How to equip the kitchen, not to eat

Everyone understands that we need great, but once in the kitchen, lose the head and eat everything that came to hand. However, there are ways to do so that came across his arm but good.

It is possible to cope with a private bath meal and get their behavior under control. People eat what comes their way. It seems that this is obvious, but the difficulty is that this process occurs unconsciously and automatically. The best way is to not keep junk food at home. If you don’t buy chips, they you will not. It is necessary that healthy food was in sight, and noxious was in the area away. We thought about it and found a few ways to change the kitchen to it with your enemy turned into a friend.

1.Clear the table

By their presence in the field of view of your food reminds you that she’s here, she’s available, it is possible to eat — and in the end you grab it and pull into your mouth. Therefore, all kinds of candy and rolls take away in the closet.

2.A bowl of fruit

It just can not be removed. From the previous paragraph we know that if food is in sight (including fresh fruit), we eat it. So let it be the vitamins that you will benefit! It is necessary to mind was that vegetables and fruit: you can eat them fresh.

3.Transparent containers

This applies to vegetables and fruits that should be cut and cleaned before you eat. Prepare them in advance and put them in transparent containers that, opening the fridge, you could see, for something to hold on.

4.A single serving

If you still have something after dinner and you’re going to eat it at lunch, it would be logical to put food on a La carte container: container is part of exactly one portion that you eat, say for lunch. For more to go you lazy, especially if you know that the supplements you finish your dinner.

5. Don’t forget the freezer

If something is not done — feel free to put. Then defrost and eat when you need more effort to swallow a piece of smoked chicken, you are more likely to choose the Apple. Moreover, freezing retains more vitamins.

6. Rearrangement in the fridge

If you have in the fridge, containers for vegetables are at the bottom, you need a permutation (but happy owners of refrigerators in which the freezer is at the bottom, we can only congratulate). Opaque containers hide from you the most healthy and perishable foods.

7.You take care of the design

Food prepared at home is always better than bought by someone else, so you need to make cooking a pleasure for you. To start put in the kitchen cookbook, if any. Clock, timer, vase, pot with cactus — any accessories will do.

8. Don’t bring a shared plate for the table

When you eat, don’t bring to the table a large Cup or pot, from which you can put Supplement. So you can eat one serving and calm down, otherwise the temptation will be too great.

9.Buy a good knife and other tools

If you would like to cut, clean and do other kitchen chores. Need a good knife, potato peeler and cutting Board: they help to prepare vegetables and fruits, which are so useful. If you know that you have a great Arsenal, you’re cooking with joy.

10.Always cross out something from your shopping list

Constantly browse the list of products that you buy on a regular basis, and try to critically evaluate it. There is something extra that is not necessary? Every time you need a dessert? If there is anything left after the holidays, hide it away on the shelves.

11. Eat only in the kitchen

If you’re used to, that is possible even on the balcony, though the room, even in the hallway, even in the toilet, you have no restrictions at all: the brain at any moment ready to eat. Don’t eat when watching TV. Food intake should only occur in the kitchen.

12. Less plates, cups and above already

A surprising discovery: the bigger the plate, the greater portion: people intuitively want to fill the whole plate. Get rid of big plates. The same applies to large glasses of juices and alcohol too has calories.

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