How to draw abstraction

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2015_AVZVeuEybGh7lSo, we are armed with information, I hope it’s not outdated for this time. As you know, to draw a canvas, which sells well-behaved, do not have to be a master of the brush. People mold of the painting, precisely at the factory, and many of these people actively exposed, hinting at the concept of their work. Maybe they do a conceptual impregnated with deep meaning, and generally interesting. At least some of them we really like.

To paint, as did Pollock, you need to be, in fact, by Pollock. The other is not obtained. However, you can train and evaluate their abilities by reading our life hack for custom painting. Someone, of course, begins to spit from the pictures that portray the reality and normal forms, but we think that this was created by the camera that shows the reality is much truer of any artist. But arguing about taste will not just show you some things you may not know.


manygoodtips.com_22.07.2015_PDz691FFsgtcOSo what do you need:

Acrylic paint

Why acrylic and not oil? Have acrylic over oil is a very big advantage. They less change color when dry they can be flexible to work, you can even say, with lightning speed, because they dried very quickly.


You can get small plastic jars. Need to dilute the paint in the correct proportions, well, to make paintings, they also come in handy.


Take more, such a picture is not painted on A3. Some do work on the surface, commensurate with the long wall. Pictures turn out really great. In General, it will be nice if you get a large canvas.


Such sticks, you can take sushi sticks from the last supper.

Paint brush

Well and what for us normal? Take the one which has remained from repair. You’re not going to draw in the details – leave that to those who draw on the streets the portraits and caricatures.


Thus, the roller. A real cushion, which you can paint anything.


One that easily falls off. Need to distinguish between the different color zones. You’ll understand.


If you don’t want to stain the entire apartment with paint and then slowly and painfully wash it, put down some cloth, rags or newspaper. You can still wear gloves (preferably a rag, rubber uncomfortable).

In General, that’s all I need. Although the list is complete, depends on your imagination. Well, of course, has to be willing to spend a whole day.


The only preparation before all this hoopla is a small learning the basics of color. Why is it necessary? You just have to understand how to mix colors, how they fit together. If you do not know, can not leave the picture, and the cereal yellow-green in color, the dirt in the full sense of the word. Assume that you have already killed «Chromatics» into Google and read the summary information and some basics. That’s all you need.

In General, the creation of such paintings will require from you a fair share of imagination and ability, despite the fact that the process is not talking about it. You don’t have to draw something specific, this way or another abstraction that paints itself. So grab a few tubes of paint and smeared them across the canvas. Take for a start two different colors. For example, yellow and red. Try using a brush to create a figure of one color and background another. It’s pretty easy. Do all the quick movements, the paint dries quickly.

Drawing technique similar pictures quite experimental at first glance. However, it has long been used. To give texture, you can use stacks, chopsticks for sushi for example. When the main background is ready, distribute even some of the paint and try to work stacks. With their help, you can make these elongated lines, thereby constructing a picture. Off the floor a piece of newspaper and lightly «tap» the picture. Before that, the newspaper can be an assault, as is usually done in the absence of toilet paper in the nature. You will receive one type of relief.

Don’t forget, of course, to do the drawing and with a brush. Can also dip the brush in paint and just jot down drops. As a result, begins to emerge, right? Although by this time you could completely ruin your work, but we rely on the fact that you’re doing great.

Now sculpt tape (better to use paint) on the picture. Limits for each zone. It is clear that to line up the composition to the painting was a pleasure to watch. To do this, quickly read about the «Golden section» and the like. In short, stick tape, take a roller and paint over fuck one area the solid color that you sunk into the soul. Unfasten the tape – obtained by a smooth junction, the boundary. Continue to work, this time looking back at what was done previously.

You can run the thing with the tape several times, especially if you have a painting on the wall. Coolness that this picture no one else will be, and repeat it quite difficult. Try to darken the picture by adding some black. Again, use stacks or paint brush for this. Drops sometimes look very well on canvas. Well, think further: do you overload parts or leave it as is.

You don’t have to consider this pastime pastime art. All tastes are different, and for some people like will always be just daubs. But perhaps you’ll like the process, it makes no difference what your preferences. In addition, the painting has a therapeutic effect that will surely do you good, calm nerves and make life better.

Incidentally, for better visualization check out this video:

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