How to fight an alligator with his bare hands

how to beat an alligator

Simulate the situation: you’re slogging through the jungle, got separated from his companions and accidentally meet a crocodile. The usual sort of thing. To yourself you have no gun, no weapons of mass destruction — you’re just a tourist. What will you do? One man was able to defeat crocodile in a fair fight one on one, and if you can repeat this feat?

Don’t know how many readers is a skill you will need in life, but it’s interesting. As they say, never say never. And you never know suddenly around the corner an alligator.

Step 1: grab the back of an alligator

This is probably the most dangerous part of the battle with reptile. Never attempt to jump an alligator from the side or, God forbid, in front. If you do so, he will win and you will eat. Or, at worst, something will bite. To the alligator it is necessary to approach from behind. Better if you ask someone to distract the beast, so he doesn’t notice.

However, if this is not possible, take off your shirt and use it to blind the asshole (or a towel or something like that). Come on his shirt alligator on his head to close his eyes. If he can’t see you, then reacts more slowly.

Mentally draw a straight line from the head of the alligator to his tail. Aiming there with a running start (only prohibita), just jump on the reptile with his hands outstretched. It is necessary that your hands were directly on the neck of the alligator, from between his jaws and front legs. When you land on him, step on his neck with all his might, causing him to bend his head to the ground.

Alligators open their mouth just the same as people. This means that the lower jaw is movable and the upper one is not. When you pressed his head to the ground, so you do not give him to open his mouth.

It is best to sit on the upper back of the alligator, with his, shall we say, shoulders. Your knees should touch the ground and jamming the enemy’s flank. The lower part of the legs should hold the hind legs of the reptile, not letting them touch the ground. Why? So your opponent will not be able to roll over on your back and flatten you. If he succeeds, you’ll lose control.

Step 2: control the mouth

When you’re firmly settled on the back of the beast, it is necessary to control his mouth. Both hands grip his neck, all the body of you press it to the ground.

Basic rule: you may not cause harm to the Gator, but he’ll can. Always let all his power. But remember, technique is much more important than brute force.

Hold out your dominant hand forward. Keep hold of the alligator and pull him to the ground, while your hand slips to the middle of the head. You need to close his eyes. Alligators draw the eye into the skull, so a simple contact is enough. And again: it is necessary to deprive him of view to gain an advantage.

With all his strength to push the eye. Pridavili head to the ground to krokodilische decide to open the jaws. Now pull the arm forward and down, run it under the lower jaw of the alligator — you’ll feel around the bone soft skin. Thumbs under the jaw, hand and thumb on top — now squeeze the hand hard.

The whole strength of the alligator grip to the lower jaw. When it comes to open jaws, there is no need of special power, and that means you will be able to compress the jaw with one hand. However, this does not mean that you have to sit on top and close it’s mouth with one hand with one hand.

Still pressing the head of a reptile to the ground, move the hand, closes his eyes, and grab the lower jaw. Now you both hands hold the mouth of an alligator shut.

Step 3: submission

Raise the head of the alligator from the ground and close to the chest. When it is at an angle of 90 degrees, the alligator is no longer resist. Congratulations, you took him over.

Step 4: flush

Now the fun part: how to leave?

Turn the head of an alligator on the ground. Leading hand once again cover his eyes. Pressing the lead fingers, eyes, other hand, up under the jaw, until you reach the neck — push there. Now remove your dominant hand from the eye and move it on the neck. Now you’re in the same position as when I first jumped on his back.

Keep your knees off the ground and povorachivat under her feet — now you poluprisyade standing on the back of an alligator. Feet tightly pressed to the body of a reptile. It is much harder to bite you when you’re on her back than when you’re aside. If the alligator resists, again pin it down. Don’t leave the resistance without attention.

Grab him by the neck. In one motion threw him forward as far as you can, and at that time jump ago. Depending on the weight of your opponent this can be a difficult task: some individuals you are not able to drop a considerable distance, and that’s fine. Ten inches is all you need. When you leave him, he loses balance, and you have more time to escape.

Otprygivat as far back as possible and continue to retreat. Alligator, of course, will turn and open mouth. And let them. Keeps an eye on him and give up. If he pursues you, run like hell in a straight line. He quickly exhausted and will return to the water.

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