How to do, to be remembered by posterity not only teaches, but also improves. And does not scruple to instruct creative people. Unfortunately, in our time, each second is creative, and every first – genius. They do not sit quietly, and always something to do, even write comments highly, sometimes themselves better works. However, any budding author should learn a few rules.

And for someone doing, my friend?

Before you start, try to honestly answer this question. If the audience, for a mere mortal, for mom and for the guy from next door, that would be great. But the debt is growing, you need to create clear, reasonable, to understand the people. In fact, the only correct answer – you write for yourself. This does not mean that the author deals with narcissism in each letter and write things that are understandable only to him. Rather, so, alas, it turns out, but this cannot be avoided.

The fact is that, writing for myself, you’re getting the hang of it, paint your style, as a new handle. While working for others, you’re doing a medium quality hack for people of average intelligence. In the end, will not please everyone, the real author will always find its audience, and the audience will always like the original creators, with its interesting artistic style. It is the creators, not copywriters, tea is not advertising and plavinskii axioms like «the Creators of us..y don’t need» are not appreciated here.

Looking for inspiration

In fact, the easiest way to draw inspiration from colleagues. Even if they are your age and slightly less popular. It is no secret that Tarantino is a grouping of scenes from other films that he inspired. The main thing in this matter is not to sink to plagiarism.

Go to the classics. In the unspoiled workaholics nineteenth-century vocabulary was much richer than many of the current «the writers from God» like the one that wrote this article. Who don’t care about classics, let him turn to his contemporaries. Journalists should honor their competitors and the quality of the journalism. In General, not confined to his genius, because, most likely, you have no genius. But there is (at least should be) hard work and desire to create. In General, to colleagues now! There are other stimulants, but colleagues safer for health.

Thin sections and process

All creators, regardless of skin color or religion are divided into two types: gifted, lazy and workaholics, in which genius and talent, but they compensate for their lack of great diligence.

By the way, the second often surpass their gifted counterparts in the creative field. Lazy people do not like to alter to finish material that often justify laziness in two words: «I see.» But Mikhail Bulgakov worked on «Master and Margarita» for 11 years. Already knowing that he was terminally ill, he continued to write a new version of his creation, trying to make the text as clear as possible, accurate and strong. But many modern makers are totally incomprehensible either to themselves or the audience a heresy. And critics only pretend to understand.

So, I want to create work «for the ages» – be kind, put your «genius» deeper and come check, re-read, revised. And try to think about how you perceive your work the crowd. And by the way, I do not advise to descend to the provocation, and so is now full. Easy to provoke, and you try to create something really artistic.

It is not necessary superfluous words and movements

Try to avoid large concentrations of debris and unnecessary ways. Many authors often make this mistake, often in scripts, articles and prose. Remember that not all editors are talented. Under the editing knife always, absolutely always die certain sentences and scenes, but not every editor work to edit it so that the original meaning is not lost. But it is very sad, ambitious young people often cry for every lost item of his creation. When you’re young, you want to impress everyone with his sharpness of thought. Only no wonder folk wisdom says: do not be afraid to be simple. If the scene can be cut – cut. Remember, the main goal is to please the audience. And strong decorations also need to be avoided. Excessive pomp, the raising of any separate fragment could backfire. The grotesque takes its best features only in the grasping hands of skilled artists, able to cope with it.

But innuendo should be avoided. Open questions are best left in the finals, which in the course of the story or confused consumer may simply lose interest in creation.

What is the purpose

Remember the purpose of your creative offspring. You should not just describe and show the world you created, and run to the reader, that he himself felt it and, most importantly, I felt that you created in the world simmering. So try to avoid vegetable descriptions, it is not «the Lord of the Rings» and new «Star wars».

To the left from the imitation

If he notice that surely slipping into imitation, and the feeling that you already saw it, save yourself. You is every day going on about your uniqueness and individuality, so please, use your brains, get away from the hated copyright in the direction of creativity. Better imitate several creators, then a tricky envious will be harder to get to the text. As said Balzac, «the genius of like at all, and he was one».

Humor saves all

Even tragic story. And out of tragicomedy and black humor. Any a wise idea, any fancy approach any boring idea, any stamp will refresh the humor. If you don’t deprived of such a gift, feel free to use it. Life is sad and sad, people are attracted to humor. Therefore, the whole world does not like strange professors, and easy and fun crafts. Humor is a universal language, and if the plot is lame, nothing will help save the humor. Novels about Dovlatov? About anything. But the irony! Poor creature can drive a person to suicide, and good – to laugh, to denounce the shortcomings and present them in an unfavorable light.

The end and the beginning

Remember, the most important thing in any creature is the ending and the beginning. Alpha and omega, birth and death, these opposites hold the structure of any story. The viewer must understand that not wasting time on your creative vyser. Dead end pulls to the grave half likes and reduces the degree of love for the author.

And the beginning. It may be overcast, but obliged should be of interest. Let it be strange, absurd, incomprehensible, as in «Dead man» Jarmusch, but the viewer must wonder: «What the hell am I watching this strange crap?»

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