How to drink absinthe

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_CkPQTGcWLxbaGThe history of absinthe begins in the late 18th century, when French doctor Pierre Ordener recorded the recipe for this amazing absinthe drink. At that time the drink used as medicine for appetite and stimulate digestion. Absinthe was added to wine, and it was called «the Green Fairy», however, it is now possible to say that the second name of the drink. Since then, absinthe has undergone various hardships, he was constantly banned, then allowed again. In the result, the beginning of our time in a number of countries have decided simply to control the amount of thujone, the main distinctive features of the drink and the absinthe – enable. Its legalization is very recent.

Well, actually, screw the story, we’ll tell about it some other time. The important thing is that now that cool drink in the 70 degree is available in Russia. Mostly shops selling Czech counterparts, which is very good because they are cheaper, but there is no option to get to the absinthe, and the liquor or tincture of ordinary. Remember, dude, this absinthe thujone is always there and is always anise, fennel and wormwood (can be other herbs, but these three should be always). In General, we wish you colorful dreams in the company of the green fairy, and give the options of drinking the beverage.

The first thing you will need a special spoon for absinthe, though you can do the usual fork, the prongs of which are located not so far from each other.


Of course, the style is originally from France. Pour into a glass or a glass (as you wish) absinthe, usually it is 30-40 grams. Put on a pile spoon for absinthe, and it is lump sugar. Pour the ice water on the sugar until, until the absinthe turbid (essential oils when dilution of strong alcohol solution to form an emulsion). As a result, you should get a ratio of 1 to 3. Although you can also dilute the absinthe 1 to 5.


manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_DyuhUk4fF5eVDOne part of absinthe is poured into a glass through the sugar. To get caramel, you light the sugar that has just soaked with absinthe (all this is done with a special spoon). Well, after you add three or five parts water, as you please. From experience, when using a fork the sugar can easily fall into a glass of absinthe, which will lead to fire and possible burns. Well, and the spoons themselves are much better for these cases.


Here everything is simple. First, make syrup by diluting the sugar with water, and then pour the right amount of absinthe.


There is also an exotic option, which is called «citrus». Clean orange or tangerine from the film remains with the pulp. This pulp is flavoured with a good portion of sugar and cinnamon, take tongs and hold it over a flame ablaze in you absinthe (50 ml), wait until all of this molten mixture will not appear in the glass. Well, after extinguish the fire, cool the drink and drink. Eating burnt sugar with cinnamon.

However, these are the basic options of use. Of course, there are more complex and specialized. You probably saw the fire of a glass with absinthe in bars when making any cocktail. However, such action at home can not only hurt the taste of the drink (the alcohol evaporates), but also to hurt you.

But there are some things that you can try too. Instead of syrup, you can use carbonated drinks: lemon, pineapple, orange juice, sprite or tonic. Many people think it’s fucked up over a good drink, but if you bought some cheap swill, which bears the name «absinthe» can’t stand the taste of wormwood drink or fortress, this advice can help you.

You can also drink pure. The main thing – it is sufficient to cool the beverage and not accelerate them, and then there will be dire consequences.



Regarding the cocktails. In General, this drink is not particularly used in cocktails, although there are a huge number of recipes, and almost every Russian bartender has their own signature recipe with absinthe. We would not advise to drink everything, as many bartenders, unfortunately, mix all of the lamp, and the end product taste is not pleasant. However, there are some messages that are very suitable to each other, or at least unusual and simple. And here are a couple of simple variations that you can try at home.

1. Honeyed Absinthe

For the sake

– absinthe 25 ml;

– lemon juice – 1 part (a quarter of a lemon per serving);

– honey – 1 part.


Melt the honey in a water bath and put it with lemon juice. The resulting liquid should not be hot, but warm. Carefully pour the mixture into a glass or a Martini glass, and then pour the absinthe. Turns out this double-layered cocktail (stirred not worth it), which is very easy to do. Of course, you can experiment with the amount of each ingredient, as the flavour can vary not only from alcoholic beverage and the honey. If your woman does not like absinthe, this cocktail might change her mind.

2. Absinthe Boom


– absinthe – 1 part;

– champagne – 1 part.


Well, you yourself have already realized that this is how Tequila Boom, only adrena and faster. Typically suited for people who want to get drunk on light, when time to sleep. When mixed, knock on the table a glass.

3. The hallucinogenic ice cream


– absinthe – 40 ml;

ice – cream – 40 grams;

– orange juice – 200 ml

Pure summer refreshing option and, again, cooked very simply. Mix all ingredients in a blender and pour into a glass. Then you can adjust to your liking and juice, and the kind of ice cream.

But we recommend to drink absinthe the traditional way or Czech, if you want something to burn. Good luck, man! And cool weekend!

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