How to earn respect at work

how to earn respect at work

Ideally, work should be like and work you have to respect. However, it sometimes happens that these two dimensions turn into mutually exclusive clauses. There are dudes who work on the good work and struggling strain your ass, but no one appreciates. And there are those who appreciate, but a job they have at the same time — do not beat lying.

To earn the respect of superiors and colleagues is very important; if you did it every day at work will be a lot easier for you. If you love your job, but failed himself to it to deliver — then you can already put a cross on you as a worker. Working without the recognition of kills the enthusiasm with all the ensuing consequences. Recognition leads to appreciation, which leads to a confession? Respect.

Respect only those who are considered valuable. You will have to ask Council, you will praise, will talk with you on equal terms. What else is good in the respect at work that is the following: if you feel bad, it will inevitably have an impact on your life outside of it. If most of the day you wipe their feet, by evening you feel unfriendly.

How to earn respect at work? Now tell.

No need to try so hard

Men often get so sensitive over their careers. For us, work is almost like a relationship. If you too cling to his career, one day you’ll get it. Just like in relationships, you have to be yourself and not lose individuality. Your employer needs to value your presence and understand that you work for him, because you wanted to. No matter how good is a job if you always work late and even on weekends, sooner or later it will begin to take for granted.

This brutal economy of effort, but you can’t constantly be in fear, even when you are outside of work. Your efforts will be taken for granted, and in addition to this the quality of your work will suffer.

Well, try less. Generally stop worrying. You don’t want to work at ever thought you are not able to stand up for yourself, you can be the doormat and that you’re losing your touch. If you’re afraid that you may lose your job, you behave as if frightened. If anything, plan for yourself a backup plan. Ask yourself: «what would I do if I get fired?» and give yourself the answer to this question. Always keep working on something else, even if it is different only by a little. Even if it’s just a dream. To have a backup plan — so behave confident at work because you know that even in the worst case scenario it will not the end of the world.

Never miss a deadline

Also called a deadline, not just. It’s not the word «grandfather» and the word «dead». Of course nobody will die if you miss the deadline, but the people it is set on the basis of need and on reasonable grounds. It is a question of ethics, dude. Do what you promised to do. What if someone identified a completely unreasonable deadline? Then we have a respectful but tough to say why the work will be done badly and how much time is needed for its proper implementation. To offer an alternative.

Never be late

Being late shows that you value their time much more than someone else: the person agreed to meet, employer, etc. May, of course, your time is more valuable to you, but it is not necessary to treat people disdainfully: they do not like. Put yourself in their place.

Don’t gossip, especially mail

Because once you messed up the buttons «reply» and «forward» or forget to exit from a mailbox or Skype and then everyone will know. For filthy talk you on the head not Pat.

Don’t waste other people’s time, but let bosses to waste your

Dude, let these people talk about anything, if they like. They give you a job, and they sometimes want to chat with you. Be tactful when the boss invites you to lunch or starts to tell you about their grandchildren in the most difficult your day. You have no choice — smile. Think of it as an investment. But never behave the same way. Don’t look to the office just to say Hello. Keep the authorities at arm’s length. You don’t suck up and not fussing about a warm place. You’re just behaving true to the game.

Treat subordinates well

There are few people more despicable than an experienced employee who behaves badly with beginners. These guys cling to the little things, never offer help, and sometimes leave in a conspicuous place an empty plastic Cup or bottle to the newcomer threw them away. If you know get more, someone more and know better ask him out somewhere for lunch. Thank the Secretary for what she executes instructions, or bad, or good, and that communicates with all who comes to you. See to newcomers in the eye and greet them. Things go much better.

You never know when a newbie will increase — possibly making it even cooler than you — and this can lead to you know what. If you treat the new kid, one day he will return you this favor, and if you were a sleazebag, he’ll take you out.

Know when to shut up, especially when you have a lot

I am sorry to say it, but too much honesty is sometimes not good. Especially when you’re in a group of people. Do not lie, but know when, how and who to tell the unvarnished truth. Some dudes looking for an excuse to shirk any responsibilities, and if you point out their flaws in front of the entire team when no one asked you, it can go very wrong. You just give them this reason.

Is that fair? No. Absolutely not. But before you open your mouth, ask yourself, will your honesty side effects. If your mind asks the user, even if around gathered all the staff and colleagues won’t like your answer, still not a time to be silent. You asked. It’s not your fault. Then politely tell them when left without supervision, the leadership did not want it, but you have no choice.

Keep your workplace in order

Not in perfect order: Desk mess is so called not in vain, he says that you are not sitting idle. But it is not necessary that the table was littered with wrappers from the chocolates that you ate a week ago. If you clutter up the space around them, this suggests that you are not able to manage.

Don’t come to work drunk

And if someone gets drunk at the office party? Don’t make this event. Just make a joke, while you’re going to call this man a cab.

And finally, congratulations happy birthday from the heart

But don’t eat too much cake.

We spend at work 40 hours a week. Depending on our habits, it can be an even bigger part of our day. A significant part of life. Therefore, it is necessary that at work you respect, then you’re not spending Saturday and Sunday in fear of the future Monday.

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