How to explain to your face that she has lost its beauty?



How to explain to your face that she has lost its beauty? Together we have about 2 years and I mildly began to learn. You could say, you’re probably also not a cake. So the fact of the matter is that I am more than normal. And here it is…

The phrase «stopped out» sounds like she gained 30 pounds, grew a unibrow, no longer to wash my hair etc. I Hope not, otherwise I can’t tell you, because if the girl had turned into such a monster, it your explanations will not help.

If such terrible changes with it has not happened, and it was only less attractive dress, rarely wear makeup, instead of luxurious curls, it now collects hair in a bun or sloppy braided plait, is short skirts and sexy blouses for her now increasingly jeans and t-shirt, it is quite normal changes, and they are all girls, especially those who have a serious relationship with a boyfriend or is married.

Why this change? It’s simple: when we search for a partner, we use different tricks and gimmicks, and, incidentally, not only girls. If a girl not endowed with the beauty of nature, then she needs to pay more attention to their appearance. In the course are the clothes, makeup and hairstyle, and peculiar behavior. Some have to sit on diets and to pace yourself in the gym to lose a few extra pounds. But when a man’s heart is in our pocket, we relax. Why wear armour if the war is over? Lonely girl always tries to look her best because she is in constant search. If you say, «Well, that’s my friend, too, married seven years, but always looks on the five plus, well, maybe she continues to look?» Maybe she has nothing better to do than to go to the beauty salon for a manicure, massage, etc?

The second point: when the girl and guy move in together, she usually takes part of taking care of her man and so she has less time to do them. Take over some of her worries and give her a day at the Spa. Free her busy lifestyle time, so she could spend it on themselves. If you want to make it nice, give her a chance to be.

Don’t think I want to meet girls because they look bad, I just help you find the reason why it is happening and try to help you and the other dudes to fix this thing.

First, don’t tell him directly: «You better,» the whip is not appropriate, get gingerbread. For example, give her a pretty dress one size smaller (sorry, not got the size, and pre-rip all the labels and throw out a check so she could not return or exchange), it will have an incentive to get involved in it. If your friend is not recovered, you still give her a beautiful dress (the right size). Gifts no one’s ever been uglier. Give a set of expensive cosmetics. If your friend has ceased to draw the beauty on the face, the presence of the coolest cosmetics in her makeup bag can be a good incentive.

Don’t tell her «go to the hairdresser,» you say, «I like when your hair is curled in ringlets» (or something else, depends on what you loved about her when she was beautiful). Don’t tell her «don’t wear those ugly jeans,» say, «these jeans enough stress on your body, and those sit on you perfectly,» etc.

If all this does not work and it still turns into a monster, then ask why she began to pay less attention to their appearance, this is not your fault or any reason. Only it must be without a tone of claims as with a sincere interest and care about her. Maybe she’s depressed? Maybe she wants you to love her not only for looks, but saw it as something else?

In General, everyone should know that beauty is not eternal and your girlfriend or wife you not only sex partner, and friend and helper in joy and sorrow. No matter how you look after yourself, beauty will eventually fade, old age still has not been canceled, unfortunately. So don’t think your girl will always be beautiful, learn to love and appreciate not only the appearance, unless, of course, she’s not only a matter of sexual pleasure.

I hope I answered your question, although situations are all different, and we girls are all different too, so the universal answer does not exist here.

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