How to dress when you from 20 to 30 years

Style is very important for men. If you don’t come snout, it does not matter, you have a chance to pump up your body (at the same time be strong) and beautiful dress. As we have already mentioned, the appearance fades into the background when it comes to other advantages. But this does not mean that the man should be a little nicer monkeys.

Today we will tell you how you should dress when you 20 to 30 years. However, I personally mentioned, so it makes sense to dress up when you’re in the last year of College or already working. This style will get you girls, show your best side and hide weaknesses. And yet… it rocks!

1. Choose one flavor, 21.08.2013, xr9fSfxvWkdxz2gGjAef4fwoQlQvF89i

In school we if strangled, smothered anything, in huge amount and directly into unwashed body. Then we began to desperately change the smell, mainly focusing on those who gave us girls, and family members. Sometimes we gave an expensive jar of perfume, but the disgusting vile (I remember the choice of toilet water, which was decent, but was phenomenally smelly). Now it’s time to choose a smells alone. More importantly, now you need to focus on the smell, which you will use for a long time. He does not have to be strong and to have a strong Muscat aroma. It is also worth remembering that the summer and winter toilet water must be different. No, it’s not the machinations of the capitalist pigs and not even all sorts of girly things, just some spirits are excellent in winter, but in summer they are so disgusting that words do not pick up. You are now an adult man, so pay attention to smell (it attracts cool girls)!

2. Have at least one pair of black jeans made of thick fabric, 21.08.2013, HURzcz1Ph827Kjn0EJeVDTKmhJm6TJ1b

Classic straight black jeans can be easily worn both at work and in informal settings. Because it’s a universal thing! You can combine it with any number of sweaters, pullovers, shirts, t-shirts, and it will look decent. And most importantly, no one will think that you have some jeans, on the bottom no one’s watching. By the way, black jeans can no longer wash.

3. One pair of black classic shoes, 21.08.2013, FRDGZG2LAPqWGQylnxKlhsZia6c7373a

In fact, the shoes are not worth saving. So it is advisable to purchase good leather shoes and wear it to work and anywhere else. In some places the dress code will not allow you to go to the man in the sneakers, but the dude in stylish black shoes — completely. Fools buy expensive t-shirts, smart — expensive shoes. Dear Mikey always look disabledskin, especially if other clothing a lot cheaper, but the expensive quality shoes as it suggests that man knows what is not need to save. But you don’t buy different designer sneakers, there are several firms that produce high quality shoes, more expensive than usual.

4. Sweatshirt, 21.08.2013, J8G3XrtZtTS5FGqPqKlyZyH9JkKIrdOR

For everyday wear you will definitely need a sweatshirt with a hood and two pockets. Some hoodies can be worn under a jacket, and it is certainly our choice. But don’t take a baggy sweatshirt a La «I’m black white rapper». Take more or less form-fitting, but loose, plain or with a subtle pattern.

5. Straight dark blue pants, 21.08.2013, AfZrRuVtSfAWHWWJ4jg9G1nF6fdLMJOD

In an informal environment and even at work they look great. Easily worn as a vest and shirt.

6. A few white shirts, 21.08.2013, cCM4KliPyELJw9Uzke665ODBs0jPOPyR

Loose, fitted, proprietary, three quarter sleeve, long sleeve, short… in Short, a lot of them! Just choose your.

7. Tie, 21.08.2013, 5ZF2aUYRZSzF8s9xHCWZs1u7pPGxF54x

Learn how to tie and how to wear it, but look here in this entry and never wear these ties you will find there.

8. Don’t dress in other places like at work, 21.08.2013, tjkFPBSbn00GbMxxkPYbIRoc80VvYvyz

At work there is a certain dress code: business suits, trousers, ties. In other places, especially on a date to go in this is not worth it! Okay?

9. Fun fun accessories, 21.08.2013, Ekb9r3e1Ak2futLQQNdAWCgAeCWEA2Bb

Since you’re not thirty and forty years old, you can afford a little experimentation with the appearance. You can wear different hats, square pockets, straps with buckles weird artsy, funny colored ties and colored laces. Also you can afford high-tech watches, funny multitools and other heresy. You’re young at heart!

10. A lot of different panties, 21.08.2013, wNh97cnELKNdmXm15wzvjEydeP8zEmoX

Cowards should be plenty. They should be different: swim shorts, loose shorts, family. Whatever pants you choose, they should be at least 7 pairs, every day of the week. Fortunately, now you can easily find sets of 5-7 pairs of underwear. While you’re young, they can be any color, with prints of the Simpsons, South Park and Happy Tree Friends. But remember that every six months you have to change your underpants. Just collect them and throw out. Nothing wears out as quickly as cowards. I think they have turned into complete shit! Trust, underwear is not something on which you need to save money, just pick them up and throw away.

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