How to find the strength to work that I don’t love

The first thing that came to your mind when you read our headline is: «why do we need to work where you don’t like?». Especially since we just wrote about what we need to work where you want and do what you want. But this text is not addressed to those who naively believed that the Russian labor market will provide the best career opportunities for their lives — it will not. This text is for those who are going through a very difficult period when you have to work in order to simply live.

Particular skill is how you handle the problems that come from this «bad work», from which it is impossible to get today. How to set yourself up for a productive day? What do you motivate yourself? Why is it important to do their job, even if you don’t like? And the «unloved» job will help you in the future?



At first you think you’re locked up in some cage where you can never get out. You yourself has got into it, he locked it and he was draped curtains — you in the darkness, and the darkness thickens. Getting up early in the morning to listen to the instructions of the chief and a scolding from a senior Manager is not what you wanted after graduation. But it’s what you got.

Let us remember what made you accept such a bad job. Most likely, your decision was influenced by the labour market — other jobs are simply not there. It is possible that we are talking about specialized education. You studied to be a lawyer, and now realized how shitty profession, where there is neither sleep, nor rest. In any case, the fact that you started to work here — not an accident. It’s your choice, which was dictated by external conditions.

How did these external conditions? Can you say that you have a new opportunity? If not, you need to answer a simple question: «My work has solved the problems that I put before her?». Let’s say you hired a private tutor to pay rent and have some sort of steady income. Do you have the money to pay? Have income? If so, then the job is not that bad — she’s decided the task. It is possible that your desire to dance and start to paint will make you bankrupt and put your soul on the street. Will, I think, is better?

What are we talking about? First of all, we want you to come to their work as efficiently as possible in these turbulent times. Sudden movements can not be done, when at every turn you will be fierce poverty. We are not saying that you need to fear, but rational in the beginning you should find something you can hang on, if you can not change jobs more worthy. When you have the opportunity, you’ll see it, but till then — keep your cool.


But rational rarely gives a Cup of comfort. When we feel bad, we are worthless — none of the materialist arguments do not help. In this case we offer you to realistically assess their capabilities. When it comes to changing jobs, as a rule, we are talking about quite a long period of time training which will help you to move from proprietary create hunted trapped the beast in a state of a happy man.

In other words, you need to draw a plan out of the crisis, which will include the search for a new job, understanding of their talents and competence, as well as in-depth study of the field of knowledge, which is inextricably bound up with dreams. You should think about how to start earning the next day after dismissal. At this moment in time it is very important to keep the job, because you need not only to eat, dress and eat, but also to save money, not to stay with bare ass in a quagmire of unemployment. That is consider poor performance as a source of resources that you can then invest your normal career.



Open you a secret: every job is exhausting, if you don’t find ways to «let off steam». Resentment builds up, acquires the monstrous tentacles that begin to squeeze your heart, but then you go to play poker and, lo and behold, you’re back to normal man who is happy with life. Try to find yourself the leisure which you will be able to relax your body and soul. It can be movies, going to the movies, Billiards, bars, trips to the stadium, concerts, traveling and reading. Find what you really pleasure, and do it every time you start to forget about the meaning of his life. Rest is necessary for anyone who works full-time.


You never know what knowledge you will need in the future. We have friends who worked in a Bank, then engaged in the tanning business, and then muddied his technology company. When we asked what knowledge was useful, they answered simply: everything. And this is true: years of experience in the hospitality segment of the market will not go in vain, even if you wanted to travel with his rock band in the cities of Russia and become a rock star. You at least will be clear what the normal hotels, you’ll be able to adequately communicate with staff and understand how to beat the best rooms.

And if we talk about business, we, based on our heading «How to make a million», I realized one simple thing: any job gives you experience for any business. This is debatable, but until we find conclusive evidence against our theory.


If your worst job is the first job, then we are obliged to warn you about one important thing that many ignore. The fact that the first in my life everyday work hard. Most often you start to wind problems and come up with them. Any advice or recommendation from his superiors perceive you as a personal insult, as a rebuke of your professionalism. That is, you yourself become a source of tension that reigns between you and a work team.

The problem may not be in work, and in you. But to understand this you need time and experience of others. Admonish your friends about the workflow, let’s talk about all the wrongs and troubles, and then compare. Perhaps your dissatisfaction is a crying cranky baby, and in fact, you have a great job and excellent prospects. Think about it, because here, as with the first girl you start to understand something, once you lose the main.

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