How to eat healthily when you’re not at home

Often we overeat, do not eat at home. If before going to some no catering grew into an event, today it is the same routine as dinner at home. A lot of cafes, they’re everywhere, and the prices are very often quite affordable. So outside the house we consume a lot more calories than in their home four walls.

Restaurants and fast food chains want your regular customers, so they are trying to develop in us a dependence on food. They pile tons of food in sugar, salt and fat. Because of this, food is much more nutritious, and finally the daily intake of calories can fit into one meal. If 24 hours, 7 days a week available to you a delicious, high-calorie, cheap food, for which it is not necessary to move a finger, no wonder that each day we all grow fat and grow fat.

What do I recommend? If you want to lose weight or not gain it, never and never eat in public catering establishments. Well, almost never. You have still to live a little. But most of his daily calorie intake it is better to obtain from a home-cooked meal, which, moreover, do not get out of the box and with the purchase of raw looks.

Although sometimes you have no choice. You are somewhere who knows where and want to eat, damn it. We will tell you how to choose the lesser evil.

1. Don’t eat

Seriously, shut your mouth to your stomach hang out and hungry. Save your appetite until the moment will come home or go to the nearest store or supermarket where you can buy something with little calories and quite healthy. If you miss one meal, it won’t hurt you. You will not die.

2. Eat quite a bit

If you have a choice only high-calorie harmful granina, use all your willpower and convince myself to eat just enough to hold on to the nearest full-fledged eating healthy meals.

3. Stay away from processed sugar

Anything with chocolate is a bad choice because it only awakens the appetite, the lightning skips through the stomach, it is easy to overeat and in it there are lots and lots of calories. This applies not only to chocolate bars, but everything in chocolate and with chocolate. Hands off!

4. Runs to the store

They meet as often as the network of fast food, if not even more often. In the store you can find more healthy foods, including some no bananas or tangerines that do not even have to wash and are very nutritious and healthy. Even dried fish — and that will come in handy — better than chips or a Burger.

5. Choose the safest product of fast food

You know, once you’re in some fast food, you start to take risks. You can choose a Burger with three burgers, and even bacon and cheese to boot and more in the day is not. And you can go to another fast food and choose a sandwich with salmon or mushrooms and feel much better.

6. Use the phone

If your phone does not use the Internet, well, sucks to be you. Google is wonderful, you can find with it anything: the caloric content of anything, the next institution and all that jazz. On ofsajtah various world franchises of the caloric content of almost everything is written.

7. Do not eat up a portion of the part to take home with you

If you’re in a restaurant, there is no such law which would oblige you to clear your plate to the last crumb. Of course, you’re stuffing yourself beforehand, so be careful when ordering cheese fries or a bacon Burger. In the end, any dish can not eat and bring leftovers.

8. Wash down food with water

Water helps us eat less because it takes space in our stomach so that we feel satiety. A great way to.

9. Pick the big and bold variant

Sometimes you can relax a little. As a dude who tries to be in good shape, I rarely eat out. However, when I decided on this venture, I give it all: eat a lot, eagerly, calorie, and even drinking a beer. You can assume that it is large and thick sitting to disperse the switcheroo, and then you still do some sport, so he benefited.

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