How to find your passion, meeting her face to face

manygoodtips.com_22.11.2014_SoKo40ECXoi7mPeople who are passionate about what they do, tend to invest heart, soul and strength to your project. And, as a rule, such people are very easy to detect in the workplace, because they are known to live the present with passion. They are easy to recognize among the crowd, and they will always find, if not direct, the many detours to achieve success. Talent is great, but the real gift is endowed with a few, whereas passion can be found in each of us. You can be really gifted and advanced man in sports or music, but if you don’t «burn» it, then your path to success will take much more time than a person with more modest skills, but makes up for lack of talent with incredible fortitude and perseverance.

Intangible, but nevertheless very powerful driving force that helps to move mountains and raise the lowered arm. Sports, music, activity and even work – you can find your passion in any field. And you don’t get bored, you won’t be disappointed, you will not be too lazy to do the favourites thing, because it will be a kind act of love. As long as there is love, your passion will not die.

So as to determine that the selected business little you care about?

You lack of passion if:

1. wonder when that meeting, activity or event will be completed;

2. doing something to gain acceptance from other people, but not for himself;

3. the opinions of others directs your behavior, because if not for them, you’d get out of here;

4. it no longer makes you happy, and often causes only negative emotions;

5. look at what people do, their Affairs are of little interest to you;

6. often wonder especially before going to bed: «Why am I doing this?»;

7. feel the real emotional «roller coaster»: that love their job, ready to quit;

8. the dominant feeling in the dashboard of your emotions – obligation: you must do what you do.

And, despite all of this, you can perform every thing entrusted to you with great precision and perfection, your boredom and reluctance may not affect the quality of performance, but that’s just it, like rust, corrodes your insides. Passion for a certain activity makes you feel that you found a lost part of myself, that I’ve never felt before. It makes you better, develops your personality, making it a holistic and strong.

So, how to determine the first «symptoms» that you’ve found what you’ve been looking for?

1. Lose track of time

Hey, how could 30 minutes turn into three hours? Time flies with incredible speed, when you do what you really like. This watch seemed to forget about all problems and troubles just by doing what you do well. And you would have to do it for free, even every day, but if you found work and you’re getting paid for it is a definite bonus.

2. Your passion always in mind, you can be obsessive and fixated on this

You think about it, examine it talk about it constantly, in any dialogue the attempt to regain the object of his adoration. So friends or family members kindly asking you to shut up, when you finally bring them to white heat with his talk about the same thing.

3. Forget about what’s holding you back

You will be unknown fatigue, irritability or laziness. The success and achievement of the goal will take all your attention. You will not have time to think about what to say or think, how it will look from the outside, because the only thing that matters is you do what you love, what you think is really important.

4. Doing things that make you feel easy and comfortable

Can you stay in the gym until closing, breaking all the rules of productive workouts, and muscle pain experienced in the morning, will not bring discomfort. Can you all night to glue the stamps to build a house of matchbooks, to torture the guitar strings, but in the morning don’t feel overwhelmed and damn tired. At least the first time. The benefit of sleep and quality rest has not been canceled, so be careful with that.

5. It makes you smile

You do what you do, what you love. And it turns out you’re good. As it can not but rejoice and not become a reason for a stupid blissful smile on your face?

6. To feel that life is filled with something very important, because now you have a goal

Try to inspire others, be the example and make sure that your inspiration is not lost, because when there is love, passion also dies in the near future. Don’t let happen burnout.

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