How to equip a Studio

manygoodtips.com_21.03.2016_KKkTjOhhdSaCrWhy many singles like Studio apartments, not houses three floors? It’s simple: low price, preservation of mobility and a much smaller headache for the exploitation, collection and payment of utility bills. If you have no wife and children, and if the family don’t you think in the coming years, or at all, the Studio will always seem an attractive choice. Just your den, small but functional. A place to sleep, where to eat and where to invite a friend for life?

Their own homes the better, the more it reflects the owner’s personality: his temperament, character, tastes and even views on life. In the bachelor cave it’s only more noticeable because there is no other human influence on the atmosphere of the apartment meters. However, very often men score on any semblance of design and interior decoration. From this, life becomes duller, greyer and, as a result, worse. Man thinks that the whole thing is wrong way of life, and begins to look for a collar on the neck. But we, the editors know that the matter is not in it: one to live loosely and freely, especially when you’re young. But if we are talking about the Studio, the first refuge of independence, it is necessary to carefully consider how you’re going to settle. And in this, as you guessed, you will help and interior design Studio Design Project.

In General

The Studio is not just flat, that we have enough money.» This opinion, in our view, fundamentally wrong. Many people acquire studios, as they matched their rhythm of life. In this apartment, perhaps, no family comfort and cots, but there are many other opportunities: open space, a place under the disco ball or the neon sign (like bars), a space for insanity, which you can channel something conservative. Of course you will not just once or twice to invite friends, colleagues, random strangers, and therefore, the apartment should be ready to party. But the guests better not to focus, because the apartment should be comfortable and enjoyable in the first place for myself.

manygoodtips.com_21.03.2016_CpOgSeZT1iUQlYour Studio should be as functional, and therefore restrained. The extra decor, extra accessories in the design of the furnace, they take up space and you and so little. For this reason, many prefer the Scandinavian style, which stands out for its practical solutions. But don’t forget that the interior should reflect your character.


Remember the main fact – we have little space. But it seems at first glance, because the point is to use all available space in the most rational way. So forget about the extra walls and choose an apartment with a free plan. The more unnecessary walls, the less space and less functionality.

Think about how you can transform a particular area in the apartment. If your answer is «no», then you’re not thinking about functionality, because in the Studio everything has to be interchangeable. Your bedroom could be study, office kitchen. You know?


Trim also needs to be easier. Complex design solutions save it when you get older and buy yourself a mansion. To hell with multilevel ceilings and perversion in the form of curved walls. If you want to create, then just use interesting materials, and leave the classics.

For walls, use plain Wallpaper or plaster with some interesting texture. Wallpaper with drawings is not the best option, although you can always use a soft geometric print. You can do without the Wallpaper and just paint the walls, but then have it all carefully aligned to the ideal. If you live in a brick house, then our advice to you: forget all about the processing! Brick walls look great, especially for those of us who ugorayu interior in loft style. If the walls are concrete, you can always close them wall panels. In this case, choose between brick, stonework and (where the same without our favorite options!) tree.

Poradi.yak.ua_21.03.2016_pQeH7KCN4NmDZNow think about our field. Most likely, you will be sad and you get a dog, and if not to get a dog, then perhaps you’re not a particular fan of scrubbing floors. And although the yardage you have, but every day to wash the floors not cool. So use washable materials, for example parquet or laminate. If we talk about the kitchen area or bathroom, use ceramic tile or good old-fashioned natural stone.

And never underestimate the mirror surface. They work wonders! If for friends the mirror is in the first place a reason to kill three hours on hair and polishing eyelashes, for us – an excellent opportunity to expand the visible space. The room will be lighter and visually more spacious.

Color scheme

Why do you want flashy colors and explosions of flowers? You’re not doing the nursery, and work not like a clown. So choose something from the field of muted and dark: black, brick, brown, gray and coffee. Do not have to do everything in a single tone, you can combine, so forgive me designers to «play with flowers». Sometimes you need to focus on the area, then use wine, lemon or herbal tones. Assume that the portion you want to allocate to excess, otherwise it will be boring. Then you can use a bright print or something like that. This color scheme is perfect for men of various kinds.

If you’re going to buy a Studio or any other apartment, I advise you to seek the assistance of our friends from the interior design Studio Design Project. They will help to make your little apartment a place you’ll want to come back.

The furniture in the Studio

Here we are faced with the eternal problem: on the one hand, we are surrounded by friends who want to come to a kosher party, and standing at a party not everyone wants to (and stay the night – don’t forget about it); on the other hand, the amount of furniture should be minimal, because we need to keep the space open, bright and light. What to do in such a difficult situation? Let her to solve it.

First, the living area should be large modular sofa that perfectly folds and unfolds. Now sell such that it is difficult to see how he incorporates so many beds. In General, it is necessary – the point is: it can stay friends.

Poradi.s.ua_21.03.2016_d8DeiR2Mlher1Second, let’s forget about the dining table – it takes up a lot of space. Replacement table for a stylish bar that is relevant in everyday life, and during the Dionysian mysteries. Be sure to think about such a wonderful part of any luxury apartments, mini bar. It can be placed in a glass cupboard or on the shelves, and it is possible not to hide in a separate element of the decor (there are minibars in the form of a globe or a huge books).

The materials from which the furniture should be practical, with a protective coating, easy to clean, almost impossible to kill. If you take upholstered furniture, to buy leather, or imitation leather. Almost any stain can be removed in a jiffy.

Area for bread and circuses

Modern guy likes all sorts of technological excesses, and quite indifferent to the gaming industry. Well, this is understandable, relax in our hectic age is not just possible, but necessary. Therefore do not neglect the organization of the «gaming zones» in the Studio. The same applies to technical assistants, a young homeowner. We sometimes almost impossible to cope with life without a dishwasher, food processor, microwave oven. Good sound system in the recreation area is never superfluous will not be. Because you know, that standard computer speakers the sound is not the same, because the sound quality is the strongest criterion for evaluating a film. Still the TV come in handy, although you can get a good computer screen, but then think how this computer to have, to be able to view the movie from the bed surrounded by beer and chips.

In General, to equip it right, you need a lot of pieces. However, you should always remember that all the equipment, all boxes, all electronic computer Saga may hide behind the facades of the cabinets to ease the burden of small square footage. However, it is possible, on the contrary, flaunt it. To brag about we all love.


manygoodtips.com_21.03.2016_hT1ZSWeRX0fTZLess of this stuff. Especially the fact that you need to put on tables, shelves or hanging on walls. The fact that all surfaces need to be dust, and additional objects significantly complicate the harvesting process. It is necessary to you? But we’re not savages, and entirely without decoration, too, live uncomfortable. Therefore, we offer you to make a knight’s move to get things that can be decor and something useful, to bear the functional load, for example: musical instruments (guitar stand), sports equipment (banal pear), various gadgets (there is already on your taste). Down with the dust! Let your interior shout about your interests and Hobbies! Are you obsessed with bladed weapons, hang on the wall a sword, if you’re a biker, then nailed to the wall of the helmet and native colors.

It is advisable to install lighting that will emphasize the individual parts of the interior, if you want me to. Thus it is possible to turn a conservative living room into a night club and the bedroom in the house as a ladies ‘ man (although some of this will be creepy). Men’s interior can contain elements of rough hromirovannaya – so you can attract attention and not to be considered a guy with no design sense whatsoever!

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