How to dress better: 9 tips that will be useful to you

manygoodtips.com_11.06.2015_Wxaj2zwVjB8iwSome believe that dressing cool is easy. Unlikely.

You may think you know yourself, the clothing looks good for you, but it is not so. You want to look your best, you have a sense of style you see in fashion, but you still think that something is wrong. But it’s not your fault.

You in any case learned how to dress – the nurse gave advice as a child, but never taught how to dress well, and that’s fine. And now you’ve grown up with many habits, which are unlikely to improve your style, many errors do not save your image. And you know the worst thing? Are you looking for recommendations in Internet, which is filled with all sorts of dross, misinformation and nonsense.

But don’t be harsh on yourself and relax. Today you will learn some working tips you will have a sense of style that you want for you. And eventually you’ll be one of those dudes who kind of look decent.

1. Just dress up does not mean to dress well

Too many dudes think that clothing, by definition, is good if it is fashionable. They wear various accessories, some fancy suit or jacket when the usual buttoned-down shirt would help their style take a step up.

In General, look at what is wearing on you now. Hard to believe, but can look quite cool, even when wearing casual jeans and a t-shirt.

Just want to choose clothes size, to understand which color is most suitable for you. One really does not go red, others, on the contrary, only he goes. Stop wearing funny captions, any more Mature.

2. One is right for you shirt costs ten inappropriate

The clothes which matches your body type, it is almost impossible to find in the store, so you have to take which has some flaws. Of small things develops a holistic way, so soon you’re starting to look quite untidy. How is it to be? There is one way out. Take a little, not to gain a dozens of shirts, and take a couple of that can be attributed to the tailor for a custom fit. So, you spend, but isn’t it better than to have dozens of shirts in which you look carefully?

3. The problem with the color

There are many factors in selecting clothing that fundamentally affect the appearance, but you don’t have to account for all of them. Of course, you can fully explore your interesting question, but it might be worth the nerves?

For example, many have to spend a lot of time on choosing the optimal combination of colors. But you can choose one certain color, matching it with a neutral. Thus, you can concentrate on other factors without having to worry about matching colors.

In fact, you can avoid all of this choice structure, texture, color, if you focus on the right proportions and size.

4. To be unique – it is overrated

Many guys are convinced that if they suddenly put on the clothes don’t wear the other, then it will automatically formulate their own style. This is not so. You have to start with the basics. Personal style will never appear if you dress like a freak.

The first is to dig into the classics. This will make you more whole and ripe, and then, after some time, you can gradually add something new to Express their creativity. That way you can form taste. To develop your style is always interesting. Of course, this approach would not mean that your clothing and image is 100% unique, but will make you feel 100% yourself. And in our opinion, it is much steeper.

5. Chosen the wrong clothes exaggerates physical disabilities

manygoodtips.com_11.06.2015_CTIK3jiG7q1hCBillowing shirt makes fat more thick, and thin – more thin. Horizontal details low human lower, at the same time, the lack of horizontal elements will do to a tall person a giant.

On the other hand, well-chosen jacket and pants can do a great deal more lean. But thanks to a plaid shirt or textured sweater skinny people «gain weight». Vertical stripes will help the little guy look taller, and horizontal – split high dude.

You have to learn how best to beat their physical advantages or disadvantages. And maybe soon you will ask: «do you go to gym?»

6. The style is in the details

You can often hear that the style is in the details. But we do not agree. Style to manifest itself in the overall look.

Of course, details are important, but they are not major. And don’t think through the details, you completely change its appearance.

The main thing is the fit, the color, how well does the clothes in General. And only then it makes sense to wonder what color socks should be on your leg.

7. The less clothes, the more choice

Yes, it’s ironic. But when your wardrobe is stuffed a huge variety of things to choose and you can not do anything. At best, you’ll be wearing day-to-day is the same. So instead of tons of clothes prinovis to buy less, but quality. Your wardrobe will say thanks, but you don’t need a lot of rags. Try to make your closet so that every thing could replace another.

8. You can update your wardrobe using less money

When you start to sort out your wardrobe, then surely there are those things which don’t go you don’t fit the size, and maybe long been broken. You need to throw them away, and when you do that, then horrified to discover that, to recover the lost, it takes a lot of money.

But you’re wrong.

First. Go to the store once a month. No more. This will save your wallet.

Second. When buying clothes consider your annual salary, not monthly.

Third. You should experiment with affordable clothes before you invest in high-quality clothing.

And in General companies monthly budget it will be just as helpful.

9. Everything should be in place

manygoodtips.com_11.06.2015_80VHMxnpz512WThis is often overlooked. But your clothing is your face. And she needs to impress. If you have a business meeting, you should not wear a Hawaiian shirt; if you have gatherings with friends, what the hell are you dressed like office plankton? If you have a date, and it looks fair and not like you just brushed with Mikey remains of yesterday’s lunch. Pick clothes for each situation!

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