How to eliminate a competitor

Hold.kom.ua_7.06.2015_i2zvYKFRN0rkGWhen I worked as a taxi driver in new York, I had the opportunity to ride an old, dry as a cigar leaf mafia. His squeaky, trembling senile kozlyonok he brightened 3 hours that we spent on the road. When we pulled up to a typical Italian family restaurant «Gianluigi», lost among the countless neighborhoods of Little Italy, he told me finally: «Before to kill a competitor, be sure to look him in the eye and apologize, it’s just business.»

Okay, you got me! Not I worked as a taxi driver in new York. Only in Sterlitamak. It was my drunk uncle, watching «Scarface» and other gangster films. So as for many to eliminate a competitor – then accidentally push it in the industrial grinder at the factory, here are some ways a fair fight with such absolutely normal, as competition.

«To be first all you want, but let first?»

Veselin Georgiev

For a start

First of all decide what you want to achieve a result or humiliate their peers and to assert themselves at the expense of them. If the latter, then you’re a pathetic, insecure little man, and even a bad worker, apparently. Like you, in children’s cartoons constantly ridicule. We’ve got tips for fair and noble competition. Start honest, hard work – and no competitors to eliminate is not required. In the end, competition is good. She moves progress. Without it computer games would be boring and the world is less technologically advanced and movie – not this trash. Simply put, if nobody comes then you’re behind.

– Why this toy breaks the rest?

– She’s programmed to destroy competitors.

– As Microsoft?

«The simpsons»

Any interesting

Study your competitors. If the feeling of disgust doesn’t kill you adequate, try to get them pseudothecia relationship. It is not necessary to assert his superiority – so you’re only going to encourage them. On the contrary, hold the line partnerships and pushing for what you are essentially doing the same job.

However, your partner is not as dumb as you think he is, and probably sees you as a rival. What you do: mow a peace-loving fool who values friendship, and assured that you have nothing to share, and in General he’s pretty professional. It doesn’t help. Convince him that you had absolutely nothing to oppose him.

All these self-destruct is needed exactly for one reason – to lull the villain and collect information about it.

«Always choose the most difficult way – on it you will not meet competitors.»

Charles de Gaulle

Thoughtful actions

Turn pocket home Analytics and analyze the ways in which your most hated colleague will not go because of their religion, moral beliefs, or simply the poverty of mind. After that choose the shortest and evaluate your strength and capabilities. Let’s say your competitor is afraid to take risks. Makes all the long, measured, but very correct. And you go to the risk, amazed everyone with his speed of the job. If it is, to put it mildly, «very correct,» take leadership «on Board» with their bright, crazy ideas. In General, dear comrade, use all of the opportunities given to you for this.

Simply put, all you have to do is find the path that can be used most effectively. Everything else – business equipment.

«When swimming with sharks, the only way to survive is to become the most galisteu of all sharks».

Irvine Welsh

Paturi superiors

The principle is simple, as the black President of Zimbabwe. Be diligent, disciplined and mandatory. Importantly, the boss praised you. Take overtime, do all the time and not demons guide.

«If the lion’s share of seeking, overtaking and slowly

at the finish don’t become… timid mouse».

Joseph Yudilevich

Evaluate all adequately

Keep your nose clean and do not touch for the tasks you can not accomplish. Argue soberly. If you’re in public, loudly about… scandalise and expose the entire organization – to whom this will be better?

Do not argue, you may be very steep, but it does not mean that you will always be «the little engine that could». Unhealthy competition could put a «soap» even the most diligent.

«Competition similar to tea bags. The longer You ignore it, the more thickened the atmosphere.»

Jonathan Gabay

Make friends with the staff

Of course, normal people your undercover intrigue will only interfere. But friends or just to maintain good relations with colleagues archipalago. At least to raise self-esteem. And the competitor will be well, very uncomfortable, when all will be «old friend» to Express support for you, not him. In the best case will not climb with their ideas, at worst hung.

«Competition is a sin.»

John Davison Rockefeller

Generate ideas

The authorities need something new, fresh and interesting. Therefore, making trivial the plagiarism, you’re only digging the grave deeper your future together. If we plagiarise, then do it so that no one guessed, adding talented «gag». Well, relevant.

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