How to dress a dude in the summer: educational program. Part 2

how to dress in summer

And here is the second part of our giant post about summer clothing. In it we talk about hats, shoes and pants/shorts. If you haven’t seen the first part, can pachakuti her here, before you begin to read this text. Of course, to read, in principle, can be in any order, but the first part of the start logical.

We continue with where we left off

In the first part we talked about the General principles of building a summer wardrobe: clean, bright clothes and relevance. Here are a couple of fundamental rules.

4. Natural tissue. When you choose clothing for hot weather, always look at the label: they write where clothes are made. Despite all these astounding discoveries in the field of textile industry and the diversity of synthetic fabrics, the best choice for summer clothing made from natural fabrics. Quality materials based on cotton are very popular because the clothes made from them are easier to tolerate the heat and humidity. The natural ability of tissues to hold heat for perfect summer weather.

5. Loose clothing. I said that it is not necessary to choose clothes a couple of sizes bigger. She just needs to leave enough space for air circulation. Overly tight clothing restricts movement and does not allow air to walk inside, cooling your body.

Pants, jeans, shorts, chinos


Shorts this specific summer apparel. No matter how you wear them, they would not be on a par with pants, even if sewn from the same fabric. In many companies forbidden to wear them to work (hell, almost all), many still see them as children’s clothes that men can wear exclusively for sports. Want to impress? Think twice before you wear shorts. But if we are talking about recreation and travelling in the outdoors, the best alternative you can find.

What length should be shorts? For summer, shorts are appropriate at 5 cm above or below the knee. If they’re even shorter, it will be too sporty or a children’s option. If long is already some breeches, who now wears the breeches?

What kind of fabric? Of course, now we will focus on the benefits of natural fabrics. They not only fit perfectly in hot weather, but last longer, and wash them often and washed them all the best (grass, wine, coffee, etc.). Summer colors — light: light khaki, sand, light blue. Also an interesting variant of the patchwork with Indian motifs.

How to look like shorts? The simpler the cut, the better they look. Shorts like the scum-of-the-pants with giant pockets, logo and different stripes left on the need molodegi, but if you are well over 20, they shouldn’t experiment. There is a pleasant and short shorts with belt loops and pockets, and most of them do not need anything.

What to wear with shorts? Shorts are easier to combine with t-shirts and sandals. Option if you want something official, you can wear a Polo top and choose a representative shoes, like sneakers or espadrilles. Suited and shirt with short sleeves. Be careful with the jacket: it is very difficult to look good in the jacket and the shorts! So does, in my opinion, Ivan Dorn.

Jeans in the heat

Blue jeans — my first choice for hot weather. But there is one «but». Although jeans are made of cotton, but it is so dense that it can be hot. Here you need to choose the thin and light jeans.


This is a more practical option than jeans. They are larger and thinner, so between the pants and the feet will walk a certain air. Here we must be careful with the length of: chinos a little shorter than normal pants, and some may look at them funny. But you try on clothes before you buy it, I believe in you, dude!


For summer it is better to choose pants in tropical wool and cotton. This is the best option for formal events and work: they are thin and breathe, don’t close inside the heat and leak air. Of course, wool is warmer and lighter creases, but it is less sensitive than cotton. Cotton, as a rule, cheaper, more durable, and even cotton pants more diverse colors.

Summer shoes

Sandals and flip-flops

sandalsOne of the oldest types of footwear for men, however, while not everyone knows how to wear them correctly. Today we have a huge number of styles of shoes, different styles and materials (from leather to synthetics). Plastic flip flops are best reserved for trips to the pool, but leather can be worn to the beach, while leather sandals — the right shoes, for example, to walk with friends. Wearing socks with sandals is not for nothing: you wear sandals to you, it was not hot, but the socks are not only warm, but also quickly get dirty.


kedIVery suitable shoes for the summer. They are made from natural fabrics so that feet can breathe. They combine well with shorts, especially if you wear low socks, and even with jeans and chinos.



Loafers and moccasins

mocassiniThis shoes were first made in Italy and adapted under the warm and humid Mediterranean climate, which makes it suitable for summer weather. It is made of delicate suede and leather, goes well with trousers and chinos.






capilupiThe first step in selecting a headpiece is to understand what form suits you. Think about how you plan to wear a hat and that is more important to you: style or functionality (or both). The functionality of the hat is to protect from the sun’s rays, there is no need to reinvent the wheel: these hats are inexpensive and are sold on every corner. Stylish hats are harder to find. However, if you exert enough effort, you will find what you need.

The style and form. Panama, fedoras, hats with different brim, cowboy hats, hats — there are lots of options, if you are concerned about their appearance. In the heat of the head must be protected, and headdresses perfectly cope with it. My advice to you: make sure that the shadow from the brim of the hat protects from the sun your eyes and neck.

Material. The best summer hat made from plant fibers and woven to retain shape and allow air. That is why there is such a variety of prices: here solves a lot of fabric. Compare cheap cloth (left) and darling (right) hats.

material hats

Air. Don’t buy a rubberized or just a very tight hats which do not leak air. Instead of facilitating your fate, they will heat up your poor head even more as if you’re smart enough to put her in a plastic bag.

Size. It is very important that hat suited you. Too narrow hat will put pressure on my forehead from it will remain trail, and in combination with a high temperature pressure on the head can even make you faint. Not very manly. Too loose hat will blow off with the wind, and you feel insecure. So the choice is hats, friend.

More tips

Don’t forget a handkerchief. No, it’s not that you will need to wipe their nose. Much more important to wipe the sweat, and you sweat on summer days, my friend.

Take care of replacement clothes. If the expected hot day, make sure that the car you had a change of clothes. In the summer we perspire a lot, and is very nice to change into dry and clean.

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