How to dress a dude in the summer: educational program


The heat demands from dudes that they looked better in fewer clothes. Proper summer clothing relaxing — and isn’t that need in the summer? Summer relaxation, in turn, very smoothly into the flexible summer dress code, lenient to our desire to feel comfortable in hot weather. However, there is in this unpleasant moments: we don’t wear jackets only sometimes jackets or sweatshirts, frequently worn shorts instead of trousers, light shirts, and the world sees our not always attractive legs, stomachs and little else. Dude how to dress in summer and look nice?

Even in the heat of the African dudes can look at. The goal of our text is to teach you how to leave a desired impression in the hot season and to make you think, how you respect the aesthetic sense of others (kekeke).

Highlights regarding summer wardrobe

Purity. I never tire of repeating: it is always necessary to wash and in time to wash clothes. In any case there should be no smell or such like you just stepped out of the sauna. Use antiperspirante and shower gel with menthol: it cools the body. One morning I had to go in the bus, sat next to me a decent kind of dude (I repeat: in the morning!), and he smelled like sweat. It was awful. I wonder did he understand it? It was some kind of force majeure?

Never and never wear clothing on which you put a spot — even if you think no one will notice. In fact, they’ll get notice. Summer hair should be washed and trimmed more often than other times of the year: they are faster get dirty and are constantly on the mind, so that the eye catches any sloppiness.

Light-colored clothing. Wear light natural breathable fabrics such as cotton or flax, and let it be bright colors. Choose larger the cut of clothes: for such things is more air, but not much, don’t buy a shirt three sizes too large. Remember that dark colors do not reflect sunlight, it absorbs it, causing you to roast even stronger. On a Sunny day to wear a white shirt with long sleeve is much better than to flaunt in a black t-shirt.

Relevance. Normal dude wearing quality clothing. If it is ornamental or is it a fancy style, it must fit to his personality. He drew attention to dress codes and dress in accordance with them, and people that are around him, never embarrassed him. If you need to change something in your closet, do it without thinking; it is not necessary to wear swim trunks to a foam party. And Yes, try to remember people the way you communicate, and not their appearance — dressed like a Hamburg cock or, conversely, putting on sufficient clothing.

Types of summer shirts and t-shirts


T-shirts can look cool and crazy, and absolutely lazarski. They need to wear to the gym, to the beach and generally all places where wearing a shirt is inappropriate. Cool t-shirt is an integral part of the summer wardrobe, in which you can seem in a cafe, and a bar.

When you wear a t-shirt, it is necessary that it was made from one hundred percent cotton and that it is very important that it was not transparent. T-shirt in mesh leave for rednecks! It is also important to guess the right length: too short looks shot and you are all stupid, too long — more than enough you’re. Very closely with the length! Width is also important not to lose too narrow will make you a metrosexual, is too wide — student-loser.


PoloAs we understand from the title, at first in Polo played Polo and were doing it the most that neither is a real gentlemen. Today, Polo is for everyone dude, and it’s a lovely summer clothes. However, it is not necessary youth extremism in the spirit of: «Oh, everyone has, then I will not wear!» Noses. Looks good. Polo is a nice stroll to the cinema and to a party, it looks much more presentable than a regular t-shirt.

As for colors and prints, Polo are absolutely any. But remember, dude, usually wear bright colors, or if it is uniform, or if you climb out of the skin to attract attention. And bright color to attract attention is a very cheap trick. Very advantageous to look Polo made of fabric with clearly visible texture. As for fabrics, the best cotton, however, up to 15% of various synthetic won’t hurt — perhaps because clothes will even fit better.


Shirt with short sleeve

shirt s short sleeveIn summer wear it, probably with the greatest caution. This is a transitional step between a Polo and a long sleeve shirt, these rarely wear because they hard to look good. It is very important to guess the size: too small or too big shirt short sleeve looks depressing. Good out of the situation, if you need a shirt with short sleeves, is to order it from the tailor. So, they still go. The result will exceed expectations.

Pay attention to how the shirt sits on the shoulders and on the torso. I have a bro who always have a little in the shoulders: he looks like a fool because of the gate by t-shirt always slips, and shirt bristling and stands up. Sleeve length can vary and close from 25 to 80% of your biceps. The smaller the sleeve, the more fashionable shirt and it’s not always good.

What in this shirt well — is the fact that it may look different. You can, if you already went to the tailor to make on the chest two pockets — will be a sort of a military style. You can make the sleeves shorter, to sew on the shoulders of things that people call straps — such details on the buttons — and that’s a whole different ballgame.

Shirt long sleeve

shirt long sleeveIt is forced to carry the overwhelming majority of office workers (the benefit is in the offices now have air conditioning). Formal clothing. Choose bright colors, but not only white: it’s too simple, too straightforward, too, demonstrates your naivete in choosing clothes. You can even choose the shirt with a subtle texture, some unobtrusive ornaments — more interesting, but still tasteful. And yet this shirt can roll up our sleeves, and we already told you how to do it.

Why you need a t-shirt under my shirt

Under the shirt short or long sleeve, it is desirable to wear a t-shirt, better with a V-neck. So, wearing two layers of clothing is warmer than one, but if the shirt is cotton, you’ll barely feel. If you sweat heavily, it is helpful to have a ready replacement shirt.

How to wear a shirt untucked

Many conservative guys think it’s better to tuck in my shirt into my pants, but sometimes looks good and the shirt untucked. It is important, again, to guess from the shirt long and tall waist jeans or shorts. It is necessary that the shirt was closed by 10 inches in your trousers, it all depends on your size. T-shirt should be shorter, and the short shirt sleeve — longer. Golden rule: if your shirt comes at least to the middle of your backside, it is too long but easy to shorten. And Yes, the option of wearing shirts is suitable for those who are younger, although exceptions also occur.

Summer jacket

Sometimes in the summer you need to wear a jacket: wedding, formal events-prom. What you need to know about a summer jacket?


Cotton is the best fabric for summer clothes: it is cool, it breathes and looks high quality. However, cotton fabrics crumple easily and require more care, so better to have in the wardrobe of just a couple of light jackets — just in case.

Easy stripe — often sew jackets in India, from India she went to England during the colonial period, and thence came to the United States. It usually cotton stripe (blue, brown, gray and other colors). Very nice fabric.

Linen , like cotton, is made from natural ingredients and is perfect for the summer heat and humidity. However, linen things crumple on time and iron them quite difficult, and they look very specific. But stylish and very durable.

Jackets without padding is another way to escape the heat. They are perfect for hot weather. But remember: they are made for less formal occasions and fit in better with the casual style.

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