How to escape from the small trouble

Dude, a week before the New year involuntarily want to sum up the past 2014. And because the year was really difficult: political instability, crisis and the performance of the national team of Russia on football at the world Cup. But if you think about the problems frequently, you can seriously hurt yourself. Even the most harsh and brutal dudes need a break and to ensure that it is easier than you think.

1. Reading


British scientists, who, apparently, are the most interesting on the planet, found that this kind of leisure reduces stress by 68 percent. We can say, killed on the spot. A huge plus is that nowadays, many books are freely available on the Internet, there are tons of applications and communities for book lovers. If, however, craves your inner reader, any free or on the shelves of the nearest bookstore, you can always order it with home delivery. Anyway, I read a lot – a lot you know what they say.

2. Movie


Going to the movies with friends is always a special event. Sometimes it does not matter what the genre and content of the film, the main thing is good company around. But it also happens that you nahlynet wave gloomy mood, all your friends are busy and my friend have not seen the previous parts of»the Hobbit», for example). Why not go to the cinema alone? So, perhaps you will glance askance cute couple and the female ticket collector, but who cares? The main thing is to have fun and be distracted for a couple of hours from problems.

3. The gym


For these guys to vent negative emotions in the gym – the usual thing. Some people prefer team sports, someone enough alone to hit the punching bag all day long. Anyway, sport does not only develop you physically and help you stay in shape, but also make you forget about troubles at work/school/personal life. Only without fanaticism, man! Sometimes a morning jog or a simple walk to your favorite music can put you back together and give strength for new achievements.

4. The show/concert


Have you been looking poster of the upcoming events, man? Probably soon will be something interesting. Sometimes you just need to get out of the comfort zone and visit a new place or event. This, of course, the key to the new emotions and thoughts, who are happy to take out old and not very pleasant memories. Better yet, make a point of visiting cultural events with a certain periodicity once a week, for example.

5. Playstation/Xbox


Well, where are we without a parallel universe? We all come from childhood, and our generation in General could be chopped into «dandy» and «Sega» for days on end. It’s great that technology leapt far ahead, and now some games are more like real life (sounds a bit scary, isn’t it?). So, why not arrange an evening with friends, pizza and Xbox? The joint military action in shooters, hot football and hockey games and, of course, continuous kicking ass in «mortal kombat»! Even your friends will not be bored: they have come up with Kinect, and dancing. In General, the passion and good mood for the evening guaranteed.

6. Call a friend


No, we do not suggest you to take a hint from the TV show about the million. Just everyone has a relative, close friend or colleague who lives in another city. And it is remarkable that in our days not just to hear his voice, but to see, while receiving the maximum effect of presence. For some people, spiritual conversations have become the norm to watch a film together in the distance or just to talk from morning to night. I want to believe that is not far off the communicators with gologrammam, as in «Star wars.»

7. Music


Another great way to forget about problems. Favorite tracks will always be able to move you into a different world, perhaps you have a special collection for dreamy and motivating effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment: for example, the ability to make sounds using musical instruments is great for dealing with stress. Start with a simple triangle or ukulele, for example. And if you want music as an appropriate tool at hand, use your gadget: with a huge number of mobile apps can feel like a true rock star.

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