How to find your calling and what is this beast?


The two most important question in every man’s life — who to marry and where to work. Both problems are usually solved in the first thirty years, and they should pay special attention.

The second question begins to take us even before the first — from the very first days, when we start talking. Since childhood we are asked «what do you want to be when you grow up?» — this question we are asking parents, teachers, and friends. When we get a little older, we see the future is unclear and gloomy, but in College we need certainty: after all, the University we choose depending on their preferences. Even a study, not knowing what I want to do in the future. After that, we change our career field more than once.

When we graduate from University, society says that we are entering into the adult world of work and should be engaged in what is studied. Even up to this point we still are not sure that chose the right profession.

It is much easier to understand what we don’t want to do any job we would like to devote my life to. We spend a third of your life at work — perhaps even more than with family and children, and therefore it would be wise to choose something that will make us all this time to experience the torments of hell. That’s why we continue to argue who you want to be when you grow up, even when we grow nowhere else.

We want a job that will not sound like work. The lesson, in which we can apply our talents and help us to feel satisfaction.

What we want is to find a job, but a vocation.

Three views on work

There are three points of view on work, here they are:

Actually work. According to this view, all working for the weekend. People who stick to it and work for a lunch break and vacation. The work is valuable to them only because they get money for it. They need to support a family, pay the bills, and the work allows them to do so. Their work can be quite horrific, but they receive very little pleasure.

Career. Careerists get pleasure from what they do, and the recognition in the workplace. Their pleasing expectations of promotions and salary increases. These things can motivate the careerists to spend on more time: they are delayed, it’s in fact not stop working even when they leave the workplace. Such people are constantly considering work-related ideas, strategies and things that they have to do. If the careerist does not receive the increase, he does not feel satisfaction.

Calling. If you have found a vocation, you do work for the sake of process. You think that if you didn’t need the money, would you still do the same. When you work at a vocation, you feel that the workflow you develop yourself, use your talents and leaves you a positive mark. These people were like born for their work.

When it comes to pleasure and happiness, people who adhere to the former concept, suffer the most. Careerists get more fun and the people working on the calling, really happy. Everything is logical. Vocation is fraught with much more than just the job you’re paid for. It could be a matter of your life. When you find your calling, you immediately will understand this: your life will be filled with fun, joy and pleasure. Conversely, if you constantly go against the will of his vocation, the effect will be the opposite. You worry, Wake up in the middle of the night unable to breathe, you literally feel that you have a heart of stone, and life is passing you by, and you have no idea what it looks like.

What is a calling?

If you look at the word itself, it becomes clear what is the difference between vocation and career. The word «vocation» is derived from the verb «to call» — if someone’s the voice of authority calls you to do something. You, on the one hand, I can’t resist it, and doesn’t want to, because for this you were born.

The word «career», according to etymological dictionary, comes from the French word carriere, meaning the best speed horses. Have to run, suffocation, to be in the soap and reach the finish line faster than all — that is the meaning of this word.

If the call is voice, then who owns it and how to hear it?

Have you ever noticed how children begins to manifest personality? At the age of several months, they have their own character. They already have tendencies, favorite things, preferences — all this will accompany them throughout their lives.

Everything is already in you. You have talents that make you a unique person with their own strengths. You can give people something special. So the voice comes from you, not from somewhere else: it tells you to plant seeds in the soil that they have borne fruit. The seed of your natural qualities planted in you at birth. When we grow, these seeds fills up the trash of others ‘ expectations (family, friends, teachers, and media). We sorted, we are labeled and placed in a box meant for us. Instead of listening to the voice inside we make decisions based on their own thirst for approval, prestige, and security.

To accept means not to shush your inner voice, do not say to yourself «you should» when it isn’t necessary, and live the way you imagine it. Not to imitate the father and other people who cause you admiration. We take seriously everything except his own thoughts. We admire the quotes of great men and hear the wise voice inside yourself who do not consider significant.

In the next posts of the series we will tell you how to find your calling. Don’t shift it.

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