How to find a better job: 10 tips from the

how to find a job

And here is an introductory talk, when everything is clear? You have a job, you don’t like it, and you decided to find a new one. A commendable idea. Here’s a few tips on how to do that your work has been guaranteed better than before.

10. Think about your career goals

Before you update your resume and start sending it to employers, think, and what you want to achieve in this job. Who are you now? Who would you like to be? These questions seem boring and stupid cliches, but you will immediately see the answers. Your own answers, friend, and not what is usually said in such cases, the dudes in the interview below from behind them. The answer to this question is also important when we are talking about a possible increase in: very often people get to work in comfort zone and then can’t bring himself to rise through the ranks, because for this purpose it is necessary to strain. Familiar?

What’s your next level? You need more money? You want to move to another city? Think about it and define its priorities.

9. Learn to interact with other people

Be careful: you walk into the office, instantly conceptualize the situation, meet with the right people and leave a good impression — is a science! Networking is such a new-fangled name for the art of making useful connections. You basically have to interact with different people and some acquaintances can be useful to you to advance your career. Don’t think that you have to walk in an uncomfortable suit at official receptions and reap heaps of other people’s hands. Maybe your mother’s friend worked for a company where you want to settle down, or an old friend that you met at the bar a month ago can pass your resume to the right person. Think!

8. Discover the basics of branding

For a long time, branding was discussed only in the context of business. And rightly so. If you want to work in the company, about which little is know, you should ask how it positions itself in the market, what its target audience etc. Learn about everything produced by its products: where they apply, what colors and fonts are used in packaging, etc.

In recent years, the concept of the brand was to encompass including the identity of the person. And this is the right approach. Your tweets (you use capital letters? And punctuation?), the font that you use in the design of your résumé, your clothes — all of it broadcast information about you, so understanding the basics of branding very important.

7. Use social networks sensibly

Social media is not just a means of entertainment. They are created not just to share cool videos and music. The sites make our life very, very public. If you are not very tough in terms of privacy settings, the chances that your future employer will see your page in social networks, very large. So be careful with their statuses, mate label and all that can catch the eye of your potential employers.

6. Leave a good impression

It would be foolish to think about their career plans, set goals, update your resume and think about how you will present yourself at the interview. If you’re well dressed, we can conclude that you care about yourself, attentive to detail, confident — in short, to make a better impression than if you look like a slob. And indeed, a large part of communication is non-verbal. Think about it.

5. Don’t forget inspiration

It used to be that you think about their work with absolutely no enthusiasm? It does not inspire you? You wonder how would your life, you work somewhere else? These questions can overwhelm you because they are hard to find the exact answer. And that’s fine. Try to imagine yourself in the place of another person is more successful, which is what you need: money, popularity, satisfaction with own job — depending on your goals. Perhaps this will make you more understandable to your present position.

4. Know your own worth and say this

Many people work for jobs that are paid much lower than they would like, and they have no idea how to achieve the desired level of wages. The fact that the employer can respond to your language is simple: «you Know what? You need more money — so you’ll get it. Today we raise your salary!» You need to speak the right tone the tone of a man who knows his worth and is able to talk about it.

3. Embrace the failure and keep looking

When you’re looking for work, it is normal that you will be more likely to say «no» than «Yes». But you don’t have time to grieve about the next failure. Don’t take it personally if the job went to someone else. Humble yourself and focus on your goal.

2. Be self-confident

It’s strange, but very often the confidence is a crucial factor. Take, for example, an interview. One candidate well-answered question, but was not confident, and it left a vague impression. The other said, not so brilliantly, but was confident in his every word and radiated power, and therefore remember better. Guess who will get the job?

Not everything is always happening exactly, but it’s safe to say that if you answer questions well and confidently, however, they will certainly choose you.

1. Show itself in all its glory

Correct to say that a good resume ensures a job interview, good job interview guarantee a job. So the interview is the final stage of the race. Try to prove that you’re their best choice.

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