How to equip a workshop

You have your own house, but there are no workshop? You head is not bumped by any chance? How can you call a home, if there is no place where man can return to his forgotten, but still important activity like repair of broken and creating a new one, so this is a new broke again? Our parents spent for the machines and saws hundreds of hours, and you, as soon as broken chair leg, I’m coming to the dumpster. Come to your senses! The universe gave you hands for a reason, but to do them cool things. Table, which made you yourself will always be more valuable and better than what you buy in the store. But you’ll never do anything like that, will not saturate your memories with the joy of joinery, if you don’t have comfortable and functional workshop. How to build the perfect workshop, we want to tell.

Where workshop

Home workshop is not as simple as it seems at first glance. There are a lot of subtleties, which need to be told, and mysteries that are yet to be disclosed. But we must start with the home – place. It is necessary to proceed from your starting positions. Let’s say you have a house which has an attic and a basement and two floors, and a garage. No reasonable person, living with family, will not have his workshop in one of the living rooms – the screeching of the saws will cause nervous your friend. So forget about living rooms on the first and second floors. Attic, even if it is big, is not the answer – he does not want to always carry tools up and cleaning will be expensive. The best option we believe a garage or basement. In both cases, you’re going to have soundproofing, so you don’t strain no neighbors, no roommates, whoever they were. It should be spacious enough to store large and heavy objects. Not to be redundant ventilation and heating for the winter period.

Pay special attention to the ceilings. And not only in aesthetics but also in functionality, convenience that would be greatly reduced if your choice inadvertently fall on low quality representatives of the ceiling of the world.

Our selection of ceiling Grilyato. They are aluminum suspended ceiling, which is simply amazing properties of fire, which is important in any workplace. This design has a high corrosion resistance, well-ventilated, and looks strictly and stylish. Find a good manufacturer, such as D-Stroy, and sets his health. Regret the choice not have to.Another important and, no doubt, a useful feature ceilings Grilyato is the possibility of their combination with other types of suspended ceilings (cassette and rack, for example). If you want to embed the lighting fixtures, the ceiling will cope with the task. If you want to access the utilities, then go ahead – difficulties with Grilyato no.

The right lighting


Even if you occasionally work in the Studio, when I have a free day or you leave, the lighting still has to be perfect. Light significantly affects the quality of your work – it always has been. If the lighting is dim, then quickly sleepy (brain is not fooled), but a good, strong light is good for your health.

All work surfaces should be well lit. In addition to the main light, think about the local sources that are easier to control. For example, institutions of local light above the workbench. And, of course, you should not rely on natural light – the assistant of it whatsoever. What bulb to use? Everyone decides, but we recommend to abandon incandescent lamps and halogen lamps. Use LED bulbs. They will be more expensive but more than pay for themselves, as they are the most durable of all possible types of lighting.

It is advisable to place on the perimeter separate workshop lamps – they can be choose according to your own taste preferences. Pay attention to style solutions. Beautiful lamp set the tone for the whole work, create a unique atmosphere of the workshop. Look, for example, in a Garage Factory full of great design and courageous things.

In addition, their purpose is to provide light when the primary is not needed, or to focus on a certain area of the workshop.



Without it, you can not do. We can say that the workbench is the heart of your workshop.

There are three criteria by which to evaluate the design of the machine:

Criterion #1: functionality

The machine is good not only for the fact that it can work, but the fact that it is always conveniently storing the tools. You need to pay attention to the zone storage: all tools should be at hand, easy to reach and to return to its rightful place. For large tools, you need a good cupboard with shelves or drawers, which if you want, you will be enriched plastic drawers for different things.

Criterion #2: strength

We talked about this just above: take made of metal and will not lose. Metal make your machine durable, easy to use, you can not say about the tree, which need special care.

Criterion #3: a working surface

If you want to work for the machine a pleasure, the working surface should be large and strong, of course. Then you will be able to create for the machine whatever you want. Regarding the material of the table top: choose between waterproof plywood and a thick sheet of MDF. The difference is small, as long as the surface was covered with galvanized iron to increase service life.

My friends, we suggest to install only metal workbenches that are the most durable, functional and durable. A good machine is used for decades, so better not to make stupid mistakes when buying.


Sooner or later you sure will meet a lot of different utensils in the workshop. Some things will be completely useless, while others will obediently waiting in the wings. In any case, you will have to find a place for all these, no doubt, expensive things. The simplest and true solution to this problem – good old shelving. No one invented anything better!


They come in two types: easy-to-assemble and bolt. The first one is easier to maintain, are assembled without bolts, and shelves can be combined as you want it. Design of bolted shelving is quite different. Time for the Assembly to spend more. Whatever you choose for your workshop, you must consider the size and weight of things you want to place on the shelves, and in order to buy these racks. Not rashly put them on the shelves that were – they simply can not withstand. And here and the injury close. So try to take shelves that can withstand much more than you need.

If you know exactly what will be stored on the shelves, you almost chose the rack. You only have to look at the characteristics and carefully consider your choice carefully. Pay attention to the load! Good rackswith shelves which can withstand up to 300 pounds, is an excellent choice.

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