How to find your place in life

manygoodtips.com_7.08.2014_SOEQQVBVl6LPATo our office receive a lot of emails with questions from readers from the series: «How to find your place in life?» «How to change your life?» «Am I to live?» etc. Kind of guys graduate, get a job, everything is going according to plan… But that’s their plan? Right? Do they really want to aspire to?

Such questions sometimes baffle us. Because they are somehow connected with the question «what is the meaning of life?» to which nobody replied.

But, hell, we just don’t have the right to leave readers without answers to such important questions.

We have thought about it and wrote some points that we hope will help to deal with your life, find your place in it and change it, of course, for the better, all those dudes that stuck.

1. Understand what you want

It’s hard. Yes, this is probably the most difficult of all written below. Because most of our desires are not truly ours. Us from childhood direct. We follow the same General program: school, University (or other), career, wife, kids… We often say «should» instead of «want». Need to do their homework, need to prepare for session, need to write report, need to buy my wife some garbage, need to go to the store.

For example, one day, count how many you did of the cases that I wanted to do, and how many cases that have been done.

Start this car what you want. And if you didn’t have much to change, as an adult, you finally become the master of your life. So if they really.

2. Overcome your fear

It is fear that prevents us from doing what we want. We’re afraid to drop everything and start living according to your wishes. Fear of losing something binds us. We are afraid to lose a job don’t even like us, but it brings at least some income. We are afraid of losing money, even if it’s a penny, which allow not to die of hunger and buy once a year pants.

Everyday we go to work they hate and are afraid to send everything to hell! You know you have a shitty job, but… suddenly another job will be even worse? I’ll tell my wife, parents? If I can find a better job?

You’re afraid to make a move, not knowing what’s ahead, and you are standing in one place.

3. Find accomplices

People mostly similar views on life and move on one path. They are afraid to roll on a path into the unknown. Stability and confidence in the future is their motto. And only a few distinguish themselves from the crowd. You can find like-minded people (with the Internet it is easy to do), to share with them his views on life. Learn how they changed their life, thus to live as it should, and how I want. They risked, or plan to risk struggling with fear and went on his way, without being afraid to hurt the parents who had such expectations…

4. Start small

When you already more or less understand what they want and even partly conquer your fear of change, but still not sure — don’t start small. Someone a new life begins with the purchase of a Bicycle, with rearrangement of furniture, or a morning jog. The main thing to start. Let the first steps will not be large, but confident.

5. Fight with procrastination

This sort of infection, which is difficult to get rid of. And no wonder we wrote about this more than once. We will not repeat. Read and work on yourself:

Why do you keep procrastinating

Simple tips to defeat procrastination

6. Make a plan

This can be a Grand action plan for the coming year. Or just plan for one day. Got up, wrote three things that need to be done in a day and action. It works. A small one-day plans help to manage big Affairs.

7. Do not deviate from the intended path

The impact of society can greatly ruin your plans for a new life. Most often this happens quickly, and you’re back in the same boat with people who go with the flow. Your wish seems to be already not so important and the goals that you set, is now in doubt. Sometimes this may mean that you chose the wrong target (not your true desire), and sometimes it’s really the influence from the outside. If you’re sure your desire is truly yours don’t let anyone negatively affect your aspirations.

And finally:

  • Learn just because you’re interested. Get education not for the sake of the diploma, but for the sake of knowledge.
  • Marry, not because it’s time, but because you wish to link any knot with the woman he loved.
  • To have children, not because all your friends already by twos and parents want grandchildren in the hands to hold, but because you’re sure you want to be a father.
  • Get a job, not because she is promising and prestigious, but because it will be interesting to you all 8 hours, and even more.
  • Often try to say «want» instead of «must», provided that you really want to.
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