How to find yourself: 5 ideas to search for a new profession

Nothing helps to define their lives, like a favorite work, revealing how personal and professional qualities you as an employee. Find yourself in the professional sphere means to do what you do, it turns out that generates income and gives you the opportunity to grow and develop. But in order to find their place under the sun, it is often necessary to try many different lessons before you feel the soil where you want to put down roots. Many people are frightened by the prospect of finding a career path, because most of our University education does not correspond to our desires and even more modern picture of the world. To help you we have gathered 5 of the most interesting professions that you can learn from scratch, and then try yourself in a completely new field of activity.

1. Fitness instructor

Try yourself in the field of power and ideal figure — quite a promising option, especially if the idea of fitness and a healthy lifestyle for you pleasant, Yes, and you already not the first year go to the gym. But to become a fitness instructor and help other enthusiasts of the sport to become on the right path, you need to take a course that offers the Academy of bodybuilding and fitness. Here you’ll find the real professionals who gather both theoretical and practical experience in their educational program. After training at the Academy of bodybuilding and fitness, you will receive a University diploma, which will give you the opportunity to work on any of the coaching or administrative positions in the field of physical culture and sports in one of the state or commercial institutions. Academy of bodybuilding and fitness offers several topical areas that are in demand in today’s world, so you just have to choose one of the proposed programs and start training.

2. Hairdresser

Open yourself to the thrust of aesthetics and style is never too late, suffice it to recall how much inspiration brought to its customers with the Zohan decided to change his usual craft to something more creative. Demand for these masters of their craft today, no one questioned, so you can be sure you will be able to use his talent.

International education system UKSUSOFF EDUCATION is an innovative approach to teaching profession, unique in the world not to meet. Here you can not only gain valuable knowledge and quickly learn both basic and more complex techniques haircuts, color and other frills hairdressing, but also receive a lot of advice and attend workshops from leading professionals. UKSUSOFF EDUCATION will show you what it means to have their own approach to their favorite work, opens a new vision, not to mention access to a lot of interesting events where you can gain experience and hone their skills, and, of course, the best part is that you need to know about UKSUSOFF EDUCATION is their motto: «We do hairdressers for the rich people!».

3. Interior designer

Interior design can be terra incognita for all those who have desire for the organization of space and create an atmosphere of comfort and style. Doing interior design you will be able to earn a piece of bread because people are creative and original is always in fashion.

To learn this highly conceptual craft you can do in the school of design ArtFuture, where you’ll find the real designers, practitioners, ready to do the beginner qualified professional, namely, interior designer. After training, you will gain knowledge and experience in the design of public and residential buildings and skills in the organization of space. ArtFuture works in St. Petersburg for 12 years, preparing new specialists. The best part is that training in ArtFuture you can go in St. Petersburg, and remotely (online), which greatly simplifies the learning process and does not tie you to any particular area.

4. Photographer

Don’t underestimate the art of photography, as despite the fact that many think that the boom of the profession have gone along with 2007, true professionals and masters of their craft is hard to find. The profession of a photographer is in demand today, like never before, as the interest in this field of art is not quenched, while he develops the photo market. Now nobody will be surprised by the shooting, the budget of which is similar to the budget of a Hollywood movie. There is also growing interest in the services of the photographer and among the middle class who wish to have a family, wedding or any other photoshoot. Therefore, without income you just will not be quiet.

Fotocollage is probably the best photography school in Russia, teaching beginners and practicing photographers. The training is based on providing students with current knowledge is infinite almuslimani academic material, popular in the days of your grandmother. Due to the fact that learning the art of photography in Fotocollage not only in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, but also remotely, the school was able to gather a pretty good audience of students not only from Russia, but also abroad. So if you want to try yourself in commercial photography, working with outstanding advertising companies to learn the technique fashion photography, then it’s time to find yourself in this advanced craft.

5. Barista

Continuing the theme of art and true professionalism, you should consider this interesting and today is gaining popularity of the profession as a Barista. A Barista is not just the man who delivers the coffee, and professional, who perfectly understands his business, owns a large amount of information about the history of the emergence of coffee, versed in the intricacies of technique, is able to discern special coffee bouquet, not to mention the skills of brewing beverages and General aesthetic direction called latte art.

If you haven’t found a profession that would inspire you, you should try yourself in this creative business of cooking coffee. Any self-respecting coffee shop staff training is underway in several areas, covers all the subtleties and complexities of coffee skill. The only — you’re unlikely to be able to learn how to make coffee, to hone their skills and dive into the very essence of the profession baristas needed practice and empirical experience.

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