How to find a girl that just got dumped

What did your ex-girlfriend after the breakup? Don’t even talk, probably making quite a splash on social networks, showing the unbroken nature and laying out the posts, as it seemed, of the provocative kind. Externally, it looked like online self-promotion, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes funny, sometimes too honest. Anyway, now we will try to do the most insane thing is to penetrate into the cortex of the brain women and to find reasons and explanations for such behaviour. So you don’t think that she some kind of hooker.

A holiday on a weekday

When she was in a relationship, the evening with a glass of wine and watching serialchikov together with her beloved was her best pastime.

Now that she is one cozy evening, despite the presence of the fault is no longer warm. To shift the blame came cocktails; instead of the room, cluttered with trinkets from IKEA, public places of entertainment-alcoholic kind; and regardless of what day of the week, she carefully have fun, be sure about the report about his adventures on the social network.

Poor friends

Friends — a great power. They are always on your side, even if the incident is entirely your fault. Friends still support, prigolubit, comfort. It’s a pity that we realize the value of friendship only in the moments of collapse.

So, back to virgins. In order not to be disappointed in humanity, they cling to their friends, trying to be everywhere appearing with them and spread in the social network evidence of the inferiority of female alcoholism. Unhappy girlfriend eventually begin to greatly regret such companions.

Selfie, selfie and selfie again

The girl in this state, greedy for compliments more often than usual. Moreover, she is looking to raise self-esteem including. And no matter whose mouth it utter stranger or a loved one. The main thing that at least someone noticed how beautiful it was. So they post a lot of repetitive selfie. Another way to run into a compliment, even if false, even with the mouth of a man who just wants to clap for a change.Excessive philosophical posts

After a breakup and the world is wrong, and questions arise in the mind of others. It seems that the eternal and philosophical, but in fact bullshit. Why social networks only sad which stings a tear tweets with the absurd, tragic lyrics. And over the track snotty inscription, copied from the maiden public. Most often some stupid nonsense pseudophilosophical signed for the credibility of the name of somebody famous. Here it is — the land, that’s where the phrase «From the book of memory is not to throw out the phrase, written with a heart» perfect with the track Montika.

Not life, but a solid report

Earlier in the news feed you can see one photo per month, 14 posts and one post about how she was going to eat tat with my favorite, now the activity has increased dramatically. There is nothing to do, the attention you want to attract — the devil knows. In any case, the coffee brewing immediately goes into Instagram, visit the film turns into a review, and so ridiculous that most often it starts with shit like «I fell in love with his nomination.» And be sure to lay out a self-deprecating post about how it is in the evening, such a klutz, I could not resist and ordered a pizza. Ay-ay-ay, how lovely, Oh dear. But if the evening post had been content to attach your beautiful photo with posebnimi Tits, a great night.

Very beautiful pictures

And again about the appearance. Where the same without him, because now, when it is not attached to the guy, it’s time to reveal your sexuality. After hundred likes under the picture of Asses in shorts raises self-esteem to the heavens. Especially those who doubt their beauty and have long hesitated to put these photos. Although the real reason why the number of these candid photos is multiplied under xerocool is quite simple — the faint hope that these photos will see the ex and realize who he has lost.

Routine changed vezdesuschego

After breaking up the lifestyle and routine that characterized the relationship, starts to press and torture. So the girls are out to break out of it any way. And what had seemed impossible became quite natural. All those trips to the clubs, to events, drinks with friends, a Sunday trip with friends to the mountains, the forest, the sea. It all depends on landscape and geography. But that’s not the point, the regularity of such attacks. Now it is like one, but not alone. Just so you know.

Mass Amnesty

Everyone who was exiled to the black list, who was denied, who have lost the fellowship, who seemed boring — all of them, regardless of their current state, are unlocked reinstated, awarded likes. In order to attract attention to himself. In order to gain likes and approving comments. Everything to ensure that the former was furious. That’s how nature is frustrating when someone picks up something abandoned us.

A lot of men nearby

A kaleidoscope of seemingly random photos with friends male. If not friends, but acquaintances. But essentially it does not change the purpose of these photos is to show, to create the appearance that she enjoys male attention. Well, to make ex jealous, suspecting a session guitarist with the nearest bar with her.

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