How to find Easter eggs hidden Google?

manygoodtips.com_1.04.2016_OZIFIwFl5n33CThe giant Google is famous not only for its conditions of work and professionalism, but also Easter eggs, the workers of the glorious company left in those happy moments, while Sergey Brin sees. Dudley and Easter eggs – the best that was created by Google. But in the meantime take a look at Easter eggs.

1. The game in pictures

The journey back to calm and peaceful days when the PC was primarily for typing, and even console games. Apparently, Fleur those glorious times wafted and «Googlers», and now you can play one of the first uber-popular games on the console, just go to «images» and typing in «Atari Breakout». Here’s the cross – «+»! Just drop it in pictures the name of the game and play.

2. The answer to the main question

If you read «the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy», you probably know that the main answer to the question of life, the Universe and everything – 42. As it turned out, Google knows it too. So just put «what’s the answer to life, the universe and everything» and will receive the appropriate Adamowska novel response.

3. Do a barrel roll

If the page is twisted, this does not mean that you go nuts. You probably just typed in the search engine «Do a barrel roll».

4. Curve Google

If you have a curved spine, broken neck, and the trauma does not want to go, then type in «askew» and the world will be a little easier (if the fracture is on the right side).

5. Should the Italian brothers

The fans of the two Italian plumbers, it is sufficient to enter «Super Mario Bros» in order to feel the atmosphere of the forgotten eight-bit battles with the turtle. Appears animated question mark, thankfully has a lot of coins for each click and belching native heart squeak.

6. 18 years ago

Apparently, the guys from Google are overly prone to nostalgia, because it surprises with a glorious past – like fleas on a mongrel. If you type in google in 1998″, then the next thing you see will be Google 18-year-old, with the same design and ambition. A handy thing for retromania.

7. Decoding the name Turing

As a tribute to Alan Turing and bunch of other superannua English mathematicians who helped crack the German ciphers, introduction to search engine «Bletchley Park» (the place where the main cryptographic unit) activates the decoded animation on the results page.

8. Pacman

Some more favorite prehistoric games. Perhaps you’ve already realized. If you enter «Pacman» you will see a special interactive Doodle, Google has created on the 30th anniversary of the game back in 2010. It is a full game that can be played using the arrow keys. Admittedly, their Dudley deserve special attention.

9. The loneliest number in the world

When the American group Three Dog Night was the song «What is the loneliest number?». If you have a deep lyrical mood, enter the name in the search box, and Google will help you find the «the loneliest number».

10. Meeting with Zerg Rush

What is called «brilliant idea». It is not necessary to play Star Craft to have an idea of the value of this brutal term «Zerg Rush». Just kill the destructive phrase in a string and get ready with your mouse to protect pages from ruining everything on the page the letters «On». Just be careful, the sight is addictive, it is recommended only in case, if you really have nothing to do.

11. Monetochka

In moments of doubt we refer to what? Right, the coin. Only if the hand is not even 10 cents and you’re so rich it doesn’t hold a trifle in pockets, throwing it to the poor, then kill the «flip a coin» and click on the first link.

12. The Number Bacon

In an interview with «Premiere», was released in February 1994 and dedicated to the film «the river wild», bacon said that the actors with whom he acted, worked with all the Hollywood actors. After the information appeared that «bacon is the center of the Universe», and began to emerge a game of the same name. It 6 transitions need to find a connection between the target actor and Kevin Bacona through actors with whom they were shot.

So, if you type the name of any actor and add «Bacon number», you will show the numerical relationship of the actor with Balkonom. The higher the number, the further the actor is from bacon. By the way, many do not have contact with him. Neither Kjartan nor a porn star. Boring person.

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