How to dress in cold weather

how to dress in cold weatherCome on, turn on the weather and slowly slide under the couch. So, a little while, and you will not be able to save their eggs from the cold. But don’t despair, we’ll show you how to dress in the cold.

Remember how mom used to dress you in kindergarten? No, we don’t get to put on the tights, just the same caring attitude towards your health. So feel free to follow our advice if they don’t contradict your principles of life.


Surely you know about this technique since childhood, but somehow always forget to apply this technique in practice.

Several layers of clothing will keep your body warm longer than a single but thick coat. The air will get between the layers and warm. So you’re safe from frostbite. If you chose to dress layered, in this case will not fit a bulky sweater, which expands twice.

Share 3 layers of clothing:

  1. base layer;
  2. insulating layer;
  3. the outer protective layer.

1. Base layer


The base layer is in contact with the body. It is designed primarily to provide a first insulation layer and removal of excess moisture. The stored heat and an active lifestyle makes you sweat, and it will be very bad if the clothes do not allow sweat to disappear from your skin.

Water on the surface of the body in cold weather is fatal as it can lead to rapid heat loss. So make sure you have the bottom layer of clothes which will absorb skin sweat.

Previously, in such cases mainly relied on clothing made of wool, which actively absorbs moisture and has a sufficient thickness. Now to do this, use clothes made of synthetic fibers, with properties in many respects similar to wool.

Special sports clothing designed for cold weather (thermal underwear) is the best option for you. In addition to good absorbency, linen is very convenient as you can perform any movement, and you will be nothing to interfere.

Your hands and feet need to be staffed by a layer of clothing. By the way, don’t forget about socks: buy the same heat-resistant and wear them under your regular socks to avoid excessive sweating.

2. Insulating layer


Basically it is this layer keeps the heat. Natural fibers such as goose down and wool have excellent insulating properties. They provide warmth for the body and lungs. Because the heavy the clothes is a serious problem for the activity, such as skiing or Hiking in cold weather conditions. Wool can absorb 30% moisture, and it does not seem to be wet, and even will continue to provide some insulating effect.

Wool sweater (including cashmere and Angora) will help keep themselves warm during the winter. A good wool sweater paired with a cotton shirt will create the perfect insulation and comfort for you layer.

Fleece is a concept widely used these days to describe any artificial wool, which is a great insulator. It continues to insulate when wet, but little protection from the wind. This is the most common and inexpensive option for this layer.

Thick wool or fleece pants will be the best basis for this layer. We know you love jeans, but they do not involve virtually no insulating properties. Dudes who work in cold conditions, stay away from jeans in the winter!

3. The protective layer


This is the outer layer that keeps all the inner layers protected. The most important factor when choosing protective layer is a so – called skirt, which is all good ski jackets. This layer should also be breathable enough to evaporate excess moisture. No need to conserve your sweat.

The outer layer also includes protection of limbs, wool gloves or mittens and a woolen knitted hat is a minimal frost protection. Scarf and good winter boots also help. Waterproof Hiking boots perform their functions up to a certain point, really cold weather it’s better to get winter shoes with soft walls and a thick flexible sole.

We only told you about the basic but the most effective method of insulation, which will help to avoid frostbite. As you can see, not everything we were taught since childhood, turned out to be nonsense. There are quite suitable methods which you should remember and not to forget to practice in the depths of winter.

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