How to erase bad memories

Have unpleasant memories of how you passed under the Windows of the building, and you threw the scruff butt. Is shameful that you have admitted their love for each other, and she refused. Is shameful when you beat. Is shameful, when you forced to apologize on his knees for mindless stupidity. Is unpleasant when you face the best friend, then you had a fight. And there are just too disgusting, and they are connected with a divorce or the death of loved ones. All these memories eventually do in the soul of the wormhole, which prevents to live and enjoy life. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of it.

Human memories have two components — mental and physical. Researchers believe that our memory holds painful memories because of security reasons. Every positive or negative event is our teacher. And next time you’ll know that these people don’t do business that don’t need to meet with a girl who came to you for a job interview and the first night gave a blow job, or go on a trip without drugs is the worst decision of your life. Struggle with bad memories of the sensation of danger, and so it happens that many call «stepped on the same rake».

But some memories are very negative and even mentally stable crazy, what to speak of too «soft» citizens. Therefore, it is recommended to use the following methods. It wouldn’t hurt to work on your moral stability. Because life is harsh and unfair and is unlikely to in the future you will regret. But if the feeling of shame, discomfort prevents you to go out after you from head to toe doused machine, then it is very likely to go crazy.

Convince yourself otherwise

Many experts firmly believe that we remember not all that had happened to us, and our memories are only small particles of information. So before you «erase» the memory, you must restore the entire picture to fully reassemble the scattered fragments.

After this unpleasant procedure, after reactivation of memories they become receptive to change. For example, the Chinese doctors performed an experiment which showed the unfortunate subject of a charming Panda. The next day they asked him: «What did you see?». Upon hearing the correct answer («Panda»), they began to drive the unfortunate that everything is a lie, and he saw a grizzly. Two days later, he already doubted what I saw.

Similarly, we can proceed with the negative memories. There is nothing surprising in the fact that this «memory» the way we live, a constant reminder of what happened. When unpleasant thoughts once again return, imagine that it went a completely different scenario. Repeatedly play in my head as you emerged victorious from a difficult situation. Over time, the brain will begin to perceive this fantasy as what it really is, and soon the bad memories will no longer spoil your mood. Most importantly, do not very trust your memories, otherwise you may think you’re not shit he is.

Visual problems

If you have saved some things that remind you of bad, it is better to get rid of them. The opinion of a person is repelled from the material — visual component of perception is too strong. Therefore, if you notice on a door scratch that was left after your girlfriend threw you in a vase, it would be better to change doors. With things, of course, easier, but still throw a pity. The case of money it is worth. Then resell, give to friends, donate to charity — anything. Are you going to entertain the fact that getting rid of things not mediocre.

Take your head

Bad memories come to mind when more to think about. This means that you have a lot of free time, which in turn is a consequence of the fact that your life is empty and meaningless. Sit, fingers sniffing and starved for at least some activities of the brain starts to reproduce in memory the most unpleasant things, simply speaking, to reflect. Then come tears, snot, sobs, and even homosexuality. This is not a joke, this is not a joke. All you need is to change my life radically. Think of as more dense and interesting schedule, full of events, new discoveries and information. If you’re constantly busy, even monotonous, but pleasant to you it, and not notice that the bad memories were gone. Because your brain has something to do. In why this is the next method.

Cover bad good

And the method is ridiculously simple — you need to block the negative as positive feelings, and then joy and happiness will win. But where to take them — this is your concern.

But after this regaining faith in people. People like you with money thrown, and you’re still at the meeting are not going to punch him in the face. But remember that credibility is lost forever.

Maybe the problem is you

In General, it would not hurt to pay attention primarily on yourself. Because people tend to blame their own problems in everyone around you but yourself. Parents, children, neighbors, relatives, enemies, friends, boss. It is important to understand that all these people were just performers. They are not to blame. They just gave you back the favour. Maybe you’re just such a beast to live with you impossible, and their attempts to find a common language with you bumping into your bad character. If we accept this fact instead of accusations will come humility. Negative memories there’s nothing left to tap into. Offended ego no longer grows and attracts new trouble. In theory it’s simple. But in practice, to calm it quite difficult.

Scientific method

If you fail to cure the fear natural, in a natural way, it will help science. Honestly, she still can not do anything, but carefully preparing to release into the world three technologies that can eliminate painful memories.

Beta-blockers vs spiders

Recently in the Netherlands, the real nightmare was subjected arachnophobes. They showed a cage full of tarantulas, and while they were in a state of panic, they injected beta-blockers, which are commonly used to treat high blood pressure, but as you know, more and restrict the level of noradrenaline. This method turned out to be pretty darn effective. Gradually arachnophobe managed to cast fear out of my head, and after a few days the furry four-legged creation is no longer caused them such fear.

Treat gas

Hardest to relive the memories associated with the death of loved ones — they can really ruin lives. The unfortunate people who lost their loved ones, were invited to participate in the experiment. The fact that recently developed a therapy that includes the xenon gas used as an anesthetic in Europe. Gas affects certain receptors in the brain that are closely associated with learning and memory. The patient simply breathes in the gas through a kind of inhaler, but my head begins the process to neutralize negative memories.Like in «Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind»

You probably thought this article at least once will remember the wonderful movie «Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind». And now it’s time. As you remember in the film on the brain Jim Carrey exposed to an electric pulse while he slept. About the same device under test. However, while they will attempt exclusively on mice. The unfortunate test subjects were able to send to places that previously caused them fear and panic and therefore repulsed any desire to go there. It remains to carry out experiments on the brain, which, though similar to the mouse, but much more complicated in structure, on human.

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