How to fight on your toes?

As you probably already know the thumb-wrestling was officially included in the list of Olympic disciplines. And that passion for cool, man, especially considering that you can do at home without any problems. Today we will tell you a little bit about how to learn how to fight on the fingers. Just say that best ways to workout your fingers expander has different stiffness.

1. Put the fingers in the source rack.


It looks like you’re showing your opponent is sticking out a thumbs-up. Interlock between other fingers and the thumbs connect together.

2. Point the thumbs at one another. Be polite, don’t try to kick his opponent under the table, show some pride!


3. Start directly fighting. Try to pin down the finger of his rival his own, desperately resist, give your face a wild severity. Don’t lean heavily on a table or other vertical surface. Go on the finger of an opponent, push him and be cruel, but don’t forget about self-esteem!


4. How is victory or defeat? In fact, different. The most common practice to pin down their opponent a certain number of times within a certain time, e.g. 30 seconds. Less common — with most wins over time. Children’s version without a stopwatch, but with the poem, except that it’s not very manly.

5. Win or lose. In any case, do it with dignity. If your opponent lost, don’t forget, patting him on the shoulder, strain through his teeth: «Suuuuuuuuuuuuuper!!!».


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