How to find a job where you want to work

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2015_0HeI3osABGxlCWork different needs, different work is important. Someone sitting at a monitor and making stupid banners like «the Whole country is in shock!!! A member of the growing on the eyes!!!», and who rides on vacuum trucks, pumping waste from cesspools. And the first long-assures himself that it is time to do real, useful work, and in the heart of the second die, the witty artist. A familiar situation? Of course! Everyone wants the work enjoyable.

What is your dream job? To get a lot of money and do nothing? For someone, of course, the dream job looks that way. But, unfortunately, it happens very rarely. Everyone has their own idea about the dream job, it would be foolish to impose their views and vision. Someone with enough self-realization, and who is a close-knit team. And someone just does what he loves and gets paid for it. Maybe the favorite thing doesn’t bring you riches like Scrooge McDuck, but makes you happy and satisfied with life. All not make any money. In the end, you can always take part time.

In General, how to understand that your job is the best thing that ever happened to you:

1. You don’t notice how fast the work is. Not because of work blockage, but because you just like to take in what you’re doing;

2. Quickly reach the set goals (not because it is an easy job);

3. Strong enough for life after work.

So, decide what you want. It remains only to plunge into the whirlpool of letters to learn these nuances in detail.

1. I love

As they say, life should be lived so that the kids don’t have to think through your exploits. First, find something that you like to do, and then find someone who you will pay for it money. Love to draw? Put more Vim into it. I like to mock people market with you! In the bodies of social protection are waiting for you armchair and mired in climax the band.

Not necessarily the work should match your passion. Well, you just have to like.

2. What you are good at

Now we have, hand on heart, identify your strengths and weaknesses, just to give myself characteristic. Not that held by the psychologists in large firms, as normal, without unnecessary noise and stupid questions. If you’re restless and bad contact with the «mortal scum» (in the world «colleagues»), work in the office you will fail. Normally do not get. Maybe the janitor yours?

So, if you want to find a dream job, pay attention to these nuances. No need to go to work they hate just because the pay is pretty good. Although if you, in addition to the salary, nothing important, carry on.

3. Be realistic

Every job has its UPS and downs, its good days and days when you want to incite colleagues a couple of hungry fighting dogs and to introduce a boss or a customer with all the charms of split. Don’t expect perpetual euphoria in life and work. You have to love what you do, and feel comfortable in the working environment. Then the work burden will not, then it is likely to be an outlet, will turn on you friends, and the wife with the dog starts often love of the mystery plumber who comes to unclog the pipes in your house every other day while you were at work. But that’s another story.

So, if one rainy morning the face of the foreman will seem disgusting ass old prostitute sat down on heat, and work just do not go, do not rush to escape. Because earlier everything was fine. This fall. So, I’m taking off.

4. Learn the scope of activities

It would be nice to talk to people who work in it, learn their routine, if they have force on privacy and the money to pay for a subscription to all the porn sites. Find out what praise the office. If a beautiful aquarium, it is not yours. But if for a great prize and a cool corporate parties, remember how important it is to you. Well, better to study the company’s position on the market. It makes no sense to go where they will not pay salary.

5. Factors

Now discard dreamy snot, especially if you are far from creativity. In any job (especially in office or factory) these modest important factors: will there be enough money for an adequate existence, your responsibility (to, God forbid, not planted), working conditions, team relationships, prospects for further growth, and how do you have time for a fast life.

This is called «assessment of the quality of working life», and it will help you to determine during the internship, yours or not.

6. Money

What is there palter, important money. It makes no sense to do what you love and die in poverty like van Gogh. Wait, wait, wait, I know you write poetry, but not always, the poems can feed and Deplete its fine mental organization on the monotonous work for you is deadly. There is a way. Turn your exuberant imagination, keenness of perception of the world. Yes, even boring work, you can find a highlight that will inspire you. It may be the realization that you are all mankind. Even if you are developing a network pyramid. Well, just hope that after your pyramids people finally no longer conducted on this heresy, and your child will be the last of the put an end to it.

Maybe you just started a creative approach to their consulting activities, explaining the quality of the product verses or charms that wretched toaster like you perform with stand-up.

This is much easier than finding a job that suits their criteria.

7. Don’t dwell

Don’t change empty to empty. If after 11 years as a realtor you only sold 4 houses, then sucks you do it! And we need to change not just the place of work, sphere of activity. And here already it is necessary to remember, what are your interests, what do you expect from work and what for you the most important thing: sooner or earn more.

8. Do not chase for freelancing

Here I have to explain. Many people think that freelancing is the best it can be in life: no boring offices, doing what you like. There are pluses, certainly, but all is not so rosy. First, work from order to order. And if the clients beggar, the money and don’t wait. Second, the schedule of a freelancer is terribly inflated. Not everyone likes to work day and night. Actually it’s like a lifetime to do homework. It feels like a very corrupt and bloggers.

The main thing – a balanced analysis and a minimum of «girlish dreams about what your talent to play the spoons will notice and will begin to pay a lot of money.

Remember, the best work is always in someone, but not you. So just deal with it.

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