How to dress for the holidays

The new year we will have to meet in a totally different places: at home, at work, with friends. Some of us will be corporate. Where and with whom you celebrated the New year, you should dress accordingly, so we made a selection of styles for different occasions.

New year party

The majority of companies require employees to follow a dress code. It’s not very good, in our opinion, but the world is moving away from such «traditions.» Our leadership, for example, more than loyal to our fads in clothing, we are very happy. But if you are not lucky and have to follow the rules, we know the solution. On new year party you can dress with a twist and the head will not throw you the evil eye. Rather, envious.

The style that fits this event is called Business Casual. So you will look original and interesting, but it is impossible to say that the dress code violated. In the standard classic version of clothes in this style can include coat, suit, shirt, and pants. The task is to find them an interesting combination. If you prefer to wear a jacket, then under it you can wear a shirt. Cardigans as well as top relevant. It will look stylish and will not cause suspicion. Shoes — classic shoes. Since it is based on the casual style, then you should not use overly bright colors, but nothing prevents to take some contrasting colors of the accessory.

1. Coat Cinquantuno 2. Suit Alessandro Gilles 3. Shirt Brouback 4. Shoes MOMA

5. Tie Leonardo Jr. 6. Purse Dierhoff 7. Strap Dierhoff

In the company of friends

Here, of course, it all depends on what your friends. Some may not appreciate your originality. But if close friends, and in their company you feel like Charlie sheen at a reception at the venereologist, you can come to the party dressed as snow maiden or sucoplate Gordon Freeman is just raise everyone’s spirits. Well, if you’re more modest, and unwanted attention for you to anything, then a great option is to decorate yourself with a tie. Boring is not suitable, so choose the most vivid and contrasting. There’s a chance that you will not be alone so clever, so worth a look at bow ties. This small accessory can dramatically change your look, so get ready to catch admiring glances and smiles — don’t know why or how it works, but the effect is guaranteed! If you’re going to come in the jacket to complete their look can pocket square — here it is necessary to choose the color of the ties or a common scale.

But don’t forget about the other accessories, without which your image is not complete. For example, strap — it creates a consistent style and useful if to celebrate the New year you’ll be in the company of lovers of BDSM. If you wear classic pants, then pick a strap the color of the shoes, and if another bottom like pants in the box, this is not the case — the color may be any, for example, matches the color of the butterfly. If you are going to get somewhere, you need to take care of handbags and purses: the first will get gifts, and with another — money, and the crumpled bills out of the pockets will not show your good side. Nothing complicated.

1. Butterfly Jose ami 2. Alessandro Uomo Blazer 3. Shirt Brouback 4. Alessandro Gilles Pants

5. Strap Dierhoff 6. Handkerchief Remo bino 7. Shoes Tommy Hilfiger 8. Purse Dierhoff

Parties and clubs

The style that we will explain is called street fashion. Notable for the fact that it uses mostly black and sometimes white color. If the majority of the street styles are used several colors and standard clothing, in this case, cardigans, shorts over trousers, shirts of free cut-and-paste from the skin. The style began to gain popularity a few years ago and, apparently, will win the hearts of so many people. Simply because at the moment the trend of such clothes has not reached its peak, and that means it’s time to follow it. We found cool kids, which you can find a lot of cool clothes in this style — FB42. They are developing their own models and do not save on quality and materials. It may seem that such clothing is uncomfortable, but it’s not — the guys take care to ensure that people not only looked stylish, but also feel comfortable. At a party or in a club you’ll definitely stand out among others, if you come in this way. And to not freeze while going there, you should purchase their Park Blizzard — knee-length, material used in snowboard clothing, double insulation shelter, natural fur on the hood and pockets sewn into sleeves, cuffs, gloves and light weight. If you’re going to celebrate the New year at the North pole, don’t be surprised the bears, who come to you squeeze this jacket.

1. Winter Park FB42 2. Winter gown FB42 3. Pants FB42 4. Sweater ZARA

5. Bracelets ASOS 6. Adidas 7. Cap FB42 8. Tunic FB42

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