How to find the right idea for a business

Pora was.kom.ua_24.03.2016_VKi8dH6YYdholIn the ranks of the mommy businessmen there is an opinion that the business cannot be right and wrong. There is only one business that makes money, and one that brings. To argue with such iron argument is not easy, but we still try to do it.

At the start

Let’s start with your reality. You live in Russia, you don’t have a giant «public» Corporation, which if anything will save our dear government with funds from the budget. The authorities will not help you in your case, if you do not see the real prospect of a little conversation at the start. They will not share with you the resources that you became richer, especially after the crisis, and to fight with him, and so the money is not enough. Rather, the guys from the upper come up to your new «nice» taxes, they will take your money and time. On assistance to young entrepreneurs» can be forgotten once and for all. You do not need to count on «Big brother.» Get used to the fact that any entrepreneur, especially a beginner, one against the whole world.

Nobody, I believe, does not doubt that to survive in extreme conditions is much more difficult than in favourable conditions. It is unlikely you will last long in the crater of the volcano, although some bacteria and are able to live there. It’s the same with business. If you’re a parasite on the planet, humans and human souls, sooner or later, your victims will turn against you. Your business will be destroyed, and to pay for it will have disproportionately more than you could earn. Look at the oligarchs – one in five dies from a bullet or loses only a few seconds.

But what if you become the good guy in business? Will introduce the social aspect of your business, will be introduced into the business of universal benefit? Think about it. And look at the experience of the giants, who are already changing the world.


Of Sony Corporation or Tesla is not making money for money – such a path leads nowhere. Can you feel the profit at first, but after a while comes to a standstill. You don’t need that.If you’re going to open a business, I think you’d want to build something for the ages. To your company told people outside your town, outside the country, outside of time. And get into this layer difficult. But maybe if you want to create something that will benefit people.

Think about the benefits

manygoodtips.com_24.03.2016_kGngrFoEmvClJAny sign things, without which we can hardly do without, began with a simple desire to help people. Take, for example, a service for finding taxi Uber. Many professional taxi drivers curse is a program that allows people to save money and to save on full. But if we talk about the essence, the service provides the opportunity to earn motorists who just returned home from my main job and help people looking for an affordable and quick option to move around the city. And this, of course, the benefit of the highest order. But the founders did not initially thought of such a large-scale expansion. They sat in San Francisco and was hoping that the program is perfect for people with fat wallets who will not sit in the car worse than the Cadillac Escalade. And things went uphill only at the moment when the developers decided to go «in people». If not for that decision, which from a hypothetical point of view was reputation hit, they would have sat with his fleet of a couple hundred machines.

In other words, take any issue that takes place to be on your street, in your city or in your country, and try to solve it. It starts with a business that has all the chances to get into the story.

Interview their friends

But if you don’t know what you need to residents of your city, then what? The answer is simple and banal: talk to their friends. You should not rely only on your mind, otherwise you’ll slip up and spend money on a thing that has no prospects. There is nothing wrong with that, exactly to drill the questions of the minds of your friends. And it is better to take a group of strangers look in social networks. Many will refuse to participate in the survey, but a hundred people to dial is not a problem. Besides, through social networks it is not difficult to find residents of the area in which you want to position your shop. Such small study will allow you to partially fold the real picture of needs and problems. One head is good, but hundreds of better. And acquire potential customers at the same time, what is bad?

Take it higher

And you can go at a completely different level. The return on this business that trying to solve global rather than local problems of mankind, tends to zero. But it is much easier to break through the grants, or to acquire an «angel» who will give you money and forget about them – that man was good. From projects that are trying to deal with the irreversibility of different scale (hunger, pollution, alternative energy sources), more opportunities for national co-financing.


Here the logic is clear: nobody will spend money at your butcher shop, so you eat better, but many will give their hard-earned money at involvement to solve a common problem of mankind. No one will demand guarantees – people will praise you for the attempt itself.

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