How to end the conversation

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2014_0EGV6HkMjXwanWe have written many pages about how to make a good impression at the first meeting, how to introduce people to each other and so on, in short about how to start a conversation. However, no word has not been said about the end of the conversation. On which note, you dump your partner will depend on whether your relationship continued, and the duration of the period of time that you need to slip away, will determine the degree of intensity of the pain in your overloaded with unnecessary information the head.

No, seriously, you don’t have to pretend that you are interested in the influence of early Godard on the work of Vera chytilová and the Czechoslovak «New wave». But to send away do this, but the cinephile is not worth it. First, he probably doesn’t want to hurt you and don’t even realize how much he’s got you their tales, and secondly, even this acquaintance in the future may be useful for you, don’t you forget it.

In General, stay calm and use our tips to get out of the clutches of polite chatter.

Business conversation

To politely make it clear to the interviewee that the meeting is over, and to avoid ambiguity in the conclusions of you and him, you must do the following steps:

1. Summed up

Get all received in the course of the conversation information. Use «so, we decided that…», «it is clear that..» etc. Be concise, avoid to go into details, otherwise, summing up can turn into the following round of discussion.

2. Articulate your position

At this stage, you give the other person understand what you expect from him, and he intends to do himself.

«In light of this information, I believe that…», «we are going to do…»

4. Push to action

At this stage, you should indicate their intention to return to the discussion when the situation will somehow change. In other words, put a fat point in the conversation.

«When we are able to meet with You to discuss the result of our efforts?»

If for some reason your interlocutor does not know that he has to go, stand up, thank for the visit, for information, for anything else, said goodbye and reach out in invitation to a farewell handshake. It would be nice to have your arm pointed to the door.

Personal communication

There are several ways that will help you fade dark parties and to blow off an annoying coworker without hurting anyone’s feelings.

1. Take a pause in the conversation to say: «it Was nice talking to you, but I have to go».

2. Think of urgent business. The main thing to look convincing.

3. In preparation for a meeting with the people from whom you know it is difficult to leave, ask a friend to call you at the appointed hour. The call is «urgent» works flawlessly.

4. Indicated your intention to go and fetch his companion. Sounds suicidal, you know, but it might work in that case, if your intentions are sharply discordant with the intentions or habits of the interlocutor.

Simply put, a vegetarian will likely not want to go with you to a barbecue joint.

5. To get out of the massive party use is a slow withdrawal.» Talking with Oleg, apologize, say that you’re bored to say hi to Tanya, exchanged a few words with Tanya, we agreed on the urgent need for a conversation with Misha. Politely dinami each and steadily advance in the direction of the exit.

6. When there is no need to leave the party, but I want to get rid of the annoying companion, get him to introduce you to someone. «Oh, you know those dudes from the First channel? I always wondered how to get there». Thus you will force him to introduce you to «the dudes from the First channel,» and he faded from the conversation.

7. Introduce companion with someone. Preferably with someone whose value (a third breast size, for example) undoubtedly overshadow yours.

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