How to do the perfect deadlift

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2014_dlTdwsBtL5bRHIt is believed that the deadlift is the most natural and useful exercise. When cave man was picked up and dragged the carcass of a bison, he did a movement that resembled this the deadlift. At first glance, the thrust doesn’t look like a super complicated movement, but it uses almost every muscle group in your body. Dominate, of course, the thigh muscles, but the buttocks and lower back, abdominals, arms, forearms, shoulders and other muscles. Also in exercise participate support muscles around the waist and hips responsible for correct posture.

When one exercise involves so many muscle groups, it is not surprising that it is useful for both burning fat and building muscle. I must say that improper technique deadlift very hard on the spine and joints. Also note that the varieties of the deadlift quite a lot, and in the article described only a typical. More variations of this article.

1. Put your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Socks or pointing straight or slightly outward (no wider than 11 hours or hours). Start with small weights or with a blank fretboard for greater convenience and development of technology.

2. Slightly bend your knees, bend over and take it up the neck in a special grip. That’s how it looks:


The neck lies close to the legs, head forward, look forward, too, like the breast, but ass back. Bend at the waist. Take a breath.

3. Hold the neck close to the body, slowly rospromles leg, simultaneously lifting the neck at knee level. Keep the deflection and a certain body position all the time (this helps to protect the spine), buttocks hold tight and tense.

4. Once the bar rises above the knees, and arms fully straighten, keep your back straight, shoulders straightened.

5. Now slowly lower the bar down, ass back, the deflection in the back.

The most common mistakes in the deadlift and how to fix them

Error: the Conduct of the fretboard is too far away from the body.

How to fix: saving movement of the rod close to the body while thrust can improve the performance and minimize the risk of injury. To ensure the neck in a safe and comfortable position, hold it as close to the shins and quadriceps as possible without touching the body.

Error: Rounding the back.

How to fix: Although the rounding of the back may seem a useful strategy for lifting heavy weights, much safer to keep a neutral spine (including the head and neck). Note: make sure it’s not bent back at the end of the movement is not too much that it creates excessive load on the spine.

Error: the upgrade back and hands.

How to fix: Instead of having to pull back and arms, push off your heels and put your hips a bit forward until the neck will not be at the level of the knee. Most of the work on the legs! Of course, you strain the back, but all the work still on his feet.

Error: Round shoulders.

How to fix it: Round shoulders, protruding in the upper part of the Elevator can be quite damaging to the shoulder joint, which is much weaker than the muscles of the lower body. As our leg muscles tend to withstand more weight than the upper body, brought together the blades transfer the load. The next time you take the fretboard, make sure that the thrust is performed with a deflection and a neutral back position, without strong bending. In the end, try not to pull your shoulders back or puff the chest.

Error: to Start a movement with very bent hips too low.

How to fix: If the hips are too low during normal traction, the neck would hit the leg and knees. Although most of the squats must be done deep, deadlift doesn’t require the deep squat. Knees should be slightly bent so that the hand can comfortably grab the fretboard.

Deadlifts may seem like a simple exercise. But there are a lot of subtleties. A professional will give you more details, because new techniques appear constantly. It is difficult to track how properly you do a particular movement, especially when you’re new. We recommend training with a partner or trainer who will keep an eye on you when you do exercise. Yesterday I saw in the rocking chair with two dudes who were very strong, but dead lifts have done absolutely wrong. There seems to be a result, it seems to be progress, but in the future there will be problems. Good idea, for example, to do video.

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