditation and self-realization, but she will understand that it is a lie. Facebook ruined everything: it is the next day you will see there pictures of you with a beer in one hand and someone’s delicious ass in the other, so she will immediately become clear that you use your not alone in trying to reach enlightenment. Yeah, to be honest — the right decision, but it is not applied at one hundred percent. For example, say something like: «I want to break up with you to fuck everything that moves,» the bad example of honesty. Instead, sit with her and say that you was a nice person and you hope that one day we will have both of you, but now it is better to leave than to fight constant temptation and try to maintain a relationship. She might understand you if you say that is not confident and don’t want to break her heart.

2.Do not cry the Blues

Some dudes are starting to self-destruct, leaving the girl to not seem so desirable. I understand this strategy, but let me warn you: it doesn’t work. Women intuitively try to fix men. If you say, «You are wonderful and deserve a great guy who will love you and not such an idiot like me» or «Someday you’ll meet a great guy who will love you like I’ve failed,» she will only hear: «Help me, I like you, but I’m really confused and can’t love.» Trust me, it will have the opposite effect, and you are asking for several stages of corrective works to be carried out over your personality.

3.Leaving — leave

Much easier just to disappear and not be reminded of its existence. Act like you don’t have anyone I could talk with her and not marking your separation, it is impossible. It is, of course, everyone will understand, but will begin to hate you. If you were hoping to use it as an alternate airport, make no mistake: it will not do it. Don’t tell her on the phone that it’s over, don’t tell her about it only after it already has got affair with other girls. This strategy will help you in one point: to obtain the reputation of a asshole.

4.No sex goodbye

Sex separation is good when you mutually decided to break up. Otherwise the sex will destroy her self-esteem and turn it into a crazy bitch. Women are complex, so.

5.Narrow communication to a minimum

If you’re 100% sure that the relationship is over, you should immediately cease any communication. Answer her only in emergency situations, and in most cases does not answer. I know this sounds rude, but such behavior on your part will help her recover faster, if it’s over. It is not necessary to communicate with her daily or weekly, but to congratulate happy birthday and be friends VK is a normal thing.

To be with you honest, I will say: I have friends who started a serious relationship back in high school, and now they have a midlife crisis and they are depressed because of how many opportunities missed. Many of them broke up with their women to catch up, but it’s still not the same. It is better to work up now rather than later to destroy the lives of himself, his woman and possibly your children, if it comes to that. And, of course, use a condom and take the test.

Good luck!

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