How to do fitness at home

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2016_IKOFv4Yvlgp7cMany will say that recently people became obsessed with fitness and all that it involves. Every second there is a gym, every one talks about it publicly, but every third person looks in the mirror in the morning and quietly crying in the corner. Undoubtedly, we must deal with them. A strong and healthy body would be superfluous. As a minimum, because you’ll feel better and less sick. As a maximum because you will Wake up confidence, which is good for finding sexual partners. We are not far removed from animals, you have to believe us. But do we really need a gym for this purpose? Can’t you find some trainer in YouTube, award-winning and internationally renowned, and to train, focusing on his program? So, in gyms full of equipment, which not all will buy, but which the man needed the entire list? In General, today we want to convince you that it is possible to do at home or on the street, and probably just as effective (if not better), as well as classes in specialized sports centre. How? Tell and show, of course!

1. Training schedule

We will not deceive you to exercise at home is not easier than in the fitness center. In a sense, even more difficult, especially in the early stages. The fact that the house we associate with comfort, family, rest, but not exhausting workout that leaves you exhausted. When you walk into the gym mentally ready for it — around the crowd of people who engaged with you, encouraging by his example. And this house, there is only a sleepy dog who doesn’t know what his Lord does and is genuinely worried about his mental health when he makes the bar.

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2016_gEL4sBRYzobInHowever, the disadvantages will quickly evaporate if you set a specific goal and, with it, write out your workout schedule. This is very important, otherwise your heat will be gone immediately. You can do at any time, which obviously is an advantage. But home workouts are especially good in the morning, before work. They, by the way, because you’re still full of energy, you did not break clients, colleagues and superiors, and you are more likely going to have fun. Choose a few days a week (3-4 days), the morning of which you will dedicate to exercise. Assign a specific time, and not symbolic. If you decided what you’re going to get up at 6 am and take up to 8, then do so. If you’re going to refer on fatigue, holidays, and sleepy mood, what sense do you start training?

2. Pick a place

When we talk about home we mean activities outside the sports hall. That is, the street we also include possible locations for training hours, like the stairs in your apartment building. In fact, the city and the natural environment is the perfect equipment for training. Staircase — the most obvious choice, which, anyway, will help to strengthen your legs. If you have never been in the gym, then there is a simulator that simulates it (really, just climb the endless stairs up, looks depressing). But apart from this simulator, you can use chairs, benches, beds. For example, if you do push-UPS with a throw on the bed legs, you get a heavy load on the shoulder and forearm.

Separately for street workouts (and home too) we would advise you to get a rubber loops. Probably you’ve seen them before, but if not, something else will see. Today rubber loops are one of the most versatile ways to increase muscle mass and improve the final outcome in almost any exercise. Different levels of resistance of these pieces allows for a lightweight, warming warm-up, and a grueling workout.

Key benefits: mobility (can take anywhere); smooth lifting load (will protect your joints and ligaments); gradually increasing resistance, which will increase the residence time under load (normal iron that can not give). In General, what would you choose for exercise outside of sports facilities, you need a rubber loop. They differ only in width and resistance. You can look on the website WorkOut — there’s a good choice.

And finally, you have to understand how to deal with them, will drop you a short video.

3. Atmosphere is everything

Set yourself up to workout is not easy, especially when within a few feet of you there is a refrigerator, in which cold cold beer, and after a few moments begins a new series of the beloved series. First of all, you need a little bit to clean the room, so you don’t squeeze in the rubble, among the empty bottles and dog hair. Then turn the music up, prepare as if you really went for a workout in the gym. In preparation for the home training have a lot in common with work at home. You need to create a very fair environment in which it would be logical to exercise and not eat, sleep or look up at the ceiling.

Nothing should distract from the lessons, because put the phone on silent (will tolerate, even if it’s about work), make sure the house is not men left after the party, which was yesterday. Family, Pets, children and even a friend can distract you from studying, so find yourself the period of time when they will be out or lock all in a chest until it’s finished.

4. Versatility is the key to everything

Sports centres a large area, which allow to accommodate hundreds of different exercise machines around the perimeter. You have such spaces, except that you have inherited from a rich British grandmother a castle of some kind. In all other cases, even with a spacious apartment, we used to save meter to have enough space for all the small stuff, like a big jukebox or pool table. So it would be silly to get expensive sports equipment. You can run on the street, the simulator steps you don’t need, and a good bike, in fact, is not cheaper than this bike. And the easiest bike will always be better, even from a position of interesting areas.

You can run on the street, the simulator steps you don’t need, and a good bike, in fact, is not cheaper than this bike. And the easiest bike will always be better, even from a position of interesting areas. So, you need to find something small, something that is difficult to replace the surrounding objects, and of course it must be universal. Well, inexpensive. Think we found nothing, but it’s not. We found the thing that will replace your horizontal bar, parallel bars and press at the same time. And it is very cheap — you can see it here.

This model imagines a collapsible sports equipment, which is convenient for storage and takes up very little space, in terms of home workouts is probably one of the most important qualities of each simulator. Dimensions allow you to train like a beginner athlete and professional (can withstand up to 250 kg). The design itself is welded firmly, the grip is enhanced by soft handles neoprene (they will protect you from blisters), transformation of the horizontal bar in the position of the bars/press could take 10 seconds, not more. This is what we call versatility, which is lacking in more expensive fitness brethren.

5. Pick a exercise program

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2016_TvPguxScjGfi2We came to the most important, but simplest advice. Of course, to begin to train yourself you have to be sure that health you have everything in order. If not, then we recommend that you consult with your physician. After all, you can’t take too serious cardio if you are «happy» owner of asthma. But if you have everything in order, just go to our section dedicated to «fitness». In recent years, we have written everything that can be said about the exercises at the elementary and even advanced stages.

Of course, you should decide what exactly you want to lose fat or build muscle? They say that one does not contradict, but will be more effective if you are determined, with the ultimate goal. And you will be force to do and resent from the fact that your belly will not going to disappear. However, there is always a complex exercise, aimed at maintaining good physical shape and no more.

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