How to drink gin

Vodka is better invented nothing? So, the fiery water is a great component for various cocktails. But gin is not bad, the British counterpart of our national drink. Generally, gin is vodka, only distillation was conducted jointly with juniper berries and lots of spices. Therefore, even cheap gin is acceptable to drink and taste significantly ahead of the same vodka. So we are not surprised that gin became the hero of many English songs, and indeed a notable guest in the literary works and films. More about this visokogradnja drink British bums you can read in this article.

And under the culinary heading we will tell to you how better to drink gin.

Will continue the tradition. Things are not so simple: not far off the New year, and juniper berries are best suited to the winter atmosphere. Besides, the shops there were quite a large number of new brands of gin for every taste and budget.

Pure and manly

Why should it be diluted? Just make sure you cool it in the freezer and pour in the stacks.

When drinking gin, mouth feel some Wintergreen, which is unlikely to give vodka or whiskey. The fact that the taste of gin is highly dependent on a particular technology of production, in which distillation takes place very slowly. Well, and spices, of course, coupled with the juniper.

Eat gin in this case, it is best with olives or lemon. Drink this drink simply Britain, not only snack.

In General nothing unusual, but the drink should be cold. «Cold metal» – so say the British. And don’t decorate the stack with some citrus decor is beyond the scope of decency.


Water, of course. In our country, for some reason it is not customary to dilute alcoholic drinks with plain water. Maybe it’s the water quality? In any case most people drink gin diluted with the same water. The proportions may be different, depending on your taste. But if you go in any bar in Alaska, we are sure that you ordered the gin is diluted by half. To each other, simply put.

Glasses old fashion is the best choice for that drink.

Prisoner from Alabama

What is the name of the cocktail. Pleasant taste long-drink, which is poured into a highball. Nothing complicated.


– 1/4 gin Sloe Gin (replacing what is in the store);

– 1/4 Amaretto liqueur;

– 1/4 of liqueur Southern Comfort;

– 1/4 orange juice;

– few drops of lemon juice.


1. Mix ingredients in a glass filled halfway with ice. This is done in order that the drink was very cold.

2. Fill a highball with crushed ice.

3. Pour the liquid (only) into a highball.

Bees knees

The iconic cocktail that was invented by Frank Meyer, who worked in a bar at «the Ritz» at the beginning of the twentieth century. For cooking you need a shaker.


– 2/3 gin;

– 1/6 lemon juice;

– 1/6 of honey.


1. Dissolve honey in lemon juice in the bottom of the shaker.

2. Add ice and gin.

3. Much whisk.

4. Filtered in a cocktail glass.

A Dog’s Sense Of Smell

Cocktails based on beer are quite pleasing. And let many it is perceived as a radical form of culinary perversion. But we like it, and most importantly, it’s simple.


– 50 ml gin;

– 1 bottle of dark beer (stout or dark ale).


1. Pour into a beer mug gene.

2. Add on top the beer.

3. Mix.

3. Drink!

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