How to dress in summer

Summer time, I think, is the most active time for the entire year. You walk through the parks, boating, fried kebabs, participate in mass meetings in the open air – all this makes you wonder. What? About the clothes better to wear.

Today we won’t suggest specific brands, but will only give you General advice that will help you create a wardrobe for warm weather.

Upper body

manygoodtips.com_7.06.2016_ZEy35o91aYUzeMost of the activities that will take place in the open air, does not require a tie and cufflinks. You should be comfortable, free, fresh. Are very good for this summer shirt. People will appreciate them and show that you’re making an effort, but not to the point of absurdity, because you’re not at work in the office.

Slightly patterned shirt

This is a simple solution that works for everyone and does not require a lot of energy. We think it’s time to invest in a few cotton shirts with a light pattern on a white background. The acquisition is beneficial, because working hours can be worn with a tie, and in his leisure hours without it. Take long-sleeved, loose-fitting – if it’s hot, you can just tuck the sleeves. A flexible option.

Polo shirt

Polo shirt – a classic summer time. They are respectable, comfortable and, if you choose wisely and stylish. You can safely wear a Polo shirt if you are afraid the dress code. Don’t just take the baggy shirt, it looks disgusting. It is better that Polo was sitting at the time. Will not be superfluous to add a «signature look» to your image by adding accessories – a watch or leather bracelet.Short sleeve shirt collar button-down


Many of them, hundreds of colors, dozens of materials: linen, poplin, stripes, cheap synthetics. There is a simple white color, there are bold graphic patterns, and Hawaiian prints (beyond the beach and pools not to wear).

In General, these shirts look good, especially for the summer. You can wear trousers.

T-shirts and tank tops

Keep strong, clear colors and avoid overly loose and baggy instances graphic designs and logos. And don’t need to wear the grey sports t-shirt. People will think that you messed up their party with a sports hall.

Lower body: pants of the shirts, which we talked about above will look better if you wear pants. And, of course, they must possess a combination of qualities that are sometimes hard to find: light weight and breathability, durability and resistance to stains, easy cleaning. And, of course, the pants should look good.

Describe some of your favorite styles.

Wool slacks

If you want to look stylish and however are not going to be like the mercenary, wool slacks – your choice. Although many people believe that hair and fashion are two mutually exclusive concepts. To all such we recommend it is better to study this tissue. Wool weighs less than cotton and is breathable. If to speak about color, then choose any, all the same slacks nuclear colors, no one does. Team yours with a shirt and jacket or, for example, with lightly patterned shirts and jacket.


Made from cotton twill weave, and the name speaks for the color. Don’t be afraid to wear in the summer. They are comfortable, look for the season, are light and not too fussy. However, some companies make these pants so many different ways that quality can be very different. Recommend to take darker because they are better hiding spots.Chinos

The purpose of the practice we call chinos cotton pants with twill weave, but are not in the color range of khaki. Technically, it’s not entirely accurate, as the original chinos should have a shade of light tan. But it doesn’t matter, because in our interpretation you’ve got a large selection of colors. You can take your chinos, color of earth, color of darkness, but a good choice would be chinos dark blue hue. They can be combined with bright shirts.


Not much can be said about the striped pants, but a pair of those pants in the closet will not hurt. They can be worn with a shirt with short sleeves. They look decent and eye do not cut.

Linen pants

Too easy, even very easy. Besides, these pants do not crease, do not hang straight, although the fabric is prone to wrinkling on the toe. Len – great stuff, but requires some care. Our advice: relax and don’t think about some small creases is a part of the natural structure. Wear linen pants with white shirts. Can of course come up with something else, but then focus on the texture of the shirt – it should be possible to match the pants.Jeans


Most people usually don’t think of denim as a summer. But honestly, jeans are a great alternative to all that has been described above, if you want something strong and durable.

Besides, today in stores you can often find lightweight versions with a boxy fit, and in the heat it was cool. Can even try light jeans or shade of neon – bright shades always we associate with summer, will be the topic.

Synthetic pants

Traditional synthetics – polyester, viscose – terrible fabric for summer dresses. Of them actually rarely do good things regardless of the seasons. But science has progressed and now you can find quite a decent summer clothes that make all synthetic. Sporting goods stores – the best place to find lightweight breathable pants made of nylon, polypropylene and even more exotic chemical compounds. We recommend you to take a basic pants in forwarding the spirit (light synthetic pants with the cargo pockets) in combination with a Polo or shirt with collar button-down. This is a great option for events that include small treks or other physical activity.


manygoodtips.com_7.06.2016_P9Jwu97VIDcgWShirt and pants is all you need in summer in the open air, but shorts, of course. But you should consider how much emphasis, and from time to time to wear jackets, especially when the prolonged summer rains.

Light sports jackets & blazers

If your image needs more formality, take a light coat of a thin fabric. Lightweight cotton, linen, wool – the perfect fabric for this. Will not be more than a light jacket. What colors to choose? Take a solid, easy to combine with patterned shirts or pants. Light shades are good too, they look over-year and reflect the sun’s rays.Shoes


Summer – time shoes, drughow, any light-weight options, yachting shoes. But sports sandals to pants – hell and sodomy. Still, whatever good sandals, they will still not look good with a shirt and trousers, no matter how they are comfortable and practical. Better take the loafers – they are light and almost as comfortable.


Step away from the traditional solid straps of brown or black leather. A lot of belts that are made of leather weave, a fabric, or even rope. But if you wear a strong leather belt, then try with it some interesting buckle to emphasize the uniqueness of the image.

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