How to eat cheap and relatively correctly

A pressing topic for most of our readers. To be healthy is relatively fashionable. Mass hysteria took place, but some rudiments remained. In the end, when fainting with a bout of gastritis in public transport, you understand that your student dried the stomach better. You need to eat properly. Relatively correctly. A healthy diet will fix everything, even if you parallel puffing like a chimney, drink like Winston Churchill.

Only one problem – money in my pocket no. The latest money seemingly normal products not to buy. However, this is all nonsense. Most useful products is not expensive, contrary to popular belief. Another thing is that time will have to spend more and have to learn how to cook. Let’s forget about ready-prepared foods and preprocesses salads from supermarkets and a plunge into the whirlpool of healthy food. Go and burn in the ritual fire kebab – and run for the right products.


Pay attention to widely distributed portions of hot cereal, we do not take into account. Yes, they are convenient, but often contain excessive amounts of sugar and artificial flavors. Therefore, only the weight cereals that need cooking. It’s quite simple: filled with water and put on fire. It is useful and very satisfying.

To save time, prepare the sleigh, that is, in the summer. Pour the oatmeal at night, anything dairy (milk, kefir, yogurt), and in the morning if you wish, heat up and eat. Hearty and healthy.

Rice is not worth a lot of money, even of good quality. Beans, beans, lentils – a storehouse of good. And most importantly, they are incredibly satisfying. It is possible to do soups and soups, vegetable or meat or just boil, sprinkle with pripravki and fun to eat. And beans can make a simple and incredibly tasty dish – lobio.

But if you cook porridge from cereals no time, you will notice the flakes, which are sold in large packages. Just make sure they were not sugar coated. If you calculate the consumption of these cereals, it would appear that they are much more profitable portions of cereals.


Where the same without eggs. Eggs – our all. There is a lot of nutrients. And they cost too much. Believe me, bitter experience of omnivore that lives on the rocks of creation: there is no reason to buy expensive Dutch kokoski in a reinforced plastic box with heraldic seal. They taste and quality practically does not differ from the unborn children of chicken from a neighboring farm. Eggs can be boiled, can be fried, but you can make an omelet, left with him all that is getting mildew. Don’t worry gray-green face, quarterhouse no demand for bread. Calm yourself, they say, penicillin, helpful, and most importantly, not expensive. But remember, as we still healthy eating, overdo it with them is impossible, that is, eat for a month 3 times a day eggs are not worth it.

Real meat

First, say «no» sausage. Use it a little, and eat regularly – more than to pay your tuition. Even the sausage is not cheaper than the meat dishes. So find the nearest market and buy meat exclusively there. It’s cheaper there. If you can to ingratiate himself to the butcher, get discounts. So meat and only meat. Buy, chop, freeze and take out a slice as needed.

Don’t forget about the glorious pluck. The liver is rich, delicious and very healthy. Especially for the liver, it is not strange. Don’t forget the chicken navels, lungs and heart. Know, some disdain to eat such yummy, because the upper roots and high spirit of naive aestheticism prevents. But there is nothing like the lungs, liver and heart stewed in tomato paste with garlic and herbs. And chew the heart muscle, among other things, also very useful.

By the way, skilled hands can make liver pate and smear on bread, even the whole day.

Vegetables and fruits

Do not forget about the flagship healthy eating – fruits garden.

Fruits and vegetables buy seasonal, they are cheaper, and tastier. Feel free to take spoiled. If the box is God knows what with a 50% rot, it is not your choice. There are more sophisticated ways of self-destruction. And if a little decreased, take it boldly. And is cheaper, healthy and delicious food, and beauty in the fruit is not important.

By the way, the manifestations of peasant judgment and catch the wonderful moment in the life of the fetus, when all is still good, and you start to feel not hungry. Freeze. Then you will add to soups, meat or just to chew on cold evenings.


Who said soup is expensive? It’s just time consuming. If you prepare for a refined ear of the unknown sea fish, then Yes. And cook soup from inexpensive vegetables – a piece of cake. Tasty and healthy. Even soup. Throw the bones of recently processed chicken, toss the cabbage, potatoes, tomato paste and wait. He may not be as rich, but if all goes according to plan, it will be possible to swallow the tongue from its own coolness and Goodies your offspring. If cooking meat or chicken broth, cooked meat can be baked for a main dish, once again killing two birds with one stone. Then richness will be fine.

Cheap autumn vegetables you can cook great soups-purée (or cream soup, if you add a little cream) – very nutritious, tasty and not expensive meal.


Cheese, dried fruit, nuts, toast, generously seasoned with spices and herbs, can all serve as a good snack. As you know, stale, toasted bread is always healthier and the benefits of curd told by people much more authoritative than Elena Malysheva and the clowns of her program.

Other little things

Learn to feel satiety: if you ate half the dish, leave her alone, put in the refrigerator to eat later. You gradually will realize how much you need to prepare to make the belly comfortable to digest.

Look for discounts in shops (checking the expiration dates and integrity of packaging) if something fits into a healthy diet and stored, buy Pro stock.

Say no to «instant noodles» and «Rolton»! It is clear that in our country they have become nacionalnie than dumplings, but this does not mean that they are useful.

P. S. If you think that the food takes too much money, then you ought to reduce the cost of the bun, or change jobs, or Wake up and buy products cheaper.

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