How to eat to stay motivated

motivational diet

In our day ambitious men live in a constant hurry, when time is money. They are subjected to stress that it is important to be sustainable. Like athletes, business people and entrepreneurs can use nutrition to improve their performance. Success in the business world requires constant concentration and inexhaustible enthusiasm. Organizing projects, creativity, problem solving, task management and the need to meet deadlines is only part of the necessary. Busy people a diet based on periodic fasting, the paleo diet and carbohydrate cycles, creating a practical and flexible plan for the working day.

This power system is particularly well suited to people with an aggressive schedule that requires high mental activity. In other words, busy people who may not always adhere to a strict diet can change your habits to get closer to the goal.

This diet provides energy and helps the body burn fat, although the main thing here — not even to lose weight and have more motivation. It really helps to feel relaxed to communicate with people and not worrying too much about calories.

You know: now, the Breakfast is no longer considered a food of Champions. In fact, at the time, when you Wake up is best suited for creativity. If you go to Breakfast, this activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for digesting food and rest. If you’re ambitious and obsessed with your career dude, you probably don’t want to start the day with guests.

Better listen to your body and eat when you want. If you skip Breakfast, it will Wake up the sympathetic nervous system, which produces neurotransmitters and hormones that are responsible for motivation. Increasing the level of catecholamines (neurotransmitters) will improve your attention and make you responsible.

Assuage hunger for a light lunch and learn not to fear hunger. Instead of having to worry and be distracted, in order to prevent imminent starvation, remember, the feeling of hunger helps you achieve your goals.

Love in the morning to drink coffee, get excited. He is not only an effective antioxidant, prevents cancer, but the causative agent of the sympathetic nervous system. Green and white tea are also known for their health benefits, they raise the mood, because they contain the amino acid L-theanine.

In the morning you will feel refreshed, you will have pure mind, you will make it easier to concentrate and focus and relaxation is important in achieving the goal. You will be able to feel such drive, such energy that you will be pleased there is little in the second half of the day. However, if the rejection of the Breakfast would bother you, put that aggression to the obstacles that arise in front of you during the day.

Lunch and dinner

And finally, you will need to apply this radiates out of you motivation. Eat like a caveman — the best choice, it’s easy to remember the rules. Eat less and processed foods, replacing them with the food that you get through hunting and gathering. Rich in omega 3 acid foods (fatty fish, meat herbivores) are useful for the brain and vegetables and fruits provide you with fiber, carbohydrates and a huge amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It’s not high-protein/low-carb diet, not just meat and potatoes. Your priority is primarily vegetables, fruits and nuts, not meat. Imagine that you’re a vegetarian who eats meat (don’t throw stones at me, do you understand what I mean).

Eat for energy — this is an extremely outdated concept. If you want to squeeze out all what you can do, know that food is also a source of food for brain cells, it serves to fill the neurotransmitters and hormones, connection, and isolation of neural connections, and recharging mitochondria (organelles responsible for energy in the cell). Reduce the number of food helps the brain and endocrine system to work: wheat and all flour, dairy, processed food, etc.

If you want to save energy after the first meal (i.e. lunch), let it be easy. Eat more vegetables, and salads to which you can add meat: steak, fish, chicken, etc. will go Well scrambled with vegetables and cheese, if you like traditional «Breakfast» food. The main meal of hunters and gatherers was in the evening, it was a kind of celebratory dinner. Cavemen do not count calories.

Booze and diet motivation

The main emphasis in this diet is in nutrients. It doesn’t have to be low-carb: we just try to minimize the consumption of ubiquitous carbohydrate foods because it is not very nutritious, but high in calories. You don’t want to fill myself with useless calories every day if they help the brain to work: the diet aims to increase productivity, to achieve success and enjoyment from life. The main advantage of our meal plan that you can sometimes relax and allow yourself a little bit.

Such a «diet» you need not fear corporate events or your favorite pasta you can still eat once or twice a week. Such relief help not to strain, and in the future become even more disciplined and focused when it is needed. From a physiological point of view, the excessive number of carbohydrates from time to time helps to maintain healthy levels of leptin and testosterone, the two main hormones that are responsible for livestock, muscle mass, libido and confidence.

The nice thing about this diet is that it is easy to adapt for the holidays, dinners with partners, and travel. You can follow it in any situation. It is important to create a motivated mindset that will help you achieve this goal. Diet provides you a nutritious food, which in the first place makes you work your brain. If you want to Wake up the brain, it is necessary to maintain its operation at the physiological level. What else is good in this diet, once or twice a week is allowed to eat any favourite food and drink.

Diet motivation is based on the concept of desire and reward. It is necessary to force the mind to desire, and this is the most interesting phase, when you pass it, you will understand that it affect your working mood. Easy to force yourself to desire something and that desire will help you to work. So, you have to change some habits, to reassess and to find some new aspects in your food.

Three phases of this diet: be hungry, eat nutritious food, reward yourself. Let’s start getting to know them backwards. The third phase is the most interesting and main part of the motivation. No forbidden foods, because we don’t want to lose weight — we want to stimulate the brain. Every week you can eat what you love. For example, on weekends during lunch and once during the week. This will help you in other days adhere to the nutrition plan, because you’ll know: this is long and you will be rewarded. Be free these days, don’t guzzle the aversion to food. Better longer enjoy, it’s nicer and overall more aesthetically pleasing.

What is in the rest of the days? They belong to the second phase when you have to eat nutritious foods. Vegetables must be present in all three meals. Don’t worry, you will become a vegan. Healthy animal protein is an important component of nutritional diet.

The best options are salmon, beef, eggs and poultry. But still the emphasis is on vegetarian food. Instead of steamed broccoli as a side dish to the mountain of meat is best to eat vegetables of all kinds, and then get to the meat. With some meals the meat altogether excluded, especially during lunch, because it should be easy. To eat meat is easier when you eat something starchy: eggplant, pumpkin, potatoes, the same. The main thing is food for the brain.

Do not be lazy to take lunch to work from home. Vegetables are generally easy to cook, we’ve got to cut out. Don’t need to be a chef. Know how to cook, braise and roast — then you can cook the vegetables. At the same time can learn a lot.

The trip is also easy to follow nutrition plan. Salads are available everywhere, they are especially good Asian restaurants. In addition, they still have miso soup, salad, sashimi, lots of different vegetable dishes. Just avoid fat sauces. Protein shakes will also be good for you.

And now we’re back to the beginning. The first step in diet for motivation — to get used to the feeling of hunger. To start the day, as we have said, the best Breakfast is no. Your «Breakfast» will be a large glass of water at room temperature. If you love coffee or tea, drink them after water. When you drink coffee, it is better to choose black — it’s not a problem. Beating without sugar or other sweeteners. Caffeine improves performance, so it is banned in many sports, but something is just at hand: it will provide for you an alternative source of energy. Besides, as I said, the coffee and tea is a great antioxidants. Then you can start to work. If you are not accustomed to endure hunger and it bothers you, direct their aggression in an active way.

Hunger is a great motivator. Be not afraid of him. There is no need constantly to prevent hunger and start the day with saturation. In nature animals have the hunger to creative to search for food and cope with stress during a hunt or fight. You are created in order to cope with stress in situations that are potentially threatening to you. A healthy person has enough physical resources to provide energy to the body and mind for successful execution of daily Affairs, though even in a few days. I only suggest the hunger for several hours. Your body will increase production of adrenaline and noradrenaline which will provide pure, concentrated energy. You can send it to future cases.

Food is a great reward. She needs to feel you and to serve as an element of the holiday (from time to time). Don’t need to reward yourself in the morning, when you haven’t done anything yet. Athletes and artists often remain hungry in order to have enough motivation. Learn to use anger creatively. However, hunger in the morning does not mean that you should starve yourself to death. Can’t tolerate eating but little and nutritious food.

Plan your dead your diet: what you eat when you do the morning part of their work to avoid trouble when you’re coasting grab the first thing that lies at hand. Bring home-cooked vegetables or order a salad at a nearby café. Day need to eat some light food, so as not to lose the energy that would otherwise be spent on digestion. Leave large meals in the evening, when the work was done.

Concentrate on nutritious food and in your diet will not be room to flour, sweet, hydro-fats and other processed foods. Each week you will be allowed two or three times to reward yourself, so it will be easy to withstand. And be hungry, my friend.

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