How to find a good man

how to find a good manStuffed cones and efficiently poosibility people involuntarily begin to regret that they have been written on his forehead: «Piece of shit». It would be much easier. Like in the cartoons: good people are easy to find on bright clothes and clear eyes and bad — on the horns and black hats. Unfortunately, nature did not care about this. Or maybe fortunately: if I objectively bad, I still don’t want to hang out with horns. So all you can to find the positive side.

Yet sometimes good people can be calculated, even not being familiar with them. On what grounds?

They are patient with sellers and cashiers

As in geometry, here Monday. Imagine the guy who easily loses his temper and hits with a venomous review on the cashier in the supermarket because he hesitated or did not find the change. Pleasant view? Not really. Imagine the dude with a sour face sends the assistant away, cause he don’t seem in the mood. All this is more similar to the behavior of pampered ladies, daughters of wealthy parents, who always presented on a silver platter — even the iPhone, at least dress for thirty thousand, though the unicorn’s head. So behave people only mildly bad.

They leave a good tip

In the vast majority of cases the salary of waiters is so small that it if he does not, so a tip for them — the main source of revenue. If you brought to the table, brought your food over a fairly short time and not spit in your coffee, show that you appreciate.

They present their good thoughts

If they see in man something good, then don’t hesitate to report it: a kind word and a cat is nice. But negative and hypocritical comments better kept to yourself.

They are honest, if not cherish reciprocity

No need to keep her at a comfortable distance for the sake of convenience. Yes, there are moments when you feel all alone and so want to have someone come to you after your tragic texts. But… is it good? Even so, you will have the opportunity to sleep under the same blanket with a warm friend to play with people’s feelings is cruel.

They do others as you want them to do with them

In bed — twice.

They call parents

It is easy to forget everything when you live in a fast and exhausting pace. Work consumes would beina large part of our lives and we barely have time just to sit on your ass and think about your. As soon as you leave the office and go home, you cease to exist, everything except your bed, the last bottle of beer in the fridge and the TV show. All right, will you have time for yourself. Can remember the people who sacrificed this time for 18 years for you, this is precious. Collect the ass in a fist and spend half an hour on the conversation.

They do not comment on someone else’s choice

Even your own choices, if you understand. Chose broccoli? Congratulations. Sit and eat your broccoli and shut up about other people’s burgers. Near people who behave in the opposite way, every one is forced to wonder: what if one day he won’t please this guy and just kick the shit out of because he decided to eat pie.

They know how to behave

There are times when our social skills are about equal to the skills of six children, and there is nothing to be proud of. For example, when you’re tired and you have mood to complain. Or when you’re excited. «Thank you» and «please» has not been canceled, they say even people in wheelchairs, when they have a reason.

They do not allow alcohol to talk instead of them

Well, drink you a few Beers, the normal thing. It doesn’t give you the right to treat others worse than they deserve, and to tell them of lasciviousness. With a sober mind, then drunk on language, and good people are not ashamed even notable after drinking: their thoughts are never ashamed to voice.

They text back immediately

Absolutely do not insist that you glued up the phone and henceforth lived. I myself often make comments that I give him too much attention, I confess, is sinful. But still reply to SMS or call back on a missed two-three days is pure idiocy. Still after a month I called, when no one remembers. When the answer immediately, the caller understands that important, and he was pleased.

They are generous

No need to take one day off the suit dude, if the last time he puked on a white shirt you gave him for his brother’s wedding, I have absolutely realistic expectations. However, stingy people are often unhappy. Never miss an opportunity to do someone a good deed. Usually it costs you nothing and for the person who will save the situation. Where did you see a good man who sopitsa?

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