How to find a roommate


If you remove the housing for you is a burning question. Together with a neighbor, you can shoot the best housing and pay less for it, and even less to clean up. The difficulty is to find a normal roommate that you are able to live. It’s not even so much the people, how to live with them. Today we will tell you how to choose the neighbor, then not to complain that they live under the same roof with a monster.

Don’t take shelter with friends

Say, «Alien soul darkness» and it is very well suited to a situation when you’re starting to live under the same roof with his friend. Will, there’s a lot you don’t know about it. With friends it’s nice to hang out, and in the evening all go home and live their lives. If you live in an apartment with a friend, you cease to use the main advantage of a friendship — based communication. You will get all of his nasty habits that are annoying traits and all the things that you didn’t notice until was with him whole days in a row. Sooner you amused, start to annoy you.

With friends you won’t even be able to set rules and stick to them, because they are friends: you will always violate the agreement, relying on what you can get away with it. If other’s don’t clean up and invades your personal space, the friendship will soon come to an end — and that is usually the case. It’s like getting a tattoo with the name of a loved one is a bad idea.

Think about the qualities that should be possessed by your neighbor

You’re a wallflower or love to all around rattled? You love to throw parties on Fridays or quietly sitting at home? Have you got a pet or you can’t stand wool? Do you smoke or hate smoke? When you’re looking for a roommate, these issues should be mandatory for discussion, and not only them. Based on them and formed the profile of your future neighbor. So you can cut off all those who you will be each other only in the way.

Of course, often people just take an apartment together and suffer, and eventually leaving. Do not fret — just better looking. And don’t forget about age: if you are well over twenty, it is unlikely that the neighborhood of the freshman will be able to please you.

To start talk to him on the phone

This is one of the most important stages of Dating with your future roommate, you can ask questions all you want. You’re not the boss and not looking for a slave, and yet you’re not the landlord — is also would impose certain limits. If the applicant hesitates and doesn’t want to answer the question (you’re normal and don’t ask him uncomfortable questions, right, friend?), he’s probably trying to hide something — and this is a bad start.

Don’t be afraid to put delicate issues such as religion. It’s not about discrimination, just dealing with religious people, there’s plenty to consider: beginning your lifestyle to nutrition.

When you start a telephone conversation, the names of only his name: at this stage he does not need to know the name. Briefly describe the housing and get to the interview. It should be intense but not prolonged. Here are some questions.

  • Why are you moving and how long have lived at the previous place?
  • You’ve worked at your job? What’s your schedule? Pay attention, if the person jumps from job to job when he goes to work, and how does this fit with your own schedule. If you get up early in the morning, and the man works nights, you may have problems.
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • Do you have a girlfriend or a big happy family that will always visit you? If so, it will be necessary to consider rules for guests: how long they can stay and not pay rent.

Remember: let’s address only to those people you liked at the end of the conversation.

Look how he lives

Nothing says more about a person than his place of residence. Ask them if we can come to him, then, for example, going to a bar or cafe. So you can get an idea about his Hobbies, interests, and usual manner of life. At his house you will be able to identify what he was honest with you and what he lied to you. If he said he was going regularly, the apartment looks like on the net? If he says he likes to hang out, is there somewhere his pictures with friends? In addition, personal contact is very important: at the meeting you’ll know immediately cook porridge to each other or not.

Agree on the rules of conduct

If you first got this apartment and the contract issued to you, you are in charge and can insist on some of its rules. Dude also can offer their own rules: the main thing that they suited you both and you were able to meet them. Rules can not be changed if you both disagree.

Neighbor’s life

The key to a successful neighborhood is a careful observance of personal boundaries. When you set the rules and figure out what you want, the likelihood of future collisions will be minimal: now, let everyone does their job and lives in his own space. Don’t need to be boring, sometimes you need to relax. If all goes well, then a neighbor this dude will eventually become your good friend.

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