How to ensure their financial stability

financial stability

Men always want stability, because men are generally synonymous with stability. Before you just wanted to be cool: to play basketball, the first of her friends to kiss a girl, drink more, hang out at the coolest parties. All of this comes the next stage of growing up: now women no matter what you press and how much you can drink at a time. They need someone who can provide them. They want stability.


The purse is always necessary to have roughly several thousand. To many it is strange, because you can always withdraw money from an ATM or to pay with a card. But sometimes there are unforeseen situations: card does not expect a Bank to distant lands. Suddenly you want to drink or eat a little more, leave a generous tip — even if you just share with someone a check for lunch, cash is always better: delivers a rich look.

But just to have cash in your wallet is not everything. You also need to have some savings for a rainy day, for emergencies. This will be the emergency reserve, which you will address from time to time. If you have savings for a rainy day, it shows you’re responsible and disciplined enough to save money and not touch them unless necessary. How much money is enough? The smallest amount is how much you spend on the farm for three months, but to be even safer, it is better to increase this amount to six months. If you have a safety cushion equal to your annual expenses, you’ll feel a sort of financial Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Get rid of debt

Old or young you are, nothing can be less attractive to you than this nasty baggage. It’s even worse than if you’re constantly communicating with your ex. I had a friend with whom we once talked on the subject: what makes a man attractive to women. She said, «If he has no debt, I like it. This means that he is his own master that we face unshadowed future.» Everyone who is someone was once needs, it’s understandable. Debts becomes worse when you hang them on the neck of your loved ones. If you have debts, you urgently need a plan to get rid of them and keep them going.

Budget — it’s cool

You need not spend just to spend. You need to know where are your money — month after month. If all these calculations are not your thing, just try to record expenses or to collect checks, to know what you spend each month.

It is necessary to hold on to their money. The budget is a confidence is courage. When you calculated your budget, you gain stability. If you know where they come from and where your money goes, you know its power and its limits. When you’re famous, you can always evaluate your options. Plus, you’ll be able to make spontaneous decisions, and the ladies love it. You know what they like more? Confidence. And that, my friend, the one that gives you a budget.

Caution: the Superman syndrome

Life insurance when you’re lonely when you have no family — it tenth. But there is a one hundred percent chance that one day you will die. I don’t Think you really want to die and leave your family without a livelihood. Here is an example. Was at my family friends: a married couple where the dude was in very good shape. He was not overweight, he constantly trained and did not smoke. He was a doctor in a private clinic, and with the money they were all more than fine. Unfortunately, once he caught a heart attack and his wife with two children left without a breadwinner. But there is a silver lining: he was smart enough and took out life insurance so his wife could pay for the funeral some time they had the money. It is very difficult to cope with the loss of a loved one and the associated financial difficulties only exacerbate the situation.

Want financial stability? Don’t worry that it’s too late. You can always change something.

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