How to earn using social networking

Every year, more and more users across social networks. The account goes on millions. For some it is a way of expression and communication, for others a means of earning. Any social network is a great Foundation for developing your own business if you know which end to take this case. Here’s a list of books that will be useful for a beginner in the field of Internet earnings, and experienced SMM Manager, PR person or marketer.

1. «Wikinomics. How mass collaboration changes everything.» Don Tapscott, Anthony D. Williams(2009)

Decentralized economy based on a network cooperation of millions of people, received a new term «wikinomics» as a symbol of collective intelligence, which is the personification of all Internet trends in recent years.

In the style of «wiki» runs the popular Internet encyclopedia «Wikipedia» and operating system «Linux».

This book describes seven principles vicidomini, basic tools, techniques, models, and rules. The book combines excellent informative and motivating, once again convincing each of us that in this world nothing is impossible and all barriers and limits, are only in our head. The publication was translated into more than 20 languages and has been repeatedly nominated as best business book.

«With the increasing number of companies seeing the benefits of mass collaboration, such a method of organization will gradually replace the traditional corporate structure and will become the new engine of the economy that creates wealth. This new model has crossed the borders of such progressive industries as software development, music industry, publishing and pharmaceuticals, practically it can be found in every part of the global economy.»

2.»The social network. The user manual». Mike Dulworth.(2010)

The book presents the basic techniques of development of different social networks. Describes the main tools by which you will acquire basic skills SMM-Manager. Explains how to use a systematic approach to the establishment and expansion of contacts and the right connections.

«This book is for everyone who wants to improve their personal and professional lives, regardless of what they are and what are your goals from yesterday’s students to top managers, from novices in the business to experienced owners of their own companies.»

3. «Business promotion in Internet». Philip Gurov.(2009)

Each Chapter of this little book in detail and accessible language describes the basic tools of an online promotion. Easy style editor in chief of «the Russian PR-portal» explains the basic concepts of Internet PR. common ways to promote a product or service in a network, tips for interacting with media agencies, types of unethical advertising and fraud — all this awaits you in the pages of this popular among many marketers.

«It is not enough to create a good website. Without increasing of its popularity, potential customers may not know about the much-desired resource. Knowledge in the field of Internet promotion is required for web designers and content managers, owners and managers of various Internet projects – from home pages to large Online store.»

4. «Effective marketing on the Internet. Social networks, blogs, Twitter and other tools to promote the Network». Larry Weber. (2010)

Another useful book both for workers and for employers social media sphere. In addition to the main theses, concepts, and principles, which will be useful to know for beginners in this field, the book includes new methods and original solutions to issues that will interest even the pros.

«It is important to understand that now, now that the ocean is a social Web has only just opened, marketers must have the courage to jump into its depths. If you susidies at the start, savvy competitors will figure out how to entice your customers and they will take away in their online sites. So don’t rush now and then have three times more work hard to bring back his clientele. Clients you will not wait, believe me. Settling from a competitor, they are unlikely to want to get back to you, especially if they are satisfied there».

5. «Internet for business». Konstantin Maximyuk. (2009)

A great book for those who are just immersed in the depths of an ocean called social media marketing. «Internet for business» contains concise and practical advice with a description of examples and possible approaches to work. The experienced sharks of the Internet business is not recommended, as the book contains basic knowledge and terminology of this sphere of activity.

«I want to share my experience of communications in the environment. That is, to tell you how to use new media to benefit the business, without concealing those pitfalls and errors which can tell, not much usamu nobody’s interests. Moreover, this important book is not only about marketing and PR. It and HR, research and usability, and a little bit about how to improve business processes within the company. And speaking philosophically, social media is a mirror that impartially reflects what is happening».

6. «Blogs. New sphere of influence». Anton Popov. (2008)

Mandatory reading for all PR people, marketers and brand managers. For all the thought and make a choice between the blog and a big marketing company. For the layman, who leads an online diary, but ripe for confession. For all those who wants through advertising somehow affect the minds of consumers.

«This book is about the phenomenon of blagoustroena, monsters of the market was not able to see. The blog is a very interesting life. It is life, not description.

Based on what this phenomenon is? At ease. Five minutes, and you are the owner of his account. But pass the first five minutes of euphoria of owning your blog, and the question arises: what will I do with it? And it turns out that the blog is not just fun, blogging is a way of life, and to be a little visible in the mass of blogs, we should work to become popular and widely read, and earn blog you need to work ten times more.»

7. «Web Analytics 2.0: the online reporting and customer orientation». Avinash Kaushik. (2010)

Step by step instructions for those who are relying on the statistics of the website traffic want to make the right conclusions and specific appropriate steps.

«This book satisfies the need for a profound presentation of what is necessary to successfully create efficient web analysis companies, regardless of size.»

8. «The Era Of Facebook. How to use the power of social media to grow your business.» Clara Shih. (2010)

Table «Bible» for all those who decided to earn the loot with the help of Facebook.

«At the moment only Facebook is connected to more than 200 million people worldwide. They update their profiles, communicate with friends, get information about brands, sharing valuable information, which will allow you to better know them, and they – you. If you are a businessman, then you must be where your consumers, and your consumers more and more time on social networking sites».

9. «Explosive Web_volna: How to succeed in a world transformed by Internet technologies». If Charlene. (2010)

The target audience of the book — the leaders of organizations who want to understand what their companies need to keep up with the times and interact via social networking with their customers. If this describes in detail not only the interaction with the company website, but also through videos on YouTube, representative offices in social networks and create their own communities. Also the issues of creating Internet-encyclopedias.

«Web_volna is a trend, not a single shot. This is an important, irreversible, completely new form of human relations with the market and with each other.

Why is she coming up now? Web_volna occurs as a result of collision of three forces: people, technology and business.»

10. «Social media marketing». Damir Khalilov. (2013)

Another good guide is devoted to earnings through various social networks. Practical tips without the «water» with a bright and easy to understand examples.

«Most books on the subject written by Western specialists and based on that reality. They do not take into account that in Russia the social network # 1 is Vkontakte, not Facebook. They do not know that the portrait of the typical user of Twitter in Russia is not the same as in the United States. Finally, they lose sight of the fact that US residents are much more actively interacts with brands in General, and this imposes a serious mark on the marketing strategy on the Internet».

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