How to equip your library


The famous French poet Paul Claudel argued that the library is a herbarium of feelings and passions, the vessel where you stored the dried samples of all civilizations.» Each of us in childhood felt that awesome feeling when the first time was in the library. A lot of books as a repository of other people’s knowledge and emotions, experiences and dreams beckoned for its roots, but a wise librarian always knew what you needed. But we grew up and picking up of books began to worry only when necessary, for training.But then there comes a time when you suddenly discover at least a few volumes of king or Orwell. Comes the thought: «do not stir me the library?» Of course, this is if you’re a reading man, and a bookstore where you go in at least once a month, you even have a discount card. And you’re probably like this, just read this article (deduction, Mr. Watson!). If you’re ready for this step, you should think over how to equip book space in your house.

First of all, I would like to quote the Roman philosopher Lucius Seneca Andøya: «the Great library rather diffuses than the reader receives. It is much better to restrict myself to a few authors than rashly to read many.» Of course, we are talking more about the hardware, not about physical size, but it’s worth considering. Even if you have spacious room, no need to get him a bunch of racks, which almost certainly will only gather dust. It is generally the Bane of any personal library — it will not command respect, if not to follow her appearance. But for now, its there, and there are only a handful of books that will eventually become your storehouse of wisdom.

Anyway, minimalism rocks. Let the city libraries are full of books, and your collection must fit on one side without occluding the fully Wallpaper. Here, as they say, tastes differ, and the design of the shelves you have to choose, but there are a couple of fundamental rules.

First, the distance between the shelves should be slightly greater than the height of a typical book — so you won’t pile up favorite authors one to another, creating a mess. Second, determine in advance what books will fill a particular shelf. This is the most difficult and key moment, because if the collection is already big, will have to choose favorites. However, subsequently this will help to avoid incidents, when «a Song of Ice and fire» does not fit properly.This is partly justify the purchase individual shelves and their alternate, expanded according to taste, installation. But if the wall does not want to spoil or not, you have to consider the classic version. In this case, it is better to take care of the area of the floor where there will be heavy shelving, and, of course, not to place the books next to a radiator or source of the fire, even if it is a bio fireplace. By the way, if you thought that the dust — your only enemy, wash your face, because the chief evil for any book always was the storage conditions, i.e. temperature and humidity. The real ideal: 16-18 degrees Celsius at a humidity of 60%. In any case, it is not hard, because the books absorb tobacco smoke. And of course it is — no, not for books, but for your eyes. No lights or lamps. The perfect option here is a floor lamp with soft light (no direct bright light is yellow and dry).

By the way, very popular lately are made in loft style.


Finally, and most sweet: how to sort books? The main one rule: no more than two shelves for serial books. Of course, tastes are different, but if you’re going to hit someone, a lot of similar shelves will only mean that you have a monotonous taste. So you can leave some on the shelves of Dan brown or James Rollins, but the rest give under more diverse/heterogeneous a work. If the collection itself is not, it is better to take advantage of discounts at stores often reduce the price for the purchase of several books. Do not take with hands on the Internet fairs, because it’s fu — your books, your spots on the pages and draw more.

And last tip: no big books! We mean altitude, since these always stand out from the mass, spoiling the overall style. Look of the publisher or download the electronic version, but the heavy volumes will have to give.

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