How to find the essential «co-pilot»

the second pilot

When you go in the RAID on bars in search of beautiful girls, very handy if you have an experienced wingman who will help you to get acquainted with a hot friend and get her number. The bounty «co-pilot» knows no bounds, and he will do everything necessary to make sure that you’re not in trouble and your idea has come to fruition.

It is important that you and this guy were equal. It is impossible to make it look better than you, was more beautiful dressed — otherwise you will be his wingman. But you in turn can’t be much more beautiful and attractive. Your goal is to form a team of equal players, not superstars and loser from the bench.

Often the best «wingman» — the guy who, just like you, with one exception: he has a serious relationship. Since he already has a girlfriend, he has nothing to lose, and he does not mind to spend the night at the bar, have fun and be of help to you. But even a single guy who is willing to sacrifice themselves for each other, can help you. Today we will tell you about the qualities of a perfect «second pilot» for your own good, dude!

1. He understands that he needs to do

When you approach two attractive women, the good wingman will give you first dibs on a goal. Who is he, no matter; perhaps the second girl he did not like it, but he did not show for you. And he’s not just going to distract the friend of the girl you’re interested in: it will support conversation and entertain her while you are there try.

2. It shows you in a good light

A good wingman behaves throughout the evening as your Butler: he says if you’re somewhat soiled, if your Shoe stuck toilet paper. He will give you gum, if need be, and will make sure that you’re not drunk and start acting like an idiot. It is time to tell you when it’s time to switch from beer to water.

3. He understands you

You could go to investigate. You know your «co-pilot» well — and he knows you. You don’t need to speak to understand each other in any situation. He understands your gestures, signs and codes and can assist.

4. It prevents interference

Usually it happens that the girl likes not only you and any other challengers to win her attention. Or sometimes her «friend» does everything that you went home with nothing. A good wingman will help you overcome this obstacle.

It will create difficulties for the annoying kid and distract the annoying grumpy friend. If that’s the dude who is also passionate about your object of attention, «co-pilot» may annoy him just a few words — and that is in and out, and you continue the game. If it’s a stupid friend, he turns on all his charm and disarm her.

5. He scouts the situation

A good wingman knows when to join the conversation and support you and when to be quiet and let you do your thing. He feels you are going the right way or just wasting time. More importantly, he’s not afraid to tell you this — this is very important: so it will not allow you to waste time on a girl who’s not interested.

«Wingman» is ready for any situation. He knows when to talk incessantly, and when to shut up. He changes like a chameleon, and even better — at your desire.

6. If you need to — he’s a kamikaze

«Wingman» is very serious about his role and preparing for it in advance. He did not hesitate, comes to the girls sitting at a table, alone. He is not afraid that it will blow off. He makes the first shot and softens the atmosphere, so you just have to come and reap the rewards.

7. He can tell you

Your wingman will keep a list of your heroic deeds and when the opportunity talk about the girl drawn your attention. He will put you in the best light and will never laugh at you or drown you. And he always knows when it’s the right time for stories about you beloved.

8. He takes the ugly friend

A good wingman will do everything to ensure that the team won. He will even cuddle you ugly girlfriend by covering for you while you talk to beautiful. It can even come with ugly friend home to give you the way.

9. He’s been working undercover

A good wingman is like a smart agent. It will collect information about the girl and her friends. He will tell you if she has a boyfriend. He will reveal all the pitfalls.

10. He will cheer you up

A good wingman is your coach and motivator, he encourages you with positive conversations and it’ll boost your confidence. He advises you when to act and when to retreat. While you focus on the objective, he scouts the situation, scans for potential dangers and difficulties, and provides the most painless solution to the problem.

Now you know how to be a good wingman. Come and find a guy who will cope with this task. Just remember that you will have to pay the favor and be a wingman for him when the time comes.

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