How to fight back

how to fight back

Remember, how was school? Then this skill was vital. Always was a little asshole who taunted us at school as soon as we crossed the threshold. He was bigger, stronger, is also surrounded by henchmen who were afraid to Express their opinion. This bastard always knew what to say and do to make you feel like a jerk.

So, this stage has already passed, but sometimes this happens and after school. For example, at the University. Because the asshole who bullied you, too, once entered the University. And then, for example, became the boss, a nasty colleague, the aggressive guy from the gym, pesky neighbor — anyone. He looks at us, tells us what to do, and considers it normal. And will be until you give it back.

Before you start to give this the proverbial back, you need to first identify this person. How to distinguish a sadistic one from a guy who’s just having a bad day? It’s simple: this type used to be cruel and to humiliate, feeling their superiority. This is a scary figure who will return again and again to torment you.

If you read our post and learn to withstand such mockery — once and for all fight off every asshole of every shape and size.

Understand asshole

He can even recognize his rotten nature, considering it part of his character. For example, gonavy dad might say, «I’m training my son, but it does not bring any results.» Of course, he can see the results, but first it would be better looked at least a little feelings as a father because of bullying — hardly the best way to teach something child.

The pieces of shit usually very poor understanding of themselves and too little of the skills of interaction with people. They try to control people, suppressing their power, this desire comes from their fear of being insignificant. Guest behaves like a know-it-all because he is afraid to make a mistake. In order to come to terms with the world and to raise their self-esteem, he behaves badly with people, without the slightest hint of respect and sympathy. Just like the school bully, he shows his anger, threatens, demeans, and ridicules. If you all this seems familiar and if it occurs in your everyday life (at work, in the gym — anywhere), then you can safely say that this is the same man.

We understand the reasons for the behavior of this asshole. What emotions does the painting? Sympathy, all right. And respond to such behavior accordingly. To control people like better than to defeat him in battle. And fight — the last thing you don’t want that. That is, of course, you want to stick a pen into his eyes or stop support weight so he nailed the fucker to the floor and dragged straight to hell, but better stay away. Without the help will not cope. Sometimes it is enough to agree with a couple of his comments, to draw attention to new perspectives and to compromise, agreeing on something average. This is a new way to understand shit to calm him, but at the same time and remove it from your life for a while.

The opposition

It is important to be persistent when you feel that shit gets to you. However, if you start to show pressure too early, it may only worsen your condition, and in the end he will be pissed and will kick your ass. But if I had to choose between kick ass and the constant bullying, you should take the risk.

Fans to make fun of, as a rule, first probe the soil to understand on whom you can mock. If you don’t show weakness, he’ll realize you’re not the right candidate, and will continue to seek the necessary format. In the early stages does not need to be pushy in a physical sense — just say confident and show confidence. Stand up straight, look him in the eye, use rigid gestures, when you do something point-blank range. When choosing words, don’t stoop to his level, talk to him by name, avoid long explanations for their actions (the longer you explain, the more she has reason to cling to the words, to break it to you, etc.) and tell him how you want to solve the problem. Earlier, the opposition will show him that you’re not afraid of him that his behavior is unacceptable and you’re not going to put up with it.

If your boss was of this sort, he shouts at others and call them idiots. How to respond? Ask to talked in a proper tone. This will set limits for him. If necessary, make sure he knows you’re not afraid to act in the future.

This tactic in most cases will be enough. In the end, these people don’t like when they bring to light. And they don’t like to be weaker than someone. They in truth weak, they are easy to manipulate, they use aggression to control others. Remember: in this case, silence is not gold.


Although it is not easy to make fun of someone who is going to make you feel inferior and intimidated. However effectively. You have to understand that there are two ways to use such laughter. You can either laugh along with him, and it’ll show you such a harmless guy who does not need to be pressed. But you can laugh at and over him, to bring him back down to earth and humiliated before the crowd. It is not very convenient, you can kick ass, but worth it.

Laughter will make him nervous, and he was very poor at emotions. This is good, because often assholes themselves go for it: they use the emotions of others, and if they are emotionless, they got nothing to build the attack. Well, here is easier said than done, but at least try to turn a difficult situation into a funny. Let’s assume that you, for example, in the gym to reap much out there from the breast, and this asshole says: «Is that all you got?» You can come up with something like: «Well, you asked that I left hand at you and showed you that night.» It will be uncomfortable, and he shut up.

Remember, shit will not sympathize with your pain, so don’t show so as not to offend the asshole even more.


To distract the prick — so to buy time and to switch his attention from you to something else. They say that the best defense is attack, so keep attacking someone else. For example, if the hall this idiot says you’re a little tight, point him in the other type, which looks weaker than you. Asshole will switch to him, anything he will say and forget about the fact of your existence.

It’s true for work. If your boss is a know-it-all unjustly clings to you, comment on the work of colleagues and distract attention from himself. It’s like when you were a kid and got in an argument with parents, brothers and sisters, that in this universal fight they have forgotten what you did. And it worked!

So, shit will be new goal, but it may come back to you. Sooner or later you’ll have to do something more serious. Besides, to substitute other bad, you have to understand that. This advice is good for extreme cases when nothing else comes to mind.


As they say, is a thousand words. Attack is the best in any language. Study him, find his weakness, and when it will come to you next time, push on the sore. If you know the weakness of the Pope, who at the beginning of our text nurtured their child — loss, constantly remind him of how his son lost an important game two years ago. His son has since won many other matches, but you can do so, that failure will always be fresh in the memory of this asshole. However, be prepared for the consequences, when you press the red button labeled «do Not touch», besides when you do it too many times.

Trial and error

If after all this you came to the conclusion that this asshole will never rest and save yourself from a difficult situation. If you have been bullied at work, ask you to transfer or quit. If you bothering the shit in the gym, nothing is easier — start to go to another. If problems with a neighbor, stop all contact with him. You are the master of your mood and condition, you decide. If you avoid contact, it doesn’t mean that someone out there beat you. On the contrary. Wimp will remain in an unpleasant situation or change anything. And you do it so you feel comfortable and comfortable.

No one deserves to be scoffed at him. If you blame yourself, it’s all the same what to hang over a sign: «Kick me.» As in school, they are looking for weaknesses exposed to the guy. If it doesn’t work, remember that it is defective, and smile the next time he will call you a fool.

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