How to end a relationship man to man

pair«Oh, the dude’s family status has changed to «not married»,» that is an inevitable thing when someone breaks up with his girlfriend. This guy and without that difficult, and then all of his 230 friends on Facebook will know that his relationship came to an end. Heavy garbage.

And that each of us saw. One day I noticed in the news their news feed that my bro broke up with his girlfriend, and I even decided to call him to support. And what I found out? Turns out it was such a cowardly way to tell a girl that they are no longer together. He called her, never went to see her, but just changed their relationship status on a social network! So a friend found out that she has no one else, only when once again came into contact and found a family situation. Wow, man.

And the strangest part of this whole story, dude, is that by reading this, you are not surprised. Or not surprised. Surely your stock is a similar story. Once it became acceptable to hide behind the broad shoulders of modern technologies that complicate our relationships with the opposite sex. Now, we not only learn, we also leave through the social networks. O brave new world!

I fully understand that it is difficult to leave. We all survived the separation. It’s embarrassing and sad, and these pleasures are mixed and the disappointment, and the fear of a lonely old age, and feeling like you look damn girly movie but only this time it’s real, and you no happy end, only reality, only hardcore. No one likes breakups, but to end a relationship nicely is vital, this skill should every man, to preserve the dignity and respect to himself and to his former girlfriend.

Here are some tips on how to end a relationship like a man. Dudes we sincerely hope that they will help you to break up with a friend with dignity, and not cowardly to change marital status Myspace.

1. Talk about the problem often and as early as possible. Don’t need your girlfriend know about your claim only at the time of separation. Let her know the real state of Affairs. One of my bro said that to be in a relationship — it’s like driving a car: if the time to do inspection and repair small problems will not occur and major damage.

So instead of silence that threatens your relationship, just say what you don’t like that the girlfriend could work on yourself and make the moves that will fix it. Many do not like conflicts and try hard to avoid them, but you have to know that the person who failed has a right to know what he failed. A real man is not afraid to talk openly with your spouse.

If the relationship came to its logical conclusion, of course, your friend will be hurt, but in such hands, you will still be able to convincingly explain why you should break up.

2. To say that it’s over, you need at the meeting. Only cowards break up over the phone or, even worse, write to this e-mail, and even SMS. And sadly, more and more men finds that it is acceptable.

If you are afraid to end the relationship in person, it is not necessary to start.

Appoint the time and place and give her your full attention: during a call, no need to check your emails or writing an SMS. She deserved it. You will be uncomfortable and generally not easy, it’s true. But to be a man means to give his woman everything, including respect when it comes to such a serious matter.

3. Say it as it is. Parting is not the case when it is possible to hide something or to keep back. Your girl will definitely want to hear why you decided to break up with her, so be ready to name all the reasons. A meaningless answer like «I can’t feel it anymore» is like saying nothing. This is the answer of a coward, a narcissist, but not a real man. Don’t need to be too picky, don’t need to write all the reasons on a piece of paper — just enough to remember them. So your conversation will be more constructive, and everything goes much faster.

One of the signs that you broke up with a girl wrong, that’s when the conversation has already taken place, and she still doesn’t understand why everything happened so and not otherwise. We need to end the relationship so that the friend understood why it happened. She may not agree, but she understands everything in it, and she has work to do, she knows it.

4. Be tactful. Need clarity, but not cruelty. To part so difficult, but if you’re still going to insult her or mock her, it is absolutely worthless. It’s a bad time to say that her favorite dress is her look fat or that you’ve met and dogs breath fresh.

If possible, remember what was good in your relationship, and always touch that up in the conversation. Well, in that case, if they have not been terrible from the beginning to the end, then you were probably a beautiful moment, and it’s worth mentioning. Try to be a gentleman to the max — like when you all just started.

5. Any certain. Everyone loves clarity. Don’t need to give her a hint that you can still return it. Don’t leave her hanging, don’t give her false hope that she suffered: «it’s over? I have a chance?»

Phrases like «Maybe one day everything will work out» or «Just now is not the time» may seem more gentle way to leave, but they are really more cruel, because it does not reflect your true feelings. If you do not see the opportunity to revive this relationship, don’t give her the slightest hope.

If you don’t say everything is quite clear, your girlfriend may think that you just want to take a time-out then calm down and everything will be as before. She will wait until you will pass this «phase» and you will start a new life. Better be honest and immediately tighten the website, so you can continue to go their separate ways.

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