How to explain to the woman that don’t want to start a relationship

how to explain that don't want a relationship

Relationships is a common thing, but there is no obligation to have them. Sometimes, you simply do not want to, but your next companion for random adventures somehow intended to make you my husband. Just think, your. I don’t know why they want it. You may say her that don’t want what is not yours, but it is such do not understand the words. Does not want to understand. It must necessarily lead to some valid reason like she’s the teacher, and you answer to why you missed the test. Well and figs with it, we call these reasons.

1. I need to focus on work

It would be better if that excuse sounds ridiculous. You? Work? Oh my God. Let’s be honest: to work hardly anyone likes and few people doing it with due zeal.

However, at the same time false that excuse also will not name. You really need to concentrate on work. Do you live only due to the fact that working. You gonna be a magic to earn a living or in the transitions to play? No, you need to pay for food and light, so it’s a pretty good reason why. Use on health. At least try it.

2. I need more time for yourself

You know, I have to sleep with more women before my youth is over and I turn into an old rotten. I need time alone, no one to clutter up my space and time and their whims, desires and requirements. I like to live the way I do it now, and I don’t want to change anything. Therefore, look for happiness there’s the guy who is bent on loneliness. I will not die, I enjoy him.

3. I really like to meet you

Yes, it still works! And well worth it. You immediately turned to her complex and enigmatic asshole who will constantly smother her life if you want to stay with her as long as possible. The normal justification which does not require special explanations: to explain this thing can not be understood, but uncertain platitudes girlfriend somehow believe more than logical and short «no.» So be it, woman!

4. I don’t believe in monogamy

What good is this trick? It demonstrates what to expect naive friend, if she wants you to curb. No woman likes cheating on her. It’s probably their worst nightmare: finding you on someone else’s hair, smell someone else’s perfume, the wool in your smartphone for the presence of suspicious SMS. They will imagine all this and realize that you really don’t need, and money is not necessary. And roll with the cosmic speed.

5. I’m going into the army and don’t want to wait for me

Here is a twist! Of course, in the army now serve only one year, but it’s «just one year» only in comparison with the previous, two-year lifespan. For normal people it is a year when you need could be very irritating ass, to share accommodation with a mass of aggressive males, to obey the assholes out rank you and hope that your friend will not abandon you. Therefore, no sane person in the army on their own will not want. If you claim otherwise, female alarming: why would she build a relationship with an inadequate man? Like no. But also to wait a whole year too, the prospect is not pleasant. The desire to disappear instantly.

6. I’m tired of life and can’t love

Excuses from the «I love you». You just turn into a rag and be her almost gay. What? Tired? From what? How can not you? Well, sit then one, sufferer. Suffer yourself. Why start a relationship with a whiner? Feel your mommy she doesn’t want to. To hear constant complaints too. You’re not interested in her opinion of your personality? Then the gardens that I want!

7. I still love my ex

It’s a classic. It’s like «War and peace» among the reasons why you don’t want to have a relationship. Works well because to compete with the former, few dare. The girl will think you’re a heartless brute if you slept with her and loved with this other woman, not being able to forget her. She doesn’t want to help you on this difficult path, to support and try to earn your favor. Immediately shut the door on you.

8. I regularly sleep with three different girls, and it suits me

The truth is painful. She asked. To tame a womanizer — a wasted effort. Constantly monitor you when you are lived twenty years in marriage, unreasonable work. Why work for something unknown? But to be one of the many she won’t like you if she already found possessiveness. Don’t fall, if she pretends to be a poor lamb!

9. I’m gay

This is an emergency! Apply only when not running everything. Why? First, this hate to lie. Secondly, the Earth is round. Something else you might meet, and she’ll tell it to someone. Have everyone explain in detail, if you even want to listen. But she will lose all hope — a blessing in disguise.

10. I don’t like you and never will like it

It’s even worse than saying you’re gay. Why? Explain. Insulting people is unpleasant. Women’s tears — uncontrollable thing. Women’s anger is a terrible thing. Let’s better she’s not taking you seriously believe a fool than screaming at you and crying. You’re not to baptize children — you can invent. The truth is too brutal and simple, it hurts more every lie. Use only in cases of extreme helplessness.

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