How to find a friend if you don’t know how to make friends



Thank you for your wonderful project, I love to read your journal over a Cup of tea.

I have one very old problem. Namely the lack of real friends. I have many friends with whom I get along very well, have a girlfriend, but no friends. While I am very sociable and, as I have repeatedly said, a very interesting and unusual people. What to do, I can’t even imagine. I hope your advice will help me.

The answer

Hello, dear friend. Maybe you got no friends, but you’re the one. Because only a true friend expresses gratitude in the form of a burst of likes, endless reposts and endless reviews. Of course we do not allude to that…

Now to your problem, interesting and sociable people, or holding something back, or just a bad reputation with society, or people do not like. One of the three, what do you say?

On the other hand, it is very correct and wise to see the difference between friends and comrades. Have the courage to suggest such by the phrase «no real friends». But if people are drawn to you, it might be worth it to reach them?

Let’s look at what a real friend is? This is the person that you breathe the same air that cussing, swearing, cursing, and especially your failure will come running to bail you out of trouble at 3am, disregarding the cries of his half and early rise. You meet once a month, but it starts East, like a long separation was not. When the two of you, you are worse than grandmothers gossip, but nonetheless, this man are you ready to share such things under pain of death not to tell his girlfriend, and the FSB agent who listens to your phone conversations after hearing what the language of insanity was sharply retiring.

Here is the answer, is there anything in your environment at least one person with whom you feel comfortable to talk to which is nice and easy, like breathing mountain air, and which would behave as mentioned above? It is clear that it is difficult to say, but if you interact with people, you probably can discern like-minded people. But with them and need to reestablish contact. Another thing is that friendship is a dream of many, but know how to make friends unit. Friendship is a kind of sacrifice. It’s old friends can’t chat for weeks without fear of losing them. Because we get older, so free time is almost gone, kind of like a forgivable and understandable. And here you need to make a friend. And for something you began, you need to communicate, to show attention. Maybe from the phrase blowing in the known sense of the word «blue», but to call a new acquaintance that you wonder where something to drink is absolutely fine. And don’t deny, if you, too, somewhere will call. Then, you will become friends or not depends on the worldview and character of your new friend. If it does not match, how not to try, and friendship does not work, even in the same apartment live, on the contrary, there is a desire to fill each other face and never see each other again. And it is desirable to meet more often to acquaintance grew into a society, a society in friendship. Even if not in the mood to chat. And don’t be friends with some outcast for the sake of it or business relationships. Then society will do. The main thing is to be yourself, only then the friendship will appear.

Notice that the older we get the harder it is to tie a pure, sincere friendship. Filthy cynicism, employment, life experience and weariness to the character not very happy to open a new person.

Only now is it you? Have to sacrifice personal time for the sake of communication and Musica. Sometimes you even have to make a choice with whom to spend an evening: with Bros or a girl, and always come to the rescue, right or wrong, to punch him in the face to get out of depression and to lend him the money. It is clear that without like-minded people, not afraid of the word, inferior. But again: not everybody can be friends, some rather superficial dialogue. And if you’re in my life never seen one, there are two options: you want it, as the hare chop, or you need to change your attitude and become more open. Spend more time in companies, communicate and seek only close to him in spirit.

And finally, a terrible song about friendship from the goalkeeper of Russian national team on football Sergey Zhukov from «Hands upwards». Just so you understand how to make friends.

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